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Jamaal Azeez

Jamal Azeez.


University of Toronto, Honours Bachelor of Arts, New Media Studies and English

Centennial College, Ontario College Certificate, New Media Design


Transmedia Storytelling, Electronic Literature, Interactive Entertainment, Digital Culture


Jamaal is a Toronto-based writer and digital producer whose passion for telling stories stretches back to the days of soggy cereal and Saturday morning cartoons. As a creator, he is ultimately motivated by a desire to explore the art of storytelling across mediums, seeking to understand the narrative affordances of each and how those elements contribute to the formation of unique, affective experiences. It’s that drive that led him to pursue an education in New Media Studies and English, through which Jamaal was able to engage with the practical components of new media production while simultaneously exploring digital and literary culture through a range of theoretical frameworks. During his time as an undergrad, Jamaal developed a penchant for conceptualizing hybrid media experiences and interactive narratives, something he now hopes to take even further here at Ryerson.

Why Digital Media?

Though Jamaal once felt like there was no way he could possibly bring all his creative interests together, it’s an issue he now recognizes as miniscule given the digital revolution and the expressive renaissance it inspired. With the boundaries between producer and audience increasingly blurred, all of us now have the ability to create and share stories that are just as diverse in form and delivery as they are in content. Through its unique interdisciplinary approach, Ryerson’s MDM program has provided Jamaal with the opportunity to experiment with the possibilities of digital storytelling while simultaneously broadening both his skillset and his understanding of the mechanisms that make true innovation possible.