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Scott Morgan

Scott Morgan.


Ryerson University, Bachelor of Technology, Graphic Communications Management

Hochschule der Medien, Mobile Media

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Digital Media Management | Entrepreneurship


From a young age Scott has spent a vast amount of time tinkering with technology. Due to a scheduling mix up in high school, Scott found himself in a communications technology class where he developed a fascination in communicating through digital mediums. Embarking on this fascination Scott immersed himself into the exciting culture at Ryerson University, enrolling in the Graphic Communications Management program. Scott was presented a unique opportunity to study in Stuttgart, Germany, through this program, which he spent six months studying Mobile Media and User Experience Design while learning about European Culture. Scott seeks to start a new chapter and continue developing his passion in the MDM program.

Why Digital Media?

Digital Media is incredibly immersive and growing exponentially. The need for constant connectivity and communication is one that is truly fascinating. The digital age has been one that Scott has grown up in and feels that his belonging is within the digital media realm.