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Joint Masters and Doctoral Program at Ryerson in Communication and Culture
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ComCult MA and PhD students pursue their coursework and research by majoring and minoring in two of the three research streams or Areas of Study:

  • Media and Culture (M&C)
  • Politics and Policy (P&P)
  • Technology in Practice (TinP)

While there is some interdisciplinary overlap between and amongst these three streams, the streams are meant to help students identify key research interests, make relevant selections of coursework, and identify key faculty supervisors.

Media & Culture

  • Research and seminars in this stream focus on the confluence of media and culture and their relationships within social systems.
  • Keywords include: visual culture, sexuality and gender, theory and philosophy, culture in the city, modernism, everyday culture, and more


Politics & Policy

  • Research and seminars in this stream focus on the critical role of the state and civil society in the development of communication systems, the production and distribution of culture, and issues of societal power.
  • Keywords include: globalization, the political economy of media, communications law, arts and cultural policy, media democracy, broadcast management, and more


Technology in Practice

  • Research and seminars in this stream focus on the development, application, and influence of historical, current and emerging communication technologies in cultural production, both personal and organizational.
  • Keywords include: narrative film, the sociotechnical, digital technology, photographic vision, media production, activist video, media ethics, and more