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Joint Masters and Doctoral Program at Ryerson in Communication and Culture
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Along with several other offices around campus, the Program in Communication and Culture has limited funding to support Grad Student Professional Development, primarily used for travel to academic conferences, especially for doctoral students. The Program budget runs May through April annually. Students should submit requests by e-mail directly to the Program Director, copying the Program Administrator. Requests can be submitted at any time throughout the year.

Funds are limited and we cannot guarantee support. Priority will be given to doctoral students who did not previously receive support in the current year (since May). When requests exceed resources, applications may be assessed by the Program scholarship committee for research quality and academic benefit to the student (i.e. fit with research project, and prestige of the event).

We will confirm whether we can support you, and the amount, as soon as possible after your request is submitted, so that you can proceed to apply for matching funds from other sources.

Application Process

SUBMIT via e-mail to the Program Director and Program Administrator copies of the following:

  • Your Name and the Date, Location, and name of the Conference (or workshop), including a website link to the schedule if available, otherwise to the Call for Papers.
  • A brief (100 word) rationale explaining the importance of this event in relation to your program of study.
  • Your Supervisor’s contact info, or the name of a Program prof as a reference for new students.
  • The Title and Abstract of your presentation (or a rationale for the workshop if it’s not to present a paper).
  • A Copy of the Correspondence confirming your Acceptance as a presenter (or participant if it’s a workshop).
  • A Budget indicating realistic expenses, the amount requested from the ComCult Program, and the amount expected and requested from other sources on and off campus.

You should apply well in advance of the event, before you book your travel. Unfortunately, we cannot provide advance funding, and you must plan reimbursement after you return from the event.

Applying Concurrently to Other Sources

Students requesting Program funding must seek further resources as follows to maximize support:

  1. First of all, please check with your supervisor whether they are able to support you directly through their grants and professional development funds. Do not expect it, but ask—politely!
  2. Yeates School of Graduate Studies may fund students up to $300 per academic year. This funding does not require matching Program support, and you can apply independently of requests of the Program. Submit the application and supporting materials to
  3. The Dean of Arts at Ryerson may fund students up to $200 per academic year, matching Program support. You must first confirm funding from the Program, and the Grad Director co-signs your application. International travel first requires a completed risk assessment through Ryerson International. Submit the application and similar set of materials as above, paper copy preferred to the Associate Dean of Arts, Research and Grad Studies, JOR-100. 
  4. For International Conferences and Workshops, also apply to the Ryerson International. They only match support already confirmed from other sources, such as the Program, Grad Studies, and Dean of Arts, and others, but they may match funds substantially, up to $1000 per academic year. 
  5. The Ryerson Students’ Union has funds for Graduate Travel Grants.
  6. For those currently working TA/GA contract under CUPE 3904, there are “UNIT 3 Funds”… see the “Unit 3 Special Fund Application Form” on the left menu on their website,

If all of these sources are drawn upon, and scaffolded to maximize matching support, students may obtain enough support to attend an international conference annually.