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Anna Kavehmehr

Anna Kavehmehr.


The University of Science & Culture, Bachelor of Arts, Graphic Design with Honors. 

CGMA ( Computer Graphics Master Academy), Certificate of Completion for the following courses:
- The Art of Color & Light 
- Character Design for Animation 
- Character Design for Production 
- Environment Sketching 
- Storyboarding for Animation 

George Brown College, Certificate of Completion, Digital Painting & Digital Illustration. 

University of Toronto, Certificate of Completion, Children's Book Illustration. 

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Traditional and Digital Illustration, Character Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Video Editing, Photo Edit and Manipulation, Design, Interface Design, Interactive Media and Design.


Anna Kavehmehr is a multidisciplinary artist specializing in Illustration, Graphic Design and Photography. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Graphic design and has graduated first in her class. In 2012 Anna's photo was selected as one of the best photos in the worldwide photowalk. She has also received an award for her design for " Mickey Mouse Through the Years" competition. Her illustrative works have also been published in "illustration" magazine. Anna is a firm believer in creativity, hard work and research. She has always tried to push the limits and would like to create a platform for Artists and art enthusiasts to be able to collaborate, create and explore the wonderful worlds of imagination.

Why Digital Media?

I have always been fascinated with creating art in different media and have always found it extremely liberating when I was able to find an exact form of art that I could use to express myself. This curiosity has led me in exploring different media and learning as much as I can about them and naturally falling in love with more than a couple of platforms or medium. It has made me very conscious of the many ways one can use to communicate an idea or concept,which had me thinking about combining all the ones that I love to create a new platform where multidisciplinary artists such as myself would have the chance and freedom to explore, create, communicate and have fun. I believe digital media is the perfect way to combine various types of art to create a new platform for individuals around the world to interact, collaborate, learn and create a community of people who enjoy to make the world a little more interesting.

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"Illustration" magazine, Spring 2013,

"Illustration Friday" Editorial Pick of the Week, Spring 2013,

"Ketab-e-Mah" monthly magazine: 
June 2012, No.176- p96-103 A review on illustrations of an Iranian children's book with Collage technique and comparing the illustrations with those of an older book with the same technique and subject. 

December 2011, No.170- p90-96 A comprehensive review on illustrations of "The Invention of Hugo Cabret" by Brian Selznick.

October 2011, No.168- p90-96 A review on illustrations of an Iranian children's book. 

July 2011, No.166- p84-92 A review on illustrations of an educational children's book. Analyzing the design and principles of illustrating for children.