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Dennis Mock Graduate Scholarship

The Dennis Mock Graduate Scholarship is available annually to recognize the accomplishments of a first-year Master’s student. This award was established in the name of Dennis Mock to honour his commitment to higher education, to recognize his leadership and dedication demonstrated during his 28 years at Ryerson, and to acknowledge his role in developing graduate studies at the university, as vice-president, academic. The funds have been provided by the Peter Bronfman Scholarship Program and the Ontario Student Opportunities Trust Fund.



Please email applications to Paper applications will not be accepted.

Students must meet the following criteria:

  • Completion of an undergraduate degree program at Ryerson;
  • Full-time enrollment in the first year of a master’s program at Ryerson, with a course load of at least two graded, one-term courses in the fall term;
  • First time enrollment in a graduate program;
  • Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident;
  • Must meet the Ontario Residency Requirement (see application form for details) and
  • Demonstrated financial need.

Download and complete the application: PDF fileDennis Mock Graduate Scholarship Application.

The following must be included along with your application form:

  • PDF fileGraduate student budget form
  • A grade report; RAMSS web version will suffice.
  • A progress report for fall 2019, signed by your supervisor. Some programs/streams do not utilize progress reports. Please provide a note from your Program Director indicating this. 
  • Please contact your Program Administrator if you require assistance regarding your grade report and progress report.

NOTE: Incomplete applications will not be considered. Paper applications will NOT be accepted.

The Scholarship and Awards Committee of the School of Graduate Studies will notify the recipient of the award by a stated date.

Award recipients

2020 award recipient Ahmed El Sayed

Ahmed El Sayed, Civil Engineering MASc student

“The Dennis Mock Graduate Scholarship will motivate me to achieve more milestones during my graduate studies and will provide the financial support to stay focused and dedicated to my coursework and research.

“My research is focused on recovering volatile fatty acids (VFAs) and biogas from industrial organic waste using a fermentation process. The main purpose of this research is to understand the composition of recovered VFAs from industrial organic waste as they are incorporated into a wide range of applications. The research also aims to optimize the recovery process from industrial waste to decrease the carbon footprint of landfills.

“My best advice for applicants is to follow your passion when pursuing graduate studies. Incorporate your research with related coursework in order to consolidate and enrich your learning experience. Also, maintaining hard work and dedication is of paramount importance as that will help prepare you for success in your studies as well as your future career.”

Award recipient Aly Burtch (Centre) with Dr. Samantha Wehbi (left) and Dr. Cory Searcy (right)

Aly Burtch, Master of Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship student

"The Dennis Mock Graduate Scholarship is a significant asset in the pursuit of my graduate degree in the Master's of Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship program here at Ryerson.

"My project for the duration of the program centres on building and growing my startup venture, uBioDiscovery. We analyze microbiome profiles and provide dietary suggestions tailored to an individual's unique community of gut bacteria. The purpose of the project is to improve the quality of life for individuals with digestive disorders and food intolerances.

"My advice for fellow students is to build a support system early on that you can lean on throughout the course of your studies. These people will stick by you and will motivate you to deliver your best results. It is important to choose a program and courses that interest you as it will make the journey much more enjoyable, and increase your chances of success!"

Taha Rezzag-Lebza

Taha Rezzag-Lebza, Aerospace Engineering MASc student

“Receiving the Dennis Mock Graduate Scholarship will assist with the financial cost of my graduate education, and help me to concentrate fully on my research and courses.

“My research involves using computer simulations to improve the efficiency of airplane gas-turbine engines. These engines are used to propel aircraft forward and are the most complex part of an airplane due to the number of moving parts.

“My advice to applicants is that in addition to working hard and perseverance, taking courses related to your research is very important in order to achieve excellent grades. This will give you a chance to understand the course material better and to really enjoy it. Course projects can also be used to advance your thesis, which can save you a lot of time in the future.”