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Kim Ghattoura

Kim Ghattoura.


Art and Design Foundation Studies Certificate - Centennial College
Graphic Design-Media Advanced Diploma - Centennial College 
Bachelor of Design - OCAD University 


Entrepreneurship, Mass Customization and Design Strategy


Born and raised in Toronto, Kim is a designer who specialized in print media which includes corporate branding, packaging, campaigns, editorials, posters, and book design. Kim has obtained an Certificate in Art and Design Foundation Studies, An advanced Diploma in Graphic Design Media and a Bachelors Degree in Design. Kim enjoys experimenting with different mediums in Design and pushing the limits on what Design can be and how Design can impact the lives of people. Design is an ever changing field which is why Kim blogs daily about unique and interesting trends in design. Kim's blog "OURAA DESIGN" strives on Innovation and Foresight in Design. Kim has a lot of experience working in Design from independent companies to Design Studio's coming up with projects for clients such as Coke, Loblaws and Mercedes. Kim's long term plans include starting up her own Design Agency and teaching Design and Communications.

Why Digital Media?

Digital Media is everywhere and many aspects of Digital Media impact our lives on a daily basis. Kim has always been interested in the shift from traditional media to Digital Media. The MDM program at Ryerson University will allow Kim to further explore the possibilities of Digital Media and use Digital Media to change the lives of many for the better. Also, the MDM program will allow Kim to gain a better understanding of both design and concept development.


Art Exhibition - Hangman Gallery
Art Exhibition - Centennial College
GradEx - OCAD University