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Required Documents

Preparing your application takes time and careful planning so we want to ensure that once you start the online process, you have all the necessary documents and information to submit a complete application.

The documents required vary by program so it is essential that you review the document checklist below as well as carefully review the websites for the specific program(s) you are applying to.

Important notes:

  • Incomplete applications will NOT be processed until all documents are received. It is your responsibility to ensure that all required documentation is submitted correctly and promptly.
  • Due to the high volume of applications, we are unable to provide a personal response regarding receipt of your documents.
  • Instructions on how to submit your documents electronically will be emailed to you automatically once you have completed the online application. The Yeates School of Graduate Studies will not accept any hard copy application packages, nor will they be processed.

Once you submit your online application, you will be directed to a summary of the information you submitted.  Please save a copy of this .pdf summary and be prepared to upload this as a part of your application. This is a PDF filesample of the OUAC Application Form.

Each program requires that you submit a Statement of Interest/Letter of Intent. For more information, please refer to program specific requirements.

Each program, with the exception of Philosophy, requires that you submit an updated resume/CV.

Depending on the nature of the program you are applying to, you may include, but are not limited to, relevant work experience, education, awards (academic, professional or financial), publications, technical skills, research experience, prior production or media experience and/or memberships in professional associations. Please visit the program website for further details.

Reference letters are a key component of your application package.  Depending on the program(s) you are applying to, the referees you choose should be able to speak to your academic, research and/or professional abilities.

As a part of your online application, you will be asked to submit contact information only for one to three referees, depending on the program requirements. It is your responsibility to contact the referee before filling out the online application form to confirm their availability as no changes will be made after your application has been submitted.

Your referees will be contacted electronically within two to three business days of your application submission with a link and further instructions on submitting their online reference letter. Please ensure that the contact information is accurate.

All reference letters must come directly from the referee. Student submitted copies will not be accepted.

Please note that we reserve the right to contact your referees at any stage during the application process

If you have any inquiries regarding references please send them to

If you are looking to use previous reference letters please refer to number 10 under the FAQ's

When Applying

Transcripts (or mark sheets, where applicable) are required from every accredited institution you have attended. Unofficial transcripts will be accepted for admissions/evaluation purposes.

If you are a previous Ryerson undergraduate or graduate student, please upload your unofficial transcript. 

> More information on obtaining an unofficial transcript from RAMSS, opens in new window.

Please note, your admissions application will remain incomplete, and will not be forwarded to the programs admissions committee for consideration unless your transcripts are received/uploaded.

Applicants from Ontario universities and colleges will have the option of ordering their transcripts while completing the online application.

If your transcripts/documents are in a language other than English, you must provide a notarized English translation. Please note translations do not replace original documentation, both versions must be submitted.

Please include your institution's grading scale, often located on the back of a transcript. Please ensure to upload both sides of your transcript. If your transcript does not list a grading scale, please ensure you upload a document from the university with the grading scale outlined.

Ryerson reserves the right to determine equivalency at its sole discretion if a grading scale is not provided.

The Yeates School  of Graduate Studies does not accept external assessments conducted by third party agencies such as WES or ICAS.  However, when requested, we will accept the verification of the document only.

After Accepting an Offer

If you have been admitted into a Ryerson graduate program and have confirmed your offer, you will be required to submit official final transcript(s) in a sealed envelope that is sent directly from the institution(s) (if not already on file).  An official transcript is a document that is normally prepared by an institutions Registrar's office.  Official transcripts are printed on security paper and bear the official seal of the institution.  This document includes all courses completed, final grades, degree's awarded and other applicable academic information. Ryerson students are not required to submit an official Ryerson transcript.

If you are taking a spring and/or summer course(s) and your graduation status has been delayed to the Fall term, you must submit an official transcript with all completed courses and grades, and a letter from your institution’s Registrar’s Office stating your degree requirements have been met and that you are eligible to graduate, including the date of the expected convocation.  This letter must be prepared on official letterhead and sent directly from your institution in a sealed envelope.

If your transcripts/documents are in a language other than English, you must provide a notarized English translation. Please note translations do not replace original documentation, both versions must be submitted.

If you have withdrawn from a program since applying and accepting an offer to Ryerson, and the program did not serve as the basis of admission, your official transcript must indicate that you have withdrawn from the program.  Alternatively, you may submit an official transcript with all completed courses and grades, and attach a separate letter from the institution’s Registrar’s Office confirming that you have withdrawn from the program.  This letter must be prepared on official letterhead and sent directly from your institution in a sealed envelope.  Please contact the Admissions Office to ensure a withdrawal from a program does not impact your admission status.

Applicants who have not completed two or more years, full-time, at a Canadian university or a university at which English was the primary language of instruction, or have not completed a graduate degree at a university where English was the primary language of instruction, will be required to provide certification of English language proficiency through one of the accepted examinations listed below. Test scores are valid for two years from the test date.  Please note, meeting the minimum English proficiency requirements does not guarantee admission. Programs may set additional requirements to these minimum standards.

Applicants who have completed a degree, internationally, at a French-speaking institution, must also provide English Language Proficiency.

For exemption from this requirement, applicants are required to provide an official statement from their institutions Registrar's office confirming the use of English as the Medium of Instruction for the duration of their study

Acceptable tests and the minimum scores required »

After Accepting an Offer
If you have completed an electronic TOEFL exam, have been admitted and accepted your offer of admission, please send an email to with your Ryerson student number and your test date.

All other language scores must be received by the graduate admissions office in a sealed envelope, directly from the test centre.

The Psychology program requires the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General test score. All applicants are required to have official scores submitted to Ryerson University GRE code 1991. The GRE Psychology Subject Test is optional

The Master of Business Administration and Management of Technology and Innovation requires a Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) with score with a minimum score of 550. All official scores should be submitted to Ryerson University GMAT code 3QP-56-33.

The following programs require a sample of work:

  • Communication and Culture
  • Criminology and Social Justice
  • Fashion
  • Journalism (optional)
  • Literatures of Modernity
  • Nutrition Communication
  • Philosophy
  • Policy Studies
  • Professional Communication

The following programs require a Portfolio/Dossier:

  • Architecture
  • Building Science
  • Digital Media
  • Documentary Media
  • Fashion (optional)
  • Media Production

The following programs require a Statement of Authorship

  • Architecture
  • Building Science
  • Fashion
  • Nutrition Communication

For this, please use the PDF fileStatement of Authorship form.  This completed form should be the second page of your portfolio/dossier.

College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) -The Nursing programs requires proof membership status for the current year or a copy of your CNO registration card.

Students applying to the combined MN/ PHCNP Certificate program must complete at least 3640 hours within the last 5 years as a Registered Nurse prior to beginning the program in September.

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