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Masters Program

Program Description

The following displays a typical program breakdown for the Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Masters program.

 Year I

 Fall 2 or 3 courses
 Winter 2 or 3 courses
 Spring MASc Thesis

 Year II

 Fall MASc Thesis
 Winter MASc Thesis
 Spring Defend MASc Thesis

 Year III


*At least 70% participation in seminars is required.

 Program Requirements

 Minimum length of time to complete degree

12 months
(3 academic terms)

 Maximum length of time to complete degree

3 calendar years

The MASc postgraduate program requires:

  • five one-term course credits
  • a research thesis.
  • No undergraduate credits may be taken towards the degree.
  • A maximum of two of the required five courses can be taken outside of the MIEGP.
  • The supervisor for each graduate student must approve the graduate course selection.
  • The supervisor must also approve the proposed thesis plan, which will be presented in writing by the student.
  • Course selections are normally confirmed through a Program of Study agreement between supervisor and student, with the approval of the Director.
  • With the approval of the supervisor, one of the five courses may be the directed studies course (ME8135), normally conducted by the supervisor.
  • An oral presentation of the research thesis, and results, will be arranged in a seminar format. The examination committee will assess the candidate's research thesis.