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Sumit Bhatia

Sumit Bhatia.


Bachelor of Commerce
Specialization in Economics, Honors in Finance
University of Toronto

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Strategic Planning, Integrated Marketing (Digital, Traditional, Social, New Media, Emerging Technologies, Experiential), Content and Information Architecture, Creative Direction, Creative and Technical Strategy, Digital Producer, Project management, Operations management, Change Management, Workflow Re-engineering.


Sumit is a driven executive who is responsible for pioneering efforts in the product development, interactive and new media space. He has worked in diverse organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to complex startups where he contributes to the engineering of organization from inception to acquisition. Sumit thrives when working with diverse teams where a wide range of skills come together to approach solutions with technology and creativity as core anchors. He enjoys blending traditional media methodologies with new modes and mediums of deployment. In addition to running a boutique integrated advertising firm, Sumit teaches in the Interactive Media and Creative Advertising programs at Seneca College. He actively partners with the college's Applied Research group, working on projects focused on innovation and commercialization, in collaboration with teams of students, faculty and industry experts. His passion for entrepreneurship and social innovation drive him to continue to expand his knowledge and skill set in this dynamic and evolving environment.

Why Digital Media?

With a myriad of personal and professional interests that resulted in a non-linear trajectory of his career, Sumit continues to focus on augmenting his skills and knowledge in the ever-changing world of "digital media". He especially enjoys being part of the impact that Digital Media has on influencing, shaping and evolving other industries. With technology and creativity as pillars - and advances in a deeper understanding of people, audiences and consumers - the digital media space continues to rapidly shift and evolve. It is this world, where techno-creative approaches converge with anthropological influences to provide an opportunity for innovation, that fuels the passion Sumit has for Digital Media. Working in a cross-medium, cross-platform, cross-technology and cross-industry environment that creates opportunities for collaboration with other subject matter experts is at the heart of his desire to expand and enhance his knowledge in this field.

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