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Lindsay Brennan

Lindsay Brennan.


Bachelor of Journalism, Carleton University. 
Semester at the University of Stirling in Scotland UK, studying Film and Media.

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Interested in how digital media can be used to tell compelling stories, social media, marketing, videography, photography, web design, creative aspects. 


Lindsay is a multimedia journalist and storyteller, combining the written word with digital advancements to effectively and concisely relay a message to audiences. A graduate of Carleton University's Journalism program, Lindsay enjoys telling stories using digital platforms, including radio and television.

This past summer, Lindsay had the opportunity to work as a web designer for the Ottawa Hospital, where she wrote, edited, and reviewed content while determining overall layout and design. Lindsay worked closely with clients on this project to discuss issues related to the creation, design, improvisation, betterment, and function of the website.

Lindsay is very excited to start her graduate studies in a unique program like the Masters of Digital Media program, and looks forward to working with MDM faculty and staff, as well as her cohort. 

Why Digital Media?

While immersing herself in the world of journalism, Lindsay found herself being continually drawn to the digital side of the operation, becoming interested in how the right combination of audio and visuals could be used to tell compelling stories. Especially in today's fast-paced world, where digital media is so prevalent and has such a massive influence and reach, Lindsay believes it is important to be armed with the skillset necessary to use digital media tools to their full potential.