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Marissa Cristiano

Marissa Cristiano.


Concordia University, Bachelor of Arts, Communications Studies

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Entrepreneurship, Branding, Digital Marketing


"I like creating things and I like selling things. When I was 15, I started repurposing vintage clothing and selling it on facebook. Back then, I didn’t know how to scale properly. In the seven years that followed, I sold anything from Gucci suits to my web design services for small businesses. I like good design and good copy. Simple and bold statements excite me. I aim to create products that have real impact with forward thinking people. I like problems. I like finding solutions even more.

Most of all, I like telling stories. Sometimes I write them for publications on the internet. Other times I use 35mm film I found on Craigslist. I’ve had the pleasure of working on content marketing and monetization teams with some of the best start-ups in Montreal. I share my insights on Medium.
Professionally, Miranda July, Sheryl Sandberg, Don Draper and Sophia Amoruso have been my greatest influences. They think big. They also know how to tell a story and get people to listen. I love a good story. Tell me yours at"

Why Digital Media?

When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up, I would answer” A teacher, an artist and a business woman”.I never believed people who told me I would have to chose one. I think of myself as a business creative. MDM is where business and creativity are fostered together. The DMZ is creating the future intersections of tech, business, art, science and so much more. That is where I want to be.



"All Women are Bad" - Martin Wong Gallery, San Fran
"Vermogen" San Fracisco State University, Student Gallery