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Alex McLeod

Alex McLeod.


Ontario College of Art and Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts 2003/7

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3D Rendering, Motion graphics, Rapid Prototyping, Interactive environments


Alex McLeod is a visual artist who began his career in 2008. His fields of experience span from technical disciplines like 3D interactive environments and rapid prototyping to communications including creative direction and advertising. Shortly after graduating from OCADU, McLeod built an audience through social media engagement. Since then he has been included in over 40 group and 10 solo exhibitions internationally. In addition to his career in contemporary arts, McLeod has collaborated with blue chip companies to help them realize their goals, through web, print and television. He is also an occasional lecturer and guest critic at universities and technology conferences. McLeod is represented by Division Gallery in Toronto.

Why Digital Media?

The potential in digital media can be as vast as a users creativity permits.



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