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Jessica Thomson

Jessica Thomson.


Queen's University, Bachelor of Fine Art

Sheridan College, Marketing Management Graduate Certificate

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Design & User Engagement


Jessica is a visual artist with a specialization in paint and print mediums. She believes that imagery is the most effective and universal form of communication and has the ability to create more meaningful experiences and deeper relationships between the spectator and the art. A similar interaction can occur between users and their technology. Jessica worked in the telecommunications industry for three years. In that short time, she witnessed the impact of user demand on the ways in which entertainment was delivered through technology (from analog to digital platforms, from scheduled programming to on-demand, etc.) She hopes to become fluent in digital media so that she may continue to explore the relationship and interaction between the user and the design.

Why Digital Media?

Working for a corporation has its benefits, but to those who inherently think outside of the box, a corporation can be the place where creativity goes to die. I found myself three years into a career that did not satiate my creative hunger. I felt so far removed from the work that I was doing. So, I left. I want to be surrounded by inspired, thoughtful innovators. The MDM program is how I intend to become reacquainted with my creativity, in the most relevant way possible.