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Gary Hu

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Post-graduate Diploma in Int'l Business & Trade, Confederation College

Bachelor of Arts in Advertising, Wuhan University

Bachelor of Law in International Politics, Central China Normal University

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Virtual Reality | Digital Showroom | Interactive Design | Business Management


Four years ago, after Gary received his BA in Advertising in China, he came to Thunder Bay, ON and spent a year in the college in Business program. His working experience in managing a A&W restaurant right after graduation gave him a grasp of people management and customer relationships. Even though Gary had a crush on food and customers, he wanted to take a U-turn in his life, to go back where he started. So Gary decided to take MDM program where he can integrate all his hard and soft skill sets. Gary is a talented cook in Asian food, an above-the-average graphic designer, a terrible-but-not-horrible web designer, a just-for-fun guitarist.

Why Digital Media?

Digital Media is a diverse and dynamic industry. It is all about interactivity and group forming. And these are also what the program exactly offers: creativity and networking. Through this program, Gary hopes to get fully immersed in a creative digital environment, polish up his getting-rusty hard skill sets from project to project, learn some fresh up-to-date experience, expose himself to the first-hand industry trends and network with a group of people having the same enthusiasm as he does.