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Joint Masters and Doctoral Program at Ryerson in Communication and Culture
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The Communication & Culture Graduate Students’ Association (ComCult GSA) represents all students registered in the Joint Graduate Program in Communication & Culture at York and Ryerson Universities. The ComCult GSA is affiliated with both the Ryerson Students' Union (through the RSU Graduate Council) and the York Federation of Students (YFS).

We are here to represent Communication & Culture students to Program faculty and administration, provide a forum to discuss issues and interests, create a meeting place for students to get know each other and to foster participation in seminars and other activities. We also elect an executive and representatives to represent Communication and Culture students on other University and Student Association organizations and committees. We encourage you to get involved with us by coming to our monthly General Meetings, which are open to all.

Among the many social and academic activities conducted by the ComCult GSA are the annual Intersections Conference and journal publication, a Creative Night to showcase our talents, program-wide parties and other great events.

We also administer an online listserv for students to keep in touch with each other and for information on upcoming events, meetings and activities of interest to students in the program. Please see instructions for signing up for the listserv and other frequently asked questions on the ComCult GSA Wiki FAQs.

Currently a “buddy program” pairs up incoming Communication and Culture students to with current student “buddies” who will assist with the transition into the program.

If you value the initiatives that the ComCult GSA undertakes, or feel strongly about changing aspects of the program, please strongly consider participating. The ComCult GSA meets directly with program administrators, has representatives in student unions and governing bodies, and is your voice. Whether you are highly motivated or strapped for time, ComCult GSA has a position for you. You can be a buddy to an incoming student, a volunteer on the conference or creative night committee, help plan parties, or take on other initiatives. Come out to a meeting and become involved in your program!

Intersections Annual Graduate Student Conference

Since 2002, the graduate students in Communication and Culture have organized an annual Intersections Graduate Student Conference.  The conference is always a success, with students coming from around the world to present papers and participate in the various panels and workshops. While the annual conference theme changes, the topics generally reflect the nature of our program and the work it nurtures. As scholars doing interdisciplinary work in a joint program, we are especially interested in encountering and generating significant intersections of art, activism and academia. The conference generally reviews proposals for not only papers, but also creative works, media submissions and poster presentations. The conference is normally held in the spring, with a CFP deadline of early January.

ComCult GSA Executive Committee Representatives, Council Representatives and Committee Chairs are elected toward the conclusion of the Winter semester, with a by election held in the fall after incoming students have been oriented. Positions include:

Executive Committee

  • 2 Presidents (York & Ryerson)
  • 2 Vice Presidents (York & Ryerson)
  • 2 Treasurers (York & Ryerson)
  • 1 Equity Officer

Council Representatives

  • 2 MA Representatives to the program executive (York & Ryerson)
  • 2 PhD Representatives to the program executive (York & Ryerson)
  • 1 MA Representative to the ComCult GSA
  • 1 PhD Representative to the ComCult GSA
  • 1 Part-Time Representative to the ComCult GSA
  • 1 First Year Representative to the ComCult GSA
  • 1 ComCult Representative to the York GSA
  • 1 ComCult Representative to the York GSA (alternate)
  • 1 ComCult Representative to the York GSA (second alternate)
  • 1 York FGS Representative
  • 1 Ryerson Liaison to the Ryerson Students’ Union Graduate Students’ Caucus Executive

Committee Chairs

  • 1 Intersections Conference Chair
  • 1 Creative Night Chair
  • 1 Web Design Chair

For more information, and to keep up to date, please visit the Communication and Culture Graduate Students' Association site at