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Liz Wood

Liz Wood.


Ryerson University, Bachelor of Technology, Graphic Communications Management

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Entrepreneurship, social innovation, graphic design, brand strategy, communications, leadership and management.


Liz worked as a graphic designer within the print industry while completing her undergraduate degree. During this time she worked at different scales of enterprise in the same industry, ranging from a franchised print shop to a global print manufacturing company. Liz realized that leadership and management skills were necessary at all scales of business. Today she pursues the development of these skills, which she believes are imperative for success. Liz was highly involved with student life during her undergraduate studies at Ryerson University. She founded the only mental health student group on campus, and held positions of co-president and head of marketing. Social innovation and leadership became a passion for Liz during this time, and the challenge of engaging students with a topic like mental health was a fuel for this interest. With further study in this area, Liz realized another passion in learning about types of oppression, social justice movements and sustainable strategies to eliminate social issues. As a graduate, Liz is still focused on her student group by acting as a mentor and assistant to the new leaders.

Why Digital Media?

Liz believes that digital media is a powerful communication tool. This tool has represented both a creative outlet for Liz as well as a means for structuring complex business ideas. With a background in print and digital technology, Liz understands how to apply digital media in the real world. She now wants to learn how to combine digital media with entrepreneurship and social innovation in order to pursue her dream career.