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CUPE 3904 Unit 3 Equity and Inclusion Research Grant

The CUPE 3904 Unit 3 Equity and Inclusion Research Grant is designed to support Unit 3 members (who are also Ryerson graduate students) that are working to advance knowledge and/or practice of equity and inclusion in their field of research. This research grant is open to any eligible candidate, in any Ryerson graduate program, even if their specific research field is not typically known for advancing equity and inclusion.

There will be up to two (2) $5,000 awards for Ryerson master’s students and up to one (1) $7,500 award for a Ryerson PhD student per award cycle. The recipients must be current Unit 3 members. Funds for the award will be disbursed in equal parts each term of the academic year for the 2020/2021 year 50 per cent of the payment will be disbursed in the winter term and 50 per cent of the payment will be disbursed in the spring/summer term.

To be eligible for this grant, students must: 

  • Be a Ryerson graduate student (master’s or PhD)
  • Be a CUPE Unit 3 member (GA, invigilator, lab monitor) 
  • Be advancing equity and inclusion in their field of study 
  • Remain a Ryerson graduate student while receiving this funding

Complete packages must be submitted using the Ryerson Awards and Recognition Portal.

Applications will require the following documentation and information:

  1. A maximum two-page description of your intended research study that is focused on advancing equity and inclusion in your field of study. The document must include objectives, methodology, timelines, significance, and expected outcomes. A third page may be included as additional space for listing references, and must only contain references.
  2. An up-to-date Curriculum Vitae (CV) 
  3. Two letters of reference from supporting research supervisors 

The Adjudication Committee will consider the academic expectations relevant to the level of study for each applicant (i.e., academic expectations for master’s students versus PhD students will be considered).

The evaluation of applications is based on the following criteria: 

  • Research ability and potential 
    • Quality of research proposal
      • Specific, focused and feasible research question(s) and/or objective(s)
      • Clear description of the proposed methodology
      • Clearly outlined significance and expected contributions to research (must relate to advancing knowledge and/or practice of equity and inclusion)
    • Relevant training, such as academic training, lived experience and traditional teachings that would support your ability to conduct your proposed research
    • Evidence of responsible and ethical research conduct (e.g., REB Approval and/or demonstrated understanding of ethical protocols associated with conducting work related to advancing equity and inclusion)
    • Ability or potential to communicate theoretical and/or practical concepts clearly and logically in written and oral formats
  • Relevant experience and achievements obtained within and beyond academia (demonstrate how each experience/achievement is related to equity and inclusion): 
    • Professional, academic and extracurricular activities, including collaborations with supervisors, academic colleagues or members of the community such as: 
      • Teaching, mentoring, supervising and/or coaching 
      • Participating in community organizing, volunteer work and/or civic engagement 
      • Chairing committees and/or organizing conferences 

The Adjudication Committee will select high-quality candidates whose research proposals meet or exceed the research program criteria. The Adjudication Committee will be broadly representative of the Ryerson community, including faculty, staff and students. The CUPE 3904 Unit 3 Chief Steward or a CUPE 3904 delegate will serve as the Chair (non-voting member). 

Specifically, the Adjudication Committee will consist of:

  • CUPE 3904 Unit 3 Chief Steward or CUPE 3904 delegate (Chair)
  • One (1) faculty/staff member 
  • Two (2) YSGS members
  • Two (2) graduate students

The Unit 3 Chief Steward will approve the adjudication committee prior to adjudication. 

All submissions will be reviewed. However, priority consideration will be given to nominees who have not received internal or external research funding (e.g., Vanier, Tri-Council, OGS or any other research funding body).

Nomination deadline: January 15, 2021

Recipient notified by: end of January 2021

Upon one year after receiving your research award, you will need to provide a two-page summary of your findings and recommendations. This information will be featured on the CUPE 3904 website and in YSGS materials.

Amber Grant (she/they)
CUPE 3904 Unit 3 Chief Steward
PhD Candidate, Environmental Applied Science & Management
Department of Geography & Environmental Studies

For technical support:

Rachel DiSaia (they/them)
Strategic Initiatives and Policy Advisor, YSGS