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Plan of Study and Annual Progress Review

Annual Progress Review - completed by the student once per year (April)

Plan of Study Updates - completed by the supervisor (every term)

Plan of Study - end of term review and goal setting

In accordance with Senate Policy 164 - Graduate Status, Enrolment and Evaluation Procedures, your Plan of Study should be reviewed at a minimum of once each term, before enrollment for the following term.

This form is completed by the supervisor.

Unsatisfactory progress (UNS)

  • Once you are in the non-course phase of the program, if you are not meeting the expectations of your Plan of Study, your supervisor will assign an Unsatisfactory Progress (UNS) designation.
  • If a UNS is assigned, it should be based solely on you not meeting the expectations agreed upon and stated in the Plan of Study.
  • Students with an UNS are assigned an Academic Standing of "Provisional" (to understand the implications of this standing, see PDF filePolicy 164 Section 7.2 Provisional)

Annual Progress Review (April)

(formerly Progress Report)

Annual Progress Reviews are used to provide feedback, support, and evaluation of your research progress.  

Annual Progress Reviews are designed to:

  • Promote abundant and productive dialogue between you and your research supervisor;
  • Provide an opportunity for you to articulate your expectations about your research progress and plans for the future;
  • Allow you and your supervisor to reflect on research supervision activities to date.

You will submit one Annual Progress Review each year before the end of the Winter term.

You initiate the process by completing a self-assessment.

Your supervisor will then provide feedback by commenting on your:

  • Areas of strength (using examples from courses, milestones completed, research, teaching, professional activities);
  • Areas for growth and development for the next year (for example, development of research, writing, public speaking, or teaching skills, or career planning);
  • Expected progress on your thesis, dissertation, or project, publications or other professional activates;
  • Likelihood of graduating on time, with strategies for success.

Annual Progress Review Student Self-Assessment

On the form below, you will be asked to comment on the following areas:

  • Describe the current status of your research. Briefly describe the planned work to be completed over the next 12 months.
  • Describe the professional activities you have undertaken over the last year. For example, GA/RA service, teaching, published articles, conferences attended, workshops attended, presentations, recitals, gallery exhibitions, internships, fieldwork, community-related projects, etc.
  • Describe any specific professional development goals that you have set for yourself for next year. How can your supervisor and the program support you in meeting these goals?
  • List any awards, scholarships, or other recognitions you have received during the last year.
  • Describe any career planning activities you have done in the past year. (Examples might include: seeking mentoring opportunities, participating in professional networks or communities of practice, conducting labour market research, job talks, informational interviews with prospective employers, etc.)
  • How does the expertise you are acquiring through your research connect to your career goals?
  • Describe any changes to your Supervisory Committee that have occurred over the last year.
  • Use this space to add anything else you feel might be relevant to your research progress during the past year (e.g. extenuating circumstances affecting your progress). How can your supervisor and the program support you in overcoming these obstacles?
  • Other comments for the Graduate Program Director.

This form is completed by the student.