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Alexandra Fernando

Alexandra Fernando.


The University of British Columbia, Bachelor of Arts, Spanish, Minor in Asian Area Studies 

George Brown College, Ontario College Certificate, Culinary Arts - Chef Training

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Photography, Visual Styling & Art Direction (including Food & Prop Styling), Content Development, Instagram Marketing, Community Engagement, Social Media Management


Alexa or AJ is a Toronto-based multimedia creative, visual artist and lover of all things food related. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, Minor in Asian Area Studies (Chinese) from the University of British Columbia. She then decided to pursue her passion in food by taking the Chef Training certificate program at George Brown College. Whether it is language arts or culinary arts, digital media is in her backbone. She has over 14 years of experience specializing in photography and digital content production including food/prop styling, art direction, stop motion videos, and content marketing. She currently works as a freelance photographer working with clients like the Canadian Olympic Committee, George Brown College Centre of Hospitality and Culinary Arts, smart Canada, and Elevation Pictures.

Why Digital Media?

“My interest in Digital Media stems from my interests for languages: digital media is a type of language. It is a way of communicating with people and other cultures across the globe. The difference lies in its form--or lack of one. Being a creative language, it can be done and interpreted in various ways by, and for, everyone. It has allowed me to express myself through blogging and photography. Over the years my approach to digital media has evolved: less of me, and more of the local culture. Through the MDM program, I hope to immerse myself into different theories and applications of digital, and using the knowledge and experience to create something for my local community, bringing people, food and culture together.”

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