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Aida Memisevic

Aida Memisevic.


Ryerson University: Bachelor of Arts, Radio and Television

Humber College of Applied Arts and Technology: Diploma, Marketing

SMI Personal Goal Setting Program

Lee Dubois Professional Sales Training Program

The Canadian Securities Course

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The MDM program offers an opportunity to significantly expand Aida's current business model into the digital world. The fundamental shift towards digital media and its effect on the way we communicate, interact and engage with the world will continue to grow and have dramatic human and business implications. As an advocate of the People-Planet-Profit philosophy of doing business, Aida is committed to initiating a positive shift in the world by creating a series of cutting edge interactive game/app products on multiple platforms that focus on the science of "happiness" and utilize the latest work in neuroscience, positive psychology, quantum physics and advanced communication strategies. The vision is to collaborate with scientists and thought leaders within this space to create a line of digital products that assist people in dealing with life by observing, shifting and purposefully changing how we utilize our minds to create happiness.


Media arts award winner, television host and executive producer of five international television series, Aida uses broadcast and digital media to share the message that you can create profound happiness, a disciplined mind, and a personal legacy of positive, soulful contribution. As a journalist and the executive producer of the television series Gadget Girlz ( aired in Canada, US and Thailand) she is currently in Ryerson University's Master of Digital Media program. Her master research paper focuses on how technology can be utilized in a fun, actionable format to harness the science of “happiness” and the neuroscience of “thought” to empower our lives. Her emerging start-up, external link has a goal to merge wearable, thought controlled and virtual reality technology to build the world's most powerful “thought hack” neuro-tech products.

Aida has been featured in The Toronto Star, CFRB, 680 News, The Mississauga News, Book TV, Sirius Radio, Gaiam TV, and her television programs have aired on 11 channels in Canada, the US, and in over 50 countries. She has interviewed some famous people along the way including Actor Matt Damon, comedians Russell Peters and Joan Rivers, singers John Legend, Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo, Chuck and Sébastien from Simple Plan, former Prime Minister of Canada Paul Martin, as well as authors and thought leaders including Marianne Williamson, Jack Canfield ( Chicken Soup for the Soul ), Bob Proctor and Dr John Gray ( Mars vrs Venus).

Aida believes deeply in the People Planet Profit business philosophy and with a background in executive coaching, she has a particular affinity for supporting female entrepreneurs. Aida asserts that women can be courageous, bold, and confident and still exude kindness, purpose and love. She has been described as “a powerhouse, an unstoppable force and an inspiration”. Aida's new book:The Happiness Manifesto: 8 Powerful Strategies to Train Your Brain for Auto-Pilot Happiness is due for release in the fall of 2016.

Why Digital Media?

The encouragement of entrepreneurial spirit and the real world interdisciplinary approach of the Digital Media program are important advantages for an entrepreneur who wants to utilize experiences and successes from an existing business foundation. For content producers the realm of storytelling within the digital environment offers an exciting new landscape to create more meaningful human interactions. Digital media allows for the engagement, persuasion and interactive communication of audiences in a multitude of ways, as well as creating unique business opportunities for entrepreneurs. The potential to create digital products and services that can have positive impact to human beings and allow them to live more purposeful, happy lives is an exciting and driving factor for Aida.