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2019-20 Ryerson Gold Medal recipients

The Ryerson University Gold Medal is the University's highest honour, awarded to students with outstanding academic achievement combined with outstanding involvement with the University, their profession, and/or the community.

Ryerson Today — Fall 2020 award winners honoured in virtual celebration

Faculty of Arts

Dr. Rachel Jacqueline Bar, Psychology PhD

Dr. Rachel Jacqueline Bar, Psychology PhD

Rachel Bar truly exemplifies the qualities honoured by the Ryerson Gold Medal. Rachel is a CIHR Vanier scholar whose scholarly achievements are evident in her doctoral dissertation, her excellent record of research dissemination at conferences and in peer-reviewed publications, and her success at securing grant funding. Rachel’s outstanding leadership in the community is highlighted through her involvement in the development, research, and dissemination of dance innovations for older adults. Rachel’s work transforming health research into best practices is having a significant impact on older adults and their communities across Canada.

Faculty of Communication & Design

Alia Youssef, Documentary Media MFA

Alia Youssef, Documentary Media MFA

Alia Youssef is a remarkable artist and community leader who has demonstrated sustained commitment and dedication to making impactful contributions to university life and the broader community on timely issues related to diversity and inclusion. She has been widely recognized by faculty in her program as a candidate highly deserving of graduating with distinction and recognized by local and international bodies as an impressive and award-winning photographer. During her time at Ryerson, Alia has contributed her passion and enthusiasm to her fellow students through her involvement on curatorial projects and community initiatives.

Faculty of Community Services

Zachary Grant, Social Work MSW

Zachary Grant, Master of Social Work

Zachary Grant is a humble, humourous and exemplary leader who has gone above and beyond this year to support their peers in the MSW program. What other student has organized regular zoom check-ins for their peers, spent hours on the phone problem-solving during COVID-19 and is graduating with a 4.28 CGPA? What other student has started the first group for their fellow trans and non-binary folk experiencing disordered eating while assisting with teaching and research on campus? What other student has the support of the professors and their peers for this nomination? We can think of no one other than Zac Grant.

Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science

Dr. Eli Vandersluis, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering PhD

Dr. Eli Vandersluis, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering PhD

Eli Vandersluis is a recipient of both the Ryerson Gold Medal and the Governor General Gold Medal. Eli has a stellar academic record and equally trailblazing achievement as a volunteer. He was the Founder and President of Musicians@Ryerson, playing for industry professional groups and even at a Ryerson Awards Gala, and leading Hillel and Multicultural Dodgeball promoting diversity and inclusion at Ryerson. He was a student ambassador for Ryerson on the boards of international professional societies, designing student competitions and enabling student participation. He was a volunteer tutor for undergraduate student groups and for students with special needs. Eli’s contributions are indeed transformational.

Faculty of Science

Dr. Eno Hysi, Biomedical Physics PhD

Dr. Eno Hysi, Biomedical Physics PhD

Eno Hysi is the recipient of both the Ryerson Gold Medal and the Board of Governors Leadership Award and Medal. Throughout his graduate student tenure at Ryerson, Eno’s contributions to the University exceed beyond academic and research. As an aspiring academic, Eno developed a keen interest in understanding university administration as it directly impacts the quality of research and graduate education. To that end, he actively participated in over 25 committees spanning virtually all aspects of Ryerson’s administration, research and graduate education. Most notable are his appointments to a record of seven search committees for nearly all the top academic administrator positions at Ryerson, from Provost to Vice-President, Research and Innovation. Eno also played an integral role in founding and organizing GRADShowcase, the most successful graduate student-run event at Ryerson. Eno’s leadership efforts to the university were recognized with the 2018 YSGS Graduate Student Leadership Award for ongoing contributions to graduate education.

Ted Rogers School of Management

Sze Wan (Kittie) Pang, Master of Health Administration (Community Care)

Sze Wan (Kittie) Pang, Master of Health Administration (Community Care)

Sze Wan (Kittie) Pang's strong academic performance in the program was accompanied by her active and important work in her role at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. As a “Project Manager – Strategy and Integration” Kittie works with Sunnybrook and external stakeholders as they develop the North Toronto Ontario Health Team. She is already applying her skills as OHTs focus on integrating and coordinating care in the community. As COVID-19 drove the hospital to accelerate this process, Kittie’s work was profiled in a Ryerson Today article. Kittie generously shared her insights gained from this experience in the classroom. She also was profiled in a video created to support the program.

Yeates School of Graduate Studies

Dr. Luckrezia Awuor, Environmental Science and Applied Management PhD

Dr. Luckrezia Awuor, Environmental Science and Applied Management PhD

Luckrezia Awuor began making her mark on Public Health policy while still an undergraduate research assistant. Her scholarship helps establish climate change as a public health challenge, providing a new lens that can foster greater non-partisan cooperation. Her research has exposed gaps in surveillance programs for vector-borne diseases in Ontario, and has identified risks associated with climate change and changing vector population distributions. She remains deeply engaged with the Public Health Agency of Canada and Toronto Public Health, and continues to volunteer her time to public health organizations and NGOs to improve public health policy.