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Vladimir Novotni

Vladimir Novotni.


Ryerson University, Bachelor of arts, Television Broadcasting

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Content managment. Digital production. Live performance combined with digital component interaction. I am very interested in working on bridging the gap between traditionaly non media related industries and modern digital content distribution.


A background in traditional television broadcasting. I have worked as an editor and satellite operator for the last 10 years. Prior to that I owned and operated my own coorporate video production company based in Ottawa. Spent my previous time at Ryerson exploring new avenues of the industry. Continued working in the tech ops side of the industry while studying and developing skills in the creative writting and producing fields.

Why Digital Media?

There is such a vast area of untaped development in this side of the industry, I am very excited to explore its potential. The constant innovation and development in the field make it a very appealing one.