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Supervisor & Supervisory Committee Approval

This form must be submitted to the Grad Program for approval at the beginning of a supervisory relationship, and re-submitted to recognize any additions or changes to the supervisory committee.

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Please submit the form as soon as you have agreed to a primary supervision. It would be ideal to report about other committee members earlier, but this can wait until the Proposal approval stage, or the Request for Comps Exam.

All students must have a supervisor who is a member of the Joint Grad Program. Co-supervision should be considered only for particular, exceptional situations.

Committees for PhD Dissertations and Comprehensives must include at least two other members. One member may be graduate faculty outside the Program, who may co-supervise in exceptional circumstances, where appropriate.

Supervisors and Committees for PhD Comprehensives normally, but not necessarily, continue to dissertations.

Doctoral supervision should ideally be established before coursework is completed, and must be established by the end of the fourth semester in the program.

Requests for appointments of Doctoral supervisors must be accompanied by a brief rationale (250 words), which may detail such matters as substantive or methodological fit, long-term availability, disciplinary and professional development opportunities, or other forms of support.

See also: PDF fileRyerson Senate Policy 164 - Graduate status, enrolment, and evaluation, opens in new window