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Student Resources

The Ryerson library provides students with access to hundreds of books, journals, film and video, and on-line academic databases. As well as, Technology & Tools through the Digital Media Experience Lab (DME) technology equipment facility. 

Through the RACER interlibrary loan system, Ryerson students also have access to material from research libraries throughout North America.

The Digital Repository is a space for collecting, preserving, and providing online access to research and teaching materials created by the Ryerson community. Content is openly available to anyone on the web. You can find theses, dissertations, articles, technical reports, working papers, conference papers, etc. within the collection.

All students, staff and faculty from The Creative School will have access to Adobe Creative Cloud. Access to the Adobe CC license is associated with your MyRyerson credentials. 

Ryerson's School of Journalism is located in the Rogers Communications Centre (RCC), a modern and well-equipped facility. 

Service Hub is your ‘one-stop’ shop for questions about: 

  • tuition and fees
  • student financial assistance (e.g. OSAP)
  • applying to graduate, RAMSS support
  • and more.

Location: POD 150, Podium Building, 350 Victoria Street

Telephone: (416-979-5036)

Hours (at ServiceHub):  Monday to Thursday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m; Friday, 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The Graduate Ryerson Student Union's (GRSU) mission is to empower students and build community on Ryerson’s campus by advocating for your rights, supporting student groups, events and initiatives, and providing discounted services to save you money!

The GRSU is here for you. A platform to encourage collaboration, engagement and empowerment — we are your trusted allies, a resource students can depend on for timely and accurate representation now and in the future. 

The Centre for Student Development and Counselling (CSDC) offers free, confidential counselling services in a professional and friendly environment.  Services are provided by a team of psychologists, social workers, psychotherapists and counselling interns.

Services, programs and resources are intended to assist students not only to solve immediate problems, but also to define their personal, educational and career goals, and to acquire the self-confidence and transferable skills necessary for professional success and individual growth. Services are provided on a one-to-one basis or in a group format.

The Medical Centre is a medical clinic which provides currently registered Ryerson students, staff and faculty, with a wide range of medical services that you would normally expect to receive from your family physician. This includes the treatment of illnesses, such as colds or the flu, to routine examinations like annual physicals and internal examinations. You must book an appointment to see the doctor.

All full-time graduate students at Ryerson are automatically covered under the Ryerson Students’ Union’s Health and Dental Plan. The Plan offers extended health and dental insurance coverage for one year from September 1 to August 31.

Full-time students who start in September are charged an annual fee for the Plan on their Ryerson tuition fee statement. Students who begin in January are charged a pro-rated amount. Coverage for these students is from January 1 to August 31.

International Students see University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP), opens in new window.

Student Learning Support (SLS) is a group of services and programs aimed at helping students engage more effectively in their academic studies. We teach essential academic skills and study techniques that help students to more effectively express their intelligence, apply their knowledge and communicate their ideas. 

Visit SLS on the 4th floor of the Student Learning Centre at the corner of Yonge and Gould Streets. Contact our main office at 416.598.5978 or by email, opens in new window

Explore the various services available on campus to support your graduate education.

  • Academic Services
  • Career and Professional Development Services
  • Inclusion and Wellness Services
  • International Student Support
  • Housing Support
  • Learning, Research and Teaching Opportunities

Zone Learning is for anyone who wants to get practical experience in what it takes to build an initiative/venture from the ground-up. You can initiate your own projects or contribute to existing ventures involving faculty, business and community partners. As a graduate student, collaborate with potential users on highly practical applications of your research.

Ryerson has 10 zones, each focuses on a specific industry and offers students access to resources and mentors.

The Academic Integrity Office (AIO) exists to ensure that PDF filePDF filePolicy 60: Academic Integrity, opens in new window, opens in new window is carried out in a fair and transparent way and to provide educational resources to the Ryerson community regarding academic integrity and misconduct. The AIO provides guidance and support to students and decision makers and ensures that all parties are aware of their rights and responsibilities. The AIO is neutral with respect to all cases and is neither an advocate for students or faculty nor a decision-maker in the process.

Facilities and Equipment

Masters of Journalism (MJ) students work with state-of-the-art equipment including professional-quality television cameras, studios and editing facilities and modern computerized laboratories and newsrooms for the production of newspaper, magazine and online journalism. In addition to their instructors, students have regular access to well-trained, highly qualified and helpful technical support staff.

Computer facilities

MJ students are expected to have their own laptop computers with appropriate software for coursework and research. All students are provided with a Ryerson computer account which gives them access to e-mail, the Internet, the library's electronic databases and other services, and course websites. These services are normally available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Computer services may be accessed from home or other remote locations by registered students with an Internet connection.

Academic Forms

The Yeates School of Graduate Studies (YSGS) website contains important information that as a Graduate Student is your responsibility to know.

The Graduate Student Guide is the official companion to Ryerson's Graduate Calendar. This online guide summarizes the policies, fees, procedures and services you’ll need to know as a Ryerson graduate student.