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Joint Masters and Doctoral Program at Ryerson in Communication and Culture
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What follows is the most up to date list of faculty, from both Ryerson and York campuses, who are formally affiliated with the ComCult program. The list was last updated on October 12, 2017.

Please note: Some faculty may have limited availability to supervise and instruct ComCult students. This may change from year to year.  

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For errors or omissions, please contact the Departmental Administrator at comcult <at> ryerson <dot> ca.

Ryerson and York University Faculty currently affiliated with Communication and Culture - ComCult.
  Stream Research Interests School
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Gene Allen Technology in Practice media history; the history of journalism; the evolution of news; news agencies; news and national identity; the popularization of history in film and television Ryerson
Steve Bailey Media & Culture psychoanalysis; audiences; philosophy; aesthetics; culture York
Ian Balfour Media & Culture Romantic poetry and prose; contemporary theory and criticism; 18th-century literature; 18th-century philosophy (especially aesthetic theory and philosophy of language) York
Deborah Barndt Media & Culture, Technology in Practice popular education and social movements; media analysis; photographic methods for participatory research/education/action; cultural production; community development; women, globalization, and food York
Ben Barry Media & Culture fashion, women's studies, women's fashion, men's fashion, modelling, advertising, fashion advertising, marketing, fashion imagery, body image, policy, cross-cultural consumer attitudes. Ryerson
Tuna Baskoy Politics & Policy research methods; statistics and computer applications; comparative public policy and administration (especially competition/antitrust and telecommunication policies); theories of capitalist market competition; political economy of European integration; e-government; e-democracy Ryerson
Shannon Bell Politics & Policy, Technology in Practice extremes in art (especially bio- and hybrid-art); shooting theory (videoing-imagining philosophical concept such as Heidegger's stillness, Husserl’s epoché, Bataille's waste, Weil's attention, Deleuze's deterritorialization, Virilio's vision machine and accident) York
Jody Berland Media & Culture, Technology in Practice cultural theory; Canadian communication theory; cultural studies of nature; science, technology and the environment; music and the media; space and place York
Marni Binder Media & Culture immigration and education, young children's art and literacy, art education, early literacy, holistic education, inner city education, multimodal and multiple literacies, equity, integrating the arts, pictoral representations of children, children's visual narratives, the arts and literacy, transformative literacy, picture books shaping literacy experiences. Ryerson
Art Blake Media & Culture North America; U.S. 20th-century cultural history; urban history; sound studies Ryerson
Alan Blum Media & Culture medical humanities; culture of the city; sociology of knowledge; theorizing everyday life; the imaginary, symbolic and real registers of social life and phenomena York
Marusya Borciurkiw Media & Culture Canadian television; affect theory; nationalist discourses; community cable; media activism; sexuality & gender studies Ryerson
Rob Bowman Media & Culture popular music studies; history of popular music; writer, broadcaster, and performer in many musical genres York
Jason Boyd Media & Culture, Technology in Practice digital innovation and scholarly practice; work emerging at the intersection of the digital and the literacy; critical code studies; computer games and gaming in social, literary, and scholarly contexts; and ‘digital lives’ in its broadest sense. Ryerson
Marta Braun Technology in Practice history of photography; chronophotography; early cinema; technology Ryerson
Jean Bruce Media & Culture media and culture; film theory; melodrama; visual culture; documentary; consumer culture Ryerson
Darcy Callison Media & Culture choreography; dance dramaturgy; popular culture and dance; performance studies and gender (masculinity) York
Miranda Campbell Media & Culture youth culture; labour; creative industries; cultural policy; political economy; community arts; critical pedagogy; gender studies Ryerson
John Caruana Media & Culture phenomenology; Frankfurt School; psychoanalysis; post-structuralism; European cinema; theories of the sacred Ryerson
Mark Cauchi Media & Culture 19th- and 20th-century continental philosophy and social theory; intersections of religious and secular thought and culture; theories of the secular and postsecular; intersections of philosophy and the arts (literature, visual art, and film). York
David Cecchetto Technology in Practice Critical Posthumanism; sound studies; new media; sound art; practice-inclusive research; critical digital humanities; contemporary critical theory York
David Ciavatta Media & Culture Kant and 19th-century continental philosophy (especially Hegel and Marx); phenomenology and existentialism; social and political philosophy; philosophy of action Ryerson
Rosemary Coombe Media & Culture, Politics & Policy intellectual property; Indigenous peoples; cultural and biological diversity; publics; public domains and public sphere; human rights; cultural rights; postcolonial theory; theories of information; civil society; transnationalism; neoliberalism; informational capital York
Natalie Coulter Media & Culture communications, children and youth, gender and communications, consumer culture, critical technology studies York
Stephane Couture Technology in Practice Values in Technological Design; Sociology of Technology; Digital Cultures and Policies; Internet Governance; Software and Code Studies York
Barbara Crow Technology in Practice digital technologies; social movements; women's studies; political economy of communication; and mobile technologies York
Wendy Cukier Technology in Practice technology strategy and decision making; regulation and policy; vertical market applications (especially government, policing, health, education, non-profits); technology enabled learning; government relations; advocacy and social marketing and the role of IT; critical theory and IT; gender, diversity and IT Ryerson
Charles Davis Politics & Policy, Technology in Practice IT, media, and creative industries; new firm formation, internationalization, and product and service innovation practices; innovation and industrial policy; consumer behaviour with respect to digital technologies and services; work practices and occupations in creative industries; management practices in media industries Ryerson
Colleen Derkatch Media & Culture rhetorical theory and criticism; rhetoric of science, medicine, and health; writing studies; genre theory; science and technology studies; critical medicine studies. Ryerson
Kevin Dowler Media & Culture cultural policy in Canada and Europe; art and the city; aesthetics and popular culture; history of communications York
Daniel Drache Politics & Policy the political economy of integration and social exclusion; borders and identity; North American integration; global cultural commons and microactivism; public goods theory and the theory of the public good; the thought and influence of Harold Innis, Jürgen Habermas and Hannah Arendt York
Susan Driver Media & Culture gender issues; women; sexuality York
Loius-Etienne Dubois Media & Culture collaborative and innovation processes, management practices in the creative industries, gaming and performance arts industries Ryerson
R. Bruce Elder Technology in Practice philosophy of technology; psychoanalysis and culture; modernity and its discontents; modernity and the avant-garde; the intellectual reception of the early cinema; modernist art and spirituality; the application of algorithmic process in art making; using mathematical models in art making; digital signal processing Ryerson
Greg Elmer Media & Culture, Technology in Practice new media and politics; surveillance studies; software studies; collaborative media making; media globalization Ryerson
Barbara Evans Technology in Practice documentary; film; women; history; politics York
Seth Feldman Technology in Practice Canadian cinema, history and theory; documentary cinema and media; television studies; rhetoric of radio York
Deborah Fels Technology in Practice inclusive design; inclusive media; accessibility; human-computer interaction; digital media; people with disabilities; inclusive gaming; design for older people Ryerson
Marco Fiola Media & Culture intercultural communication; language and gender; translator subjectivity Ryerson
Caitlin Fisher Media & Culture, Technology in Practice augmented reality; digital storytelling; hypermedia fiction and documentary; feminist theory; archives and collecting; locative media York
Jennifer Fisher Media & Culture contemporary art; curatorial practice; display culture; the aesthetics of the non-visual senses York
Laura Fisher Media & Culture nineteenth- and twentieth-century American literature, with focus on race, gender, and urban culture, social reform institutions and the production, mediation, and reception of American literature around the turn of the twentieth century, settlement houses and working girls’ clubs across New York City Ryerson
Blake Fitzpatrick Technology in Practice photographic representation of the nuclear era; visual responses to contemporary militarism; disaster in contemporary landscape photography Ryerson
Fred Fletcher Politics & Policy political communication; social advocacy; communication and public policy; communication policy York
Mary Fogarty Media & Culture dance, music, popular culture, film studies, dance style breaking (or b-boying/b-girling), hip hop culture. York
Scott Forysth Media & Culture film and media politics; film history; Marxist cultural and aesthetic theory; film in the third world; cultural politics and Canadian communists; Hollywood and imperialism York
May Friedman Media & Culture motherhood and mothering, networked media, transnationalism and transnational feminism, life writing, social policy, social work activism, feminist and post structural theories and practices. Ryerson
Doreen Fumia Media & Culture, Politics & Policy sexual citizenship; queer geography and local neighbourhoods; queer identities; queer pedagogy; lesbian mothers Ryerson
Irene Gammel Media & Culture Modernism; modern literature and culture; avant-garde; visual culture; life writing and auto/biography; Dada and Surrealism; New York Modern; theories of urban space; ecocriticism; curating; performance art; feminist theory; gender and sexuality theory; body theory; salon culture and theory; digital archiving; World War I; trauma narratives Ryerson
Donald J. Gillies Media & Culture, Politics & Policy The Toronto School of Communication; Marshall McLuhan; history of media and communications; history of telecommunications; the communications industry; communications policy; international communications and development; media ecology; media ecology in Gaelic culture Ryerson
Jacqui Gingras Media & Culture nutrition communication; subjectivity and performativity; pedagogy and epistemology; autoethnography and phenomenology
Jay Goulding Media & Culture Chinese and Japanese philosophy; hermeneutic phenomenology; comparative religion York
Michael Greyeyes Media & Culture  York
Anatolly Gruzd Technology in Practice Online Communities, Online Social Networks, Social Media Data Stewardship, Social Networks Analysis, Information Visualization and Computer-Mediated Communication Ryerson
Ratiba Hadj-Moussa Media & Culture sociology of culture; political sociology; non-Western mediascapes; secularism and Islam in the West and in Islam-majority societies; marginalized forms of protest York
Jan Hadlaw Technology in Practice, Media & Culture communication and media history; cultural history of telephony; the design and representation of technology; technologies and the social imaginaries of time and space; media and everyday life; advertising and consumer society; modern design and Canadian nationalism York
Nancy Halifax Media & Culture disability, education healthcare, social exclusion, structural violence, homelessness, public and community spaces, and arts-based research. York
Mark Hayward Technology in Practice, Media & Culture television studies, cultural policy and technology; economics in popular culture; philosophy of technology. York
Rob Heynen Media & Culture Surveillance studies; visual culture; media history (esp. photography and film); Marxist cultural theory; critical theories of race and gender; aesthetics and politics. York
Shelley Hornstein Media & Culture architecture; place; urban culture; 19th and 20th century cultures; contemporary visual culture York
Anna Hudson Media & Culture postcolonial art of the Americas; contemporary art of the Arctic; museology; the art market and the business of culture; sex and gender in the representation of beauty and the social order; humanism in 20th century Canadian art York
Susan Ingram Media & Culture European film; fashion; biography and autobiography; comparative literature; translation studies York
Lorraine Janzen Kooistra Media & Culture nineteenth- and early twentieth century British literature and culture; Victorian studies; illustrated books; visual/verbal relations; illustration; the book arts; print culture; periodical studies (Victorian and early 20th century; British); history of the book and publishing; digital humanities; textual editing; poetry; children's literature; Women's writing; Women's suffrage (British); fin-de-siecle studies (British); Pre-Raphaelite poetry and painting (British) Ryerson
Jennifer Jenson Technology in Practice education and educational technology; game studies York
Andreas Kitzman Media & Culture culture and technology; new media and society; digital culture; critical theory; cultural studies York
Mustafa Koc Politics & Policy food studies; food writing; food on the web; food and films; cook books and national cuisines; ethnic and diasporic food cultures and identity; policy studies; food and agricultural policy; immigration policy; cultural studies; globalization and impacts of restructuring; global population movements and diasporas Ryerson
Ruth Koleszar-Green Media & Culture   York
Ganaele Langlois Technology in Practice Media; Culture and Cultural Studies; New Media; Philosophy of Communication; Critical Studies of Technology York
Robert Latham Politics & Policy politics of environmental knowledge and large-scale monitoring systems; security and IT; technologies of border surveillance; critical theories of sovereignty; transnational relations; migration; multiculturalism and international communication politics; human security; global governance York
Seung Hwan (Mark) Lee Media & Culture Social Networks, Branding, Marketing Education, Virtual Reality, Sensory Marketing Ryerson
Laura Levin Media & Culture performance theory; contemporary North American theatre and performance art; gender and sexuality in/as performance; intermedial and online performance; practice as research; photographic theory and performance; disciplinary geneaologies in performance studies York
Bruno Lessard Media & Culture, Technology in Practice interactive media arts; video game studies; software studies; digital animation; data visualization; contemporary documentary; Michel Foucault; comparative philosophy (China/the West); governmentality Ryerson
Evan Light Technology in Practice, Politics & Policy surveillance and privacy, communication and telecommunications policy and infrastructure, participatory democracy, community and independent media, social movements and institutional accountability and transparency practices. York
Kenneth Little Media & Culture analysis of society as spectacle; visual culture; popular cultural performance in both Euro-North American and post-colonial cultures; circus and the politics and poetics of spectacle York
Brenda Longfellow Media & Culture, Technology in Practice feminist film theory; gender and national identity; women and cinema; film-making; women and culture, environmentalism, globalization York
Kym MacLaren Media & Culture phenomenology; existentialism; embodiment; Maurice Merleau-Ponty; philosophy of emotion; Feminist philosophy; intersubjectivity; animality; Martin Heidegger; Jean-Paul Sartre; philosophical psychology Ryerson
Anne MacLennan Media & Culture radio; communication and media history; broadcasting; popular culture; oral history; 19th and 20th century Canadian culture and history of communication; 20th century American culture and communication; advertising; consumer society; poverty; social welfare, labour, and methodology York
Janine Marchessault Media & Culture, Technology in Practice cities and cinema; stereoscopic 3D cinema; future cinema architectures; feminist/post-colonial media; social media and activism; Marshall McLuhan and the Explorations Group; World Fairs; film festivals and utopias; micro-cinemas; curatorial studies; process philosophy; theories of spectatorship; phenomenology and affect; experimental cinema York
Ali Mazalek Media & Culture, Technology in Practice design and application of emerging physical sensing and digital media technologies to areas such as narrative expression, abstract thinking, and scientific modeling, as well as the study and use of embodied cognition as a framework for tangible and embodied interaction design Ryerson
Jean Mason Media & Culture, Technology in Practice writing; narrative; illness narrative; pathography; culture of illness; autoethnography; health communication; science communication; hypertext; digital media; organizational communication Ryerson
Alison Matthews-David Media & Culture history of fashion; material culture Ryerson
Patricia Mazepa Politics & Policy critical political economy of communication (commodification, structuration, spatialization, hegemony, ideology); Canadian media history; social movement media York
John McCullough Technology in Practice North American film and television; media labour and globalization; representation of spatial, class and racial relations York
Catherine Middleton Technology in Practice telecommunications; policy; usage; internet; broadband; mobile; wireless; infrastructure; next generation networks; information society; digital economy Ryerson
Colin Mooers Politics & Policy, Media & Culture political economy of capitalism; political theory; social movements; theories of citizenship; the public sphere Ryerson
Paul S. Moore Media & Culture research methodologies; cultural and social theories; media history; historiography; history of technology; material culture; governmentality & social regulation; publics and counterpublics; regional and mass market consumption; popular screen cultures & practices; popular print cultures & practices; ephemera; collecting; the archive and nostalgia; film industries in Canada; film exhibition and screen practices; the newspaper & its supplements Ryerson
Catriona Mortimer-Sandilands Media & Culture environmental cultural studies (environmental literature and criticism, history and philosophy); gender, sexuality and environments (queer theories and ecologies); political theory and public cultures York
Michael Murphy Technology in Practice new media production; digital audio; emerging technologies; technology enabled learning Ryerson
Stephen Muzzatti Media & Culture crime and media; popular culture; consumerism; social inequality; cultural criminology; globalisation; transgression; criminalisation; advertising and consumption; youth tribes; leisure pursuits and transgresssive pleasure; resistance and social control. Ryerson
Nima Naghibi Media & Culture postcolonial literatures and theory; autobiography studies; trauma theory; feminist studies Ryerson
Nicole Neverson Media & Culture representation of subjectivities in the mass media; socio-cultural aspects of sport and gender; use of force technologies and policing; the social construction of 'risk' and risk narratives; alternative media perspectives of Canadian Caribbean disaspora. Ryerson
Jason Nolan Media & Culture, Technology in Practice children's culture; critical pedagogy; autism; privacy; autonomy; play; games; learning; adaptive design; maker-culture; sensory play Ryerson
Jonathan Obar Politics & Policy Communication Policy, Information Policy, Digital Media and Civil Liberties, Digital Activism, Big Data and Privacy, and Network Neutrality. York
Mona Oikawa Politics & Policy sociology; gender issues; critical race studies; cultural studies York
Tokunbo Ojo Politics & Policy, Media & Culture global media studies, development communication, journalism studies and political communication. York
Andrew O'Malley Media & Culture children's literature and culture; popular culture; historical popular culture; comics and graphic novels; eighteenth century; robinsonades Ryerson
Dana Osborne Media & Culture dynamics of language contact, ethnolinguistic minority language of Ilocano, linguistic impacts of movement and diaspora on speakers from the Philippines, codemixing and switching, linguistic joking and taboo, and reflexive anthropological writing Ryerson
Ruth Panofsky Media & Culture Canadian publishing history; Canadian authorship studies; Canadian celebrity authorship; Canadian literary culture; textual studies Ryerson
Sarah Parsons Technology in Practice, Media & Culture historical relationship between photography, privacy, family. York
Jamin Pelkey Media & Culture

anthropological linquistics; Tibeto-Burman linquistics; historical comparative linquistics; process semiotics and the philosophy of language; semiotics; embodied cognition; cognitive semantics; dialectolog

Nalini Persram Media & Culture postcolonialism; empire and Western thought; subjectivity and survival; feminism; Caribbean culture and resistance (Guyana); and international political theory York
Lila Pine Technology in Practice, Media & Culture storytelling and new media; media and communication Ryerson
Elizabeth Podnieks Media & Culture life writing; modernism; Women's studies; mothering; popular culture; celebrity culture; scholarly editing; digital humanities Ryerson
Murray Pomerance Media & Culture Hollywood film and cinema; popular culture; film history and theory; modernity; screen performance; cinema and technology Ryerson
Christopher Powell Media & Culture Social theory; Radical social change; Sociology of knowledge; Violence and identity-difference. Ryerson
Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof Technology in Practice history and theory of avant-garde art and cinema; cine-dance; body art; artist's body and self-portraiture; feminine aesthetics and ecriture feminin; psychodynamics of the creative process and imagination; Julia Kristeva; Maurice Merleau-Ponty; Marshall McLuhan; Sigmund Freud; Marion Milner; Donald Winnicott; Anton Ehrenzweig; phenomenology; avant-garde poetry and poetics; media poetics Ryerson
Markus Reisenleitner Media & Culture visual and textual interpretations of global cities; European urban culture; history, memory and nostalgia in popular and digital culture York
Danielle Robinson Media & Culture dance ethnography; cultural studies; dance history; critical race theory; social dance reconstruction; multicultural dance education; popular dance practices; African diaspora within the Americas; Latin American dance cultures York
Wade Rowland Politics & Policy, Technology in Practice communication; ethics; critical realism; technology York
Leslie Sanders Media & Culture African American and Black Canadian literature and culture; literatures of the African diaspora York
Rahul Sapra Media & Culture Renaissance literature; Shakespearean drama; literary theory; postcolonial studies; third-world cinema Ryerson
Carmen Schifellite Politics & Policy science and technology studies; popular culture; sociology of knowledge; graduate methodologies Ryerson
Catherine Schryer Media & Culture issues related to advanced literacies in the professions; genre theory; healthcare communication Ryerson
Alan Sears Media & Culture sexuality; theory; social movements; work; education Ryerson
Mitu Sengupta Politics & Policy Indian market liberalization and development; labour and migration; the politics of sporting and cultural events. More recent work focuses on human rights and development; global justice; and development ethics. Ryerson
John M. Shields Politics & Policy Canadian political economy; labour market policy; immigrant economic integration; the welfare state; public sector restructuring; globalization; the political economy of the nonprofit sector; labour studies and industrial relations Ryerson
Jeremy Shtern Politics & Policy internet governance; media policy; communication rights; globalization and communication; political economy of social media advertising; emerging media; creative labour; and research methods. Ryerson
Yvonne Singer Media & Culture memory; history; identity; perception; psychoanalysis York
David Skinner Politics & Policy political economy of communication; media and communications policy; alternative and community media; media democracy York
Don Snyder Technology in Practice contemporary photography; curation; critical writing Ryerson
Nell Tenhaaf Technology in Practice critiques of genetic engineering and biotechnology; artificial life; Max/MSP programming York
Philippe Theophanidis Media & Culture Philosophy and epistemology of communication, critical theories and practices, politics and aesthetics York
Sophie Thomas Media & Culture Romanticism; literature and visual culture; nineteenth century visual technologies; history of museums and collections; ruins and fragments; cultural and aesthetic theory Ryerson
Julie Tomiak Politics & Policy, Media & Culture urban Indigeneity, decolonization, Indigenous resistance and resurgence, Indigenous-settler relations in Canada, settler state power, policies and governmentality, settler colonialism, racialization and racism, cities and urban governance, political economy, feminisms, intersectionality, and qualitative and Indigenous research methodologies Ryerson
Temenuga Trifonova Technology in Practice European cinema; screenwriting; film theory; philosophy of film; film remakes and sequels; film adaptations; film criticism; contemporary American cinema; psychopathology and film; migrant and diasporic cinema; film/video production; creative writing; photography; aesthetic theory; 20th century American literature; existentialism York
Elizabeth Trott Media & Culture Canadian philosophy; philosophy of education; philosophy of art and design; multiculturalism; metaphysics; culture Ryerson
Monique Tschofen Media & Culture English and French Canadian literature and film; postcoloniality; interarts relations; visual culture; violence in representation Ryerson
Ozgur Turetken Technology in Practice applied test analytics; organizational analysis Ryerson
Livy Visano Media & Culture, Politics & Policy   York
Leah Vosko Politics & Policy

comparative labour and social policy; the political economy of work; gender and work; economic restructuring; globalization

Kim Wahl Media & Culture

Intersections between academic Feminism and the histories and theories of fashion; visual culture and the body; fashioning Feminism: Women, Clothing, Art and Power in Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth-Century British Culture.

Stéphanie Walsh Matthews Media & Culture

Language; postcolonialism; postmodernity; post-war cultural theories; semiotics; French Caribbean literature; translation; Franco-Canadian literature and culture; magical realism.

Wendy Wong Technology in Practice design culture; Chinese graphic design history; poster design
Joyce Zemans Politics & Policy nineteenth and twentieth century Canadian art with a special focus on the art of women; cultural policy (Canadian and comparative); arts administration York
Michael Zryd Media & Culture experimental / avant-garde cinema; documentary film theory; history of cinema and media studies; American populism in film and media; Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Hollis Frampton; Su Friedrich; Philip Hoffman; Ruth Ozeki York
Detlev Zwick Media & Culture, Politics & Policy  York