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About the Graduate Program

The Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering offers a cutting edge graduate program leading to a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree, a Master of Applied Science (MASc) degree or a Master of Engineering (MEng) degree for students who are seeking advanced study in a professionally based, applied program that provides opportunities for research in Thermofluids, Manufacturing, Materials, Solid Mechanics, and Industrial Engineering.

Completing Your Degree

For the Master’s degree, students must complete a total of five graduate courses and a research thesis (MASc) or eight graduate courses and a research project (M.Eng).

For the PhD degree, students must complete four graduate courses, pass a qualifying exam, conduct research, present a research seminar and produce a thesis based on original research. The thesis/project supervisor must approve both the course selection and the thesis/project research proposal submitted in writing by the student.

Full and Part-time Options

The program is available to both full-time (PhD, MASc and MEng) and part-time (MEng only) students with several courses scheduled to permit part-time study. The program involves faculty members from the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at Ryerson University, with recognized expertise in teaching and extensive, ongoing research activities in a wide spectrum of areas.

Research Areas

Ryerson MIE research falls broadly into seven areas of concentration, each of which is supported by grants and contracts from NSERC and other government agencies, and by a range of industry partnerships. Well-equipped laboratories are maintained in each of the areas of concentration to facilitate experiment and research. The curriculum has been structured to provide elective courses in the following fields.