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Harry Dearden

Harry Dearden.


Carleton University, Bachelor of Public Affairs & Policy Management, Strategic Public Opinion and Policy Analysis

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Digital Marketing & Creative Strategy, Social Entrepreneurship, Digital Consulting


At Carleton University, I graduated with a Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management (PAPM) specializing in Strategic Public Opinion and Policy Analysis with Honours. With this degree I learned how to properly quantify a wide variety of public policy issues facing society today, and developed the necessary skills and knowledge to address them. I developed a comprehensive understanding of what governments and organizations do, why they do it, and how they might do it better. I combined this academic understanding with practical experience by working in the Ottawa Mayor's Office, volunteering for cabinet ministers and participating in numerous municipal, provincial and federal campaigns. 

I've taken advantage of numerous opportunities and I've been fortunate to work a multitude of jobs ranging from sitting behind a desk, writing in a pressbox or working on successful political campaigns. The common thread with all these jobs is digital media.

Why Digital Media?:

Digital media is the new frontier that has profoundly changed the way politicians garner support, journalists attract new readers, and how businesses vive for clients. I want to explore the world of digital media and how it can be used to better help all governments connect to the people they serve. The world of public and private sectors relations is changing and said change is being driven by technology particularly digital media.

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