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Yiyang Liu

MDM3.0 Yiyang Li (colour).


Queen's University, Bachelor of Arts, Major: Film and Media, Minor: Economics
Kingston, Canada

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Multimedia Production & Digital Storytelling


I was born in Beijing, China and moved to Canada when I was seventeen. Upon studying at Queen’s University, I did numerous practices in visual arts, photography and graphic design. I found that the visual language would trigger all the senses to express my personal feelings and the multicultural experiences, which determined my concentration in studying film. 

At university, my research and practice focused on the experimental theory and production; I found a clear auteur voice behind each experimental works I produced, which could best articulate my identity, my experiences, my ideology and worldview. I wrote, directed, produced and edited five different experimental works, some of my works, named Humour, another and The Gaze have gone into nine different film festivals worldwide. I continuously work as an independent filmmaker after graduation. 

I worked as a technical director in Reelout LGBT Film Festival. The festival experience, combined with my knowledge and practice in film production, allowed me to make contact with a multitude of people, stories, ideas and films.

Why Digital Media?

Digital Media might not be familiar to everyone; it is essentially a collaborative and cooperative strategy that generates people from many disciplines. It is urgent in the age of Web 2.0. As a filmmaker, I realized the demand of the world audience changes from time to time. 

Working in a film festival and making independent films sparked my interest in becoming a film curator, who manages and oversees a film festival in every aspect. During the past four years of studying film and media, I was deeply intrigue by the content of digital media. I wish to transform the traditional media production to the digital platform. As a young filmmaker, I am heavily influenced by the digital culture; I am looking for a new way to present my works in a more interactive way.

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