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Andrew Martins

Andrew Martins.


George Brown College Advanced Diploma - Marketing & Business Management

Ryerson University Commerce Degree - Marketing & Business Management

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Design & Layout, Digital-based Campaigns, Interactive design, Websites and mobile applications, Music production & Engineering


Andrew is a self-taught graphic designer, music producer and an overall creative individual. A graduate of both of Ryerson University and George Brown College's marketing and business management programs, Andrew has an extensive education that compliments his creative skills and entrepreneurial instincts. His education and experience allow him to effectively think-up marketing campaigns, business ideas and communication techniques using different media. His primary focus is to make the world a more efficient place through digital means, whether it be revolutionizing a common daily task or simply creating something people enjoy looking at. Ideally, Andrew sees himself working at an advertising agency in the future and believes it is what he has been preparing for all his life - from there the sky is the limit.

Why Digital Media?

Born in 1989, Andrew is part of a generation that grew up in a world without the internet and one that also witnessed how quickly it became integrated in our lives after its emergence. Digital media has become the key form of communication not only between businesses and consumers, but between each and every individual. However, besides its obvious importance for the future, Digital Media allows Andrew to continue to feed his thirst for knowledge and tap into his many different interests and skills that he has developed over the years. It is important to him to diversify but not lag behind in any area and the field of digital media allows to him to do just that - keep pushing myself to get better while he is able to continue to grow new skills and interests that are still relevant to his field.