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Program Overview

Our professionally based program features advanced study in thermofluids, manufacturing, materials, solid mechanics and industrial engineering. This allows for interdisciplinary research projects that benefit society at large and positions students to pursue their interests.

 Program Requirements


PhD Full-Time

MASc/MEng Full-Time

MEng Part-Time

Minimum length of time to complete degree

24 months
(6 academic terms)

12 months
(3 academic terms)

24 months
(6 academic terms)

Maximum length of time to complete degree

6 calendar years

3 calendar years

5 calendar years

Grade Requirements

Graduate students must repeat a course, or substitute with an alternate course, if a course mark is less than B- (70%) for both Meng and MASc, and less than B (73%) for PhD. Failure to maintain an acceptable academic standing could result in a student being asked to withdraw from the program. Failure in more than one graduate course shall be considered grounds for dismissal.

Degree Requirements

Students can select to enter the Doctoral program (PhD, Full-time), Master of Applied Science (MASc, Full-time) or the Master of Engineering (MEng, Full-time/Part-time).

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