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Eyal Assaf

Eyal Assaf.


OCAD U (previously Ontario College of Art)
Honours Diploma
Interdisciplinary Studies - photography major, sculpture minor

3D Animation diploma

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3D modeling, rigging and pipeline development, video game design, concept art and illustration, visual effects, coding


Eyal has been in the CG industry since dinosaurs began roaming the big screen in their 3D incarnations. Most of his work spans across film, broadcast and commercials. However, he has also been teaching at the post-secondary level for almost as long as he has been in production. He is passionate about the courses he teaches, which include 3D animation, rigging, design, and art direction. 

Eyal quickly learned that he is a fan of both left-brain and right-brain thinking. This allowed him to cultivate both technical and creative skills to combine into an uncanny ability to troubleshoot problems in the production pipeline. He relishes in finding creative solutions to these issues.

While he has worked on a range of animated television series and commercials, Eyal is also an author and illustrator whose work has shown up in a range of print and digital mediums. He credits video games as his first love in 3D – the impetus into the digital world he now inhabits.

Why Digital Media?

As the state of technology evolves, so does the scope of the creative tools used to create art. My goal in choosing this field is to explore the boundaries of storytelling and how they apply in our digital culture. By combining the flexibility of game engines, 3D applications, and immersive technologies, I aim to take the timeless words of "Once upon a time..." into new realms.

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"Rigging for Games - A primer for Technical Artists using Maya and Python" - published by Focal Press, a division of Francis & Taylor - October 2015