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Trevor Nelson

Trevor Nelson.


Dalhousie University, Bachelor of Commerce, Specialization in International Business

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Interactive Media / Interaction and Experience Design / Digital Strategy within the Technology Media and Entertainment Industry (esp. Music and Film)


Trevor is a creative and business-minded individual with a passion for new technologies and their application within the media industry. Since a young age, Trevor has played the piano (among other instruments) in bands and at the Royal Conservatory of Music (currently pursuing Grade 9). Trevor hopes to work either in the Film or Music Industry upon completion of the program at a company leveraging digital and interactive technologies.

After graduating from Dalhousie University's Commerce Program, Trevor spent 3 years at Deloitte Consulting advising across a variety of industries including Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Government and Healthcare. After getting solid experience working with high performance teams and solving complex problems, Trevor decided the time was right to change gears and move towards his dream industry - Media.

Why Digital Media?

After getting significant exposure to Large Technology Systems Integration - Trevor learned he was developing a particular interest and strong desire to work more with Digital Technologies specifically in the Media Industry (Music/Film).

The areas he is most interested in include; Interactive Media Production, Experience Design and Digital Technologies. He is also developing a growing interest in Physical Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.