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Joint Masters and Doctoral Program at Ryerson in Communication and Culture
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      Type Stream    
Yr. Candidate Title Supervisor Keywords
2014 Manisha
"Strictly for Men": Representing Masculinity and Consumer Culture in Esquire Magazine MRP Media & Culture Markus Reisenleitner advertising, American cultural history, consumerism, consumer culture, Esquire (magazine), gender and sexuality, gender rolls, masculinity, masculine identity, mass communication, men as consumers, popular culture, visual culture of advertising.
2014 Aleksandra Bida Mapping Home: Literary and Filmic Representations of Multi-scalar Dwelling Diss Media & Culture Monique Tschofen contemporary cinematic texts, contemporary literature, dwelling, hospitality, identity, Jacques Derrida, liquid modernity, Martin Heidegger, Zygmunt Bauman.
2014 Emilie Charlebois Losers Winning: Identity, Status and Difference in Glee MRP Media & Culture Susan Driver belonging, homophobia, Glee (television show), It Gets Better Campaign, identity, neoliberalism, status, popular culture, television, teenage experience, youth culture.
2014 Victor Cirone Reflections on Immediatism and Aesthetics MRP Technology in Practice R. Bruce Elder aestheticism, chaos, identity, immediatism, nothingness, ontological anarchy, musical recordings, unnatural.
2014 Emma Doran "Feeling" in Modern Dance Print Media: Loie Fuller, Isadora Duncan, and Maud Allan Diss Media & Culture Irene Gammel dance criticism; cultural history; modernism; choreography and dance culture; journalism and print culture; phenomenology.
2014 Julia Gingrich From Here to There: Mythmaking and Cartographies of Quilting Project Technology in Practice Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof Key words not available yet for this project.
2014 Lisa Hoffman Coding for the Commons: The Emergence of Free and Open-Source Software for Disaster Relief MRP Technology in Practice Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof digital commons licensing, digital participatory culture, disaster relief, free and open-source software (FOSS), FOSS movement, humanitarianism, mobile technologies, peer-to-peer sharing.
2014 Caela Moffat Inheriting Memory: Family Archiving and Collective Memory MRP Media & Culture Elizabeth Podnieks archival studies, archivization, Blackstock family, collective history, collective memory, cultural heritage, familial identity, family, family archiving, identity, materiality, memoir, objects, photography.
2014 Chelsea Olsen Gender Play: The Subversive Sexual Politics of the Stettheimer Salon, 1915-1935 MRP Media & Culture Irene Gammel artistic movements, feminism, gender and sexuality, gender performativity, male gaze, salon, salon theory, Stettheimer Salon, subversive sexual politics.
2014 Amanda Piche An Early Canadian Homosexual Public?: How Jim Egan's Print-Based Activism Attempted to Cultivate Changes in Canadian Social Consciousness MRP Politics & Policy Gene Allen Canada, Canadian tabloids, gender and sexuality, homosexuality, Jim Egan, media history, print activism, publics and counterpublics, queer activism.
2014 Jacqueline Taggart Voice and Authenticity in Organizational Storytelling: Examining the Ownership and Alignment of Organizational Stories and How They Contribute to Organizational Culture and Engagement MRP Media & Culture Charles Davis Aon Hewitt, employee engagement, experience, gender, organizational culture, organizational roles, organizational storytelling, organizational storytelling theory, organizational values.
2014 Hannah Tough Beyond Post-Colonialism: Aboriginal Identity Production and Digital Technologies MRP Media & Culture Markus Reisenleitner Aboriginal artists, Aboriginal peoples, Aboriginal identities, Canada, Canadian identity, Canadian national narratives, Canadian national mythologies, cultural studies, identity formation, multicultural theory, new media and technologies, post-colonial theory.
2014 Samantha White Reality' Television: The Influx of Manufactured Reality in Contemporary Fictional Television MRP Media & Culture Jean Bruce audience, documentary techniques, fictional television, Friday Night Lights (television show), Girls (television show), popular culture, pseudo-realism, reality television, realism, The Office (television show).
2014 Jackie Young A Study of Print and Computer Based Reading to Measure and Compare Rates of Comprehension and Retension Thesis Media & Culture Gene Allen magazines, news media, online news, print news, reading comprehension, reading processes, reading retention, screen-based media.
2013 Reg Beatty Growing in the Dark: Algorithmic Books and Possibilities for the Contemporary Manuscript Project Media & Culture Lorraine Janzen Kooistra dark ecology, digital humanities, digital gothic, generative art, nonhuman, object-oriented ontology, software structures, vibrant materialism.
2013 Krysten Connely Diversity in Non-Diverse Classrooms: New Brunswick Teachers' Experiences with Multicultural Education and Practices MRP Media & Culture

Marnie Binder,
Jason Nolan

diversity, education, multicultural education, pedagogy, rural communities, teacher training.
2013 Daniel Guadagnolo Can Ya Dig It? - Music, Fashion, and Cross-Cultural Consumption MRP Media & Culture Art Blake audience, black representation, Blaxploitation, commerce, dandyism, fashion, fashion trends, masculinity, mass marketing, niche marketing, niche marketing practices, racial and cultural difference, socio-economics.
2013 Jovana Jankovic Constructing Identities through Music Videos: A Case Study Analysis of Tegan and Sara's Music Videos MRP Media & Culture Jennifer Brayton gender and sexual politics, music, music videos, popular culture, public identity, sexuality, Tegan and Sara.
2013 Shawn Katz Springtime for a Generation: The Time of the 2012 Québec Student Revolt MRP Politics & Policy Daniel Drache Key words not available yet for this project.
2013 Aysegul Koc The Coat Check Interactive Augmented Reality Insallation in Perspective Diss Technology in Practice Caitlin Fisher,
Michael Zryd
augmented reality, augmented space, belonging, data storage, data transfer, history, global networks, identity, installation, memory, mobility, motion tracking technologies, technological displacement, temporality.
2013 Julia Lefebvre Sharing Dance: A Participatory Action Research Project in Online Community Dance Education MRP Media & Culture Christopher Innes community-based action research, dance, dance education, online communities, participatory action research, Sharing Dance.
2013 Shannon Mack "Playtime's over, now sit down and shut up": wrestling spectatorship & the cruelty of its pleasure MRP Media & Culture Ed Slopek audience, entertainment, ideology, masculinity, media violence, social power, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), wrestling entertainment, wrestling spectatorship.
2013 Aaron Pingree Apathy and the Modern Self: The Afflictions of Modernity and Orientation Toward the Good Diss Media & Culture R. Bruce Elder antiquity, áskēsis. modern apathy, modern epistemology, modern subjectivity, sense and reason, The Good.
2013 Steven Schnoor Governmentality and the New Spirit of Exploitation: The Politics of Legitimacy and Resistance to Canadian Mining in Guatemala and Honduras Diss Politics & Policy Stuart Murray anti-democrac, biopower, Canadian mining regimes, deocuentary, film, exploitation, legitmacy, Michel Foucault.
2013 Jennifer Velagic From Anger to Activism: Understanding the Reactions. the Reach, and the Results of the Delhi Rape MRP Media & Culture Daniel Drache activism, activist publics, citizen-directed broadcast model, collective identities, Delhi rape, gender and sexuality, Indian patriarchy, mass media, mass-self communication, networked society, online activism, rape culture, social media, social media and protest, social movements.
2012 Natalya Androsova The Feminine, the Poetic, and the Sacred in bpNichol's The Martyrology and Journal Diss Media & Culture R. Bruce Elder bpNichol, communication, feminine, human experience, language, otherness, perception, phenomenology, poetic, poetic consciousness, poetic practice, self, subjectivity, the sacred.
2012 Daniel Browne The Fecund Interval: Visualizing acoustic space in Canadian experimental cinema Project Technology in Practice R. Bruce Elder anti-environmental aesthetic, avant-garde cinema, filmmaking, kinesthetic vision, mainstream media ecology, narrative cinema, Marshall McLuhan, momento mori,, sensory existence, visualization of acoustic space.
2012 Yacine Dottridge Creative Exploitation: Intellectual Property as a Form of Neoliberal Cultural Policy MRP Politics & Policy Rosemary Coombe access, cultural diversity, cultural labour, capitalism, cultural policy, digital economy, education, global labour, intellectual property, intellectual property rights, internet, neoliberalism, political economy, public policy, social policy.
2012 Kelly Fawn Weiss Egan The Projector's Noises: A Media Archeology of Cinema through the Projector Diss Media & Culture Monique Tschofen audiovision, avant-garde, cinema, cinematic space, cinematic experience, film projector, media archeology, projector noise.
2012 Ronak Ghorbani Nejad We Speak for Ourselves!: The Art of Self-Publishing, Alternative World Making, And Muslim Feminisms, A Case Study MRP Media & Culture Nima Naghibi AQSAzine, feminism, feminist artists, gender and sexuality, Michael Warner, Nancy Fraser, Muslim women, public sphere, self-publications, transgender, women’s representations, zine, zine making.
2012 Michelle Hannah In the Woods: Pathways of Perception MRP Media & Culture Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof arts, creative process, empathy, human and nonhuman, natural environment, photographic collages, visual perception, Western culture.
2012 Lisa Hayes Google's affair with Open Source Software: From browser wars to mobile information MRP Technology in Practice Catherine Middleton advertising, Android, cell phone, cell phone browser, Google, Google Chrome, marketing, open access, open source software, web browser.
2012 Casey Irvin Captioning Prosody: Experience as a Basis for Typographic Representations of How Things Are Said Thesis Technology in Practice Jan Hadlaw bodily experiences, disabled, experiential metaphors, hard of hearing, semiotics, speech, typeface, typography, video captions, voice.
2012 Angela G. Joosse Made from Movement: Michael Snow's THAT/CELA/DAT, Marie Menken's Arabesque for Kenneth Anger, and Richard Serra's Double Torque Ellipse Diss Technology in Practice Monique Tschofen affect, art, body hermeneutics, cinema, femininity, moving-body, phenomenology, Samuel Mallin, technology.
2012 James Loney From Facebook to 'Placebook': A Critical Approach to Mobile Network Labour MRP Technology in Practice Tuna Baskoy Facebook, Facebook Mobile, mobile network society, network labour, property rights, social media, technical rights, Web 2.0.
2012 Fenwick McKelvey Internet Routing Algorithms, Transmission and Time: Toward a Concept of Transmissive Control Diss Technology in Practice Greg Elmer algorithms, anti-copyright, Inception (movie), internet routing, internet service providers (ISP), Moby Dick (novel), online communication, Stalker (movie), temporality of the internet, The Pirate Bay, transmissive control.
2012 Edward Millar In Defense of Traditional Knowledge: The Cat of BT Brinjal and Challengess to the International Intellectual Property Agenda MRP Politics & Policy Tuna Baskoy activist counterpublics, biopirarcy, commercialization, global economy, Government of India, intellectual property, intellectual property rights, Monsanto Corporation, privatization, publics and counterpublics, public knowledge.
2012 Adam Miller The Remasculation Film: Themes and Variations Diss Media & Culture Murray Pomerance cinema, film masculinity, heteronormativity, hypermasculinity, hypermasculine archetype, remasculation films, pugilism, vigilantism.
2012 Tracy Moniz Women in the Margins: Media Representations of Women's Labour in the Canadian Press, 1939-1945 Diss Media & Culture Patricia Mazepa Canada, Canadian press, commercial and alternative (labour) press, feminism, feminist media, gender and sexuality, news media, sexual divisions of labour, women’s history, women’s labour, women’s media representations, World War II.
2012 Eva J. Nesselroth-Woyzbun Dematerializing Digital Objects: Denial, Decay, Detritus and Other Matters of Fact Diss Media & Culture Janine Marchessault digital devices, digital objects, e-waste, environmental issues, informatics media, material artifacts, material culture, media archeology, nostalgia, thing theory.
2012 Siobhan Ozege Going Over-the-Top: Reassessing Canadian Cultural Policy Objectives in a Converged Media Environment MRP Politics & Policy Tuna Baskoy Broadcasting Act, Canada, Canadian media, Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), media policy, new media broadcasting, new media regulation, public and private broadcasting.
2012 Amy Ratelle The Anthropomorphized Animal in Children's Literature Diss Media & Culture Dennis Denisoff animals, animal bodies, animality studies, anthropomorphized animal, child audience, children’s literature, human identity, identity formation, posthumanism.
2012 Renee Robinson Political Expediency VRS Policy Directive: A Case Study of Telecommunications in Jamaica and the Move Towards an Integrated Regulator MRP Politics & Policy David Skinner broadcasting, communications industry, information communication technology (ICT), Jamaica, media services, regulatory institutions, telecommunications regulation.
2012 Peter Malachy Ryan Agenda Setting in English Canada in the Age of Minority Government, 2004-2011 Diss Politics & Policy Patrice Dutil Canada, Canadian federal politics, frame analysis, informational politics, network theory, policy formation, political communication.
2012 Rahkee Sapra What's Love Got To Do With It? An Analysis of the Narrative Portrayals and Ideologies of Romantic Love in the Neo-Traditional Romantic Comedy MRP Media & Culture Carmen Schifellite cinema, film, Hollywood, love, love narratives, neo-traditional comedy, popular culture, romantic comedy, romantic love, social ideologies, textuality.
2012 Luke Simcoe The Internet is Serious Business: 4Chan's /B/ Board and the Lulz as Alternative Political Discourse on the Internet MRP Media & Culture Paul Moore 4chan, anonymity, carnivalesque, collective identity, counter discourses, memes, memetic communication, online/offline identities, participation as political action, social media.
2012 Justin Stephenson Digitizing bpNichol: Staging the Written Word in Digital Moving Pictures Project Technology in Practice R. Bruce Elder avant-garde poetry, bpNichol, Canada, Canadian authors, contemporary poetry, digital cinema, digital images, digital technology, mass media.
2012 Dana Svistovitch Moments Under Dark: The Experience of the City at Night Project Technology in Practice Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof city landscapes, deconstructions of the modern city, dreams, photography, space, time, unconscious, urban environments.
2012 Jessica Thorp Fishnets & Desire: Performing the Neoburlesque Project Media & Culture Shannon Bell art installation, burlesque, burlesque striptease, carnivalesque spectacle, drag, creative process, gender performativity, gender stereotypes, neoburlesque performance, performance, queer theory.
2012 Valerie Velardo Intersections of Gender and Political Economy: Florine Stettheimer and Other Modernist Salonnières MRP Media & Culture Irene Gammel art, artistic representation, consumer culture, cultural agency, female artists, Florine Stettheimer, gender economy, gender and sexuality identities, Gertrude Stein, Natalie Clifford Barney, poetry, political economy, Romaine Brooks, salon, salon culture, salonnières.
2012 Florin Vladica Understanding Entertainment Value: An Investigation into the Subjectivity of People Who Experience Entertainment Diss Media & Culture Charles Davis consumer value, entertainment experience, entertainment value, performance-based entertainment, screen-based entertainment, subjective experience.
2012 Jessica L. Whitehead The Historical Process of Fandom as a Participatory Pastime: Film Discourse in Newspapers from 1911 to 1918 MRP Media & Culture Paul Moore celebrity, cinema, fan discourse, fandom, female audience, female representation, movie star, news media, photoplay contests, popular culture, publics.
2011 Nicholas S. Anderson Creatures of Artifice: Rodney Brooks and the Bioethics of Animated Machines Diss Technology in Practice Stuart Murray artificial creatures, bioethics, cybernetics, humanism, human/nonhuman relationship, Rodney Brooks, technology.
2011 Natalie Andrusko The Transformation of Network Neutrality in Canada MRP Politics & Policy Catherine Middleton Canada, Canadian access to media, Canadian internet users, Canadian Radio Television Commission (CRTC), communication policy, internet neutrality, Internet Management Traffic Management Practices, public policy.
2011 Kristen Aspevig Fact and Fiction: Representations of Prostitution in Contemporary British News Media and Novels Diss Media & Culture Wendy Cukier British news media, feminism, literary criticism, literature, media representations of prostitution, Michael Faber, Neo-Victorian novel, prostitution, United Kingdom, Sarah Waters, sex workers, Victorian age.
2011 Laura Bacigalupo An Exploration of Lara Croft: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly MRP Media & Culture Jennifer Burwell cyborg, feminist theory, film, gender, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, male gaze, performativity, popular culture, representation of women, sexuality, social behaviours, women in video games, video games.
2011 Sylvia Blake Managing the Mosaic: Diversity of Voices and Deliberative Policy Making in English Canadian Media Thesis Politics & Policy Charles Davis Canada, Canadian broadcasting, Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), deliberative democracy, media diversity, minority representation, multiculturalism, policy, regulation.
2011 Sarah Curtis Death and the Virtual: Memorialization on Social Networking Websites MRP Media & Culture Shelley Hornstein cyber studies, death and photography, Facebook, internet, memory, memorial sites, memorialization, social networking sites, user profiles, virtual memorials.
2011 Juan Miguel De Villa Ethnographic Journalism and the American Urban Crisis MRP Media & Culture Paul Moore African American culture, critical realism, epistemic reflexivity, journalism, popular culture, urban crisis.
2011 Alanna Goldstein Awkward Comedy and Performative Anxiety MRP Media & Culture Jennifer Burwell American television, awkward sitcom, British television, comedy theory, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Modern Family, Parks and Recreation, Peep Show, performance of communication, popular culture, social life, television comedy, The Office.
2011 David Harmes International Radio Broadcasting and Post-Conflict State-Building: The Case of Canada's RANA FM Diss Politics & Policy Patricia Mazepa Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Canada, developmental communication, international radio broadcasting, Kosovo, mass communication, news media, propaganda.
2011 Sarah Hewitt Intangible Cultunary Heritage: France and Mexico's Construction of Symbolic Closure on Unesco's List of the Intangible Heritage MRP Media & Culture Mustafa Koç Canada, cultural identity, food cultures, food production and consumption, food studies, food traditions, national culinary identity, nationalist history, Toronto, UNESCO.
2011 Erika Hogerwaard Canadian Ethnic Media and Social Capital Development: Examining the Relationship Between Broadcasting Policy, Multicultural Programming and Sociocultural Integration and Cohesion in Canada MRP Politics & Policy Charles Davis broadcasting policy, Canada, ethnic broadcasting, ethnic media, multiculturalism, OMNI Television Group, social capital, state governance.
2011 Daniel Joseph State Intervention, Videogames and the Public Sphere: A Critical Political Economic Analysis Thesis Technology in Practice Daniel Drache America’s Army (video game), Canada, cultural artifacts, game studies, government, political economy, public sphere, state intervention, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP (video game), Toronto, United States, video games.
2011 Kimon Kaketsis Embodied Nostalgia Project Technology in Practice Paul Moore analogue media, digital photography, family, memory, nostalgia, photographic print, ritual, snapshot photography, social media.
2011 Anja Kessler Comprehending Privacy in Hindsight MRP Politics & Policy Wade Rowland body politics, Canada, Canadian law, community, Hannah Arendt, Jürgen Habermas, privacy, public sphere, social network theory, surveillance.
2011 Meghan Lengyell Images on the Street: Fashion, Personal Style, and The Sartorialist Thesis Media & Culture Paul Moore blogging, everyday fashion, internet, online, self-invention, semiotics, street photography, subcultures, The Sartorialist, urban modernity.
2011 Christopher Mejaski Promoting CanCon in the Age of New Media MRP Politics & Policy David Skinner Canada, Canadian audience, Canadian broadcasting policy, Canadian content, Canadian government, domestic digital media production, federal new media policy, media regulation, new media, policy, television.
2011 Mark Sedore Issues of Communication in the Work of Jean-Jacques Rousseau MRP Media & Culture R. Bruce Elder books, book industry, children’s speech development, communication, formal conversation, mass communication, origins of language, personal conversation, print media, Jean Jacques Rousseau.
2011 Laura Shaw Representing Orgasms and Pleasure in Pornography: The Face in Beautiful Agony MRP Media & Culture Shannon Bell authenticity, authentic self, Beautiful Agony, counter-aesthetics, domesticity, eroticism, female pleasure, gender and sexuality, identity, interactivity, moral pornography, online pornography, pornography, representations of women, repressed female desire.
2011 George Walker The Evolution and History of the Xylographic Narrative Project Media & Culture Ruth Panofsky art, art making, language, picture narrative, storytelling, visual narrative, writing, xylography.
2011 Nicola Stacey Waugh Embodied Artifacts: Memory, Nostalgia and Mid-Century Objects Project Media & Culture Shelley Hornstein affect, Andreas Huyssen, documentary, domestic sphere, everyday life, filmmaking, melancholy, memory, myth, mid-century objects (1946-1964), nostalgia, Pierre Nora, sensory experiences, Svetlana Boym, video,
2010 Karen Aagaard Performed Realities and Intertextualities: The Commodification of Everyday Life and the Celebrification of Everyday People in Modern Televisual and Digital Cultures MRP Media & Culture Elizabeth Podnieks Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canadian documentary, celebrity, fan culture, fandom, Hollywood, narrative non-fiction, popular culture, reality celebrity, reality programming, television programming, Toronto.
2010 Neil Armstrong The Role of Community Radio in Enhancing Identity Formation and Commmunity Cohesion Among Caribbean Canadians in Toronto MRP Media & Culture Charles Davis Canada, Canadian broadcasting, Caribbean, Toronto, community radio, campus radio, identity, identity formation, immigrant, multiculturalism, radio broadcasting.
2010 Michael Bacal A Moral Jester? David Foster Wallace and Infinite Jest's Hidden Moral Heart Thesis Media & Culture John Caruana bildungsroman, David Foster Wallace, infinite jest, postmodern avant-garde, redemptive narrative.
2010 Jeffrey Biggar Social Networking Use and Environmental Engagement: The Case of One Million Acts of Green MRP Technology in Practice Catherine Middleton environmentalism, environmental communication, climate change, consumer responsibility, green consumerism, information and communication technology, internet, social networking sites, Web 2.0.
2010 Christina Bonner The Teaches of Peaches: Rethinking the Sex Hierarchy and the Limits of Gender Discourse MRP Media & Culture Jennifer Brayton Canada, Canadian music, Canadian Electro-Pop, gender and sexual politics, performance, popular culture, popular music, queerness, spectacle.
2010 Katherine Bruce Constructing the Water Works, Constructing the Narrative Thesis Politics & Policy Ed Slopek citizenship, neoliberal policy, political economy of water, Toronto, water commodification, water issues, water rights, water supply.
2010 Anna Candido Affective News: A Case-Study of the Work of Emotions in News Coverage of the 2010 Earthquake in Haiti MRP Media & Culture Nima Naghibi affect theory, Haiti, human-interest stories, global audience, journalism, natural disaster, news media, news organizations, objectivity, politics of care, public sphere, world events.
2010 Emma Christine Colucci Fun with Freire: Grassroot Soccer, Participatory Learning, and HIV and AIDS Prevention in South Africa Thesis Media & Culture Amin Alhassan HIV/AIDS, participatory learning, Paulo Freire, self-efficacy, soccer, South Africa, sport, youth.
2010 Shannon Culver Print Culture in the Digital Era: The Publishing Industry in the 21st Century Thesis Media & Culture Ruth Panofsky book as cultural artifact, book as physical object, book publishing industry, ebook, eReader, literary culture, new technologies, production and reading practices, Web 2.0 applications.
2010 Stephen D'Alimonte The Pedagogy of Participatory Video Project Media & Culture Judy Rebick community, documentary, education, media communication, marginalized populations, mass media, Paulo Freire, pedagogy of the oppressed, social change, Toronto, urban youth.
2010 Michael Dick Twenty Years of Unncessary Forward Slashes: Towards a Post-Ontological Critique of Tim Berners-Lee's Evolving Aspirations for the Web and the World Wide Web Consortium from the Cultural Studies Perspective MRP Media & Culture Michael Murphy communication and cultural studies, end-user communities, internet, online environments, ontology, Semantic Web, technology, social constructions of technology, web studies.
2010 Matthew Flisfeder Between the Symbolic and the Sublime: Slovoj Žižek in Film Studies… And Out Diss Media & Culture Colin Mooers avant-garde cinema, David Bordwell, film theory, ideology, Jacques Lacan, Marxism, Post-Theory, psychoanalysis, spectatorship, subjectivity, Slovoj Žižek.
2010 Karen Forhan Invigorating the Public Body: A Case Study of HIV/AIDS Activist Confrontations Against Big Pharma for Access to Medicines Thesis Politics & Policy Daniel Drache citizenship studies, communications theory, HIV/AIDS medicine, HIV/AIDS activism, illness as metaphor, neoliberalism, political economy, politics of medicine, public bodies, World Trade Organization.
2010 Melissa Hergott The Voice and the Void: The Scream in 1050s American Science Fiction Film MRP Media & Culture Murray Pomerance American film, cinema, domesticity, domestic ideology, feminism, feminist film studies, film, gender and sexuality, gender roles, Hollywood, popular culture, mass media, postwar American culture, science fiction, theatre, video.
2010 Ian Hofmann How Digital Media Entrepreneurs Talk and Think about Value Creation: A Study of Commodification MRP Media & Culture Charles Davis business incubator, Canada, commodification, consumer value, digital media, entrepreneurs, institutional policy, marketing studies, political economy, Ryerson Digital Media Zone (DMZ), Ryerson Univesity, social policy, Toronto, value creation.
2010 Andrew Iliadis Mapping the Biopolitical Mind: The Rhetorics of Neoliberal University Networks Thesis Media & Culture Stuart Murray biopolitics, cultural studies, digital economy, higher education, national culture, neoliberal governmentality, university, urbanization.
2010 Susan Lai Citizen Videojournalism in Professional Online News Media as a Vehicle for Democracy MRP Technology in Practice Don Snyder broadcasting, CBC, CTV, democracy, internet, journalism, Macleans, media ethics, news media, online news sites, participatory journalism, photojournalism, Rabble, Toronto Star, user-generated content, video journalism.
2010 Jordana Lobo-Pires Book Publishing in Canada, 1945-2010: Ownership and Control of the Canadian Market MRP Media & Culture David Skinner book industry, book publishing, Canada, Canadian publishers, global capital, ownership, political economy, public policy, publishing regulations.
2010 Zoë Morawetz Technology, Culture and Industry: Canadian Communications Regulation and Digital Policy MRP Politics & Policy Greg Elmer broadcast policy and regulation, Canada, Canadian communications, copyright, digital economy, digital policy, federal government, internet, privacy, national digital strategy.
2010 Michael Novis Rooting for the Home Team: The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Canada's National Sports Culture MRP Media & Culture Andreas Kitzmann Canada, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), hockey, Hockey Night in Canada, identity politics, mass media, media spectacle, nationalism, national broadcaster, national sports culture, public broadcasting.
2010 David Penney Risk Communications & Habermasian Validity Claims: Evaluating Eastern Health's Response to the ER/PR Crisis (2005-2007) MRP Media & Culture Wendy Cukier breast cancer, Canada, Canadian healthcare, Canadian governance, Canadian media, communicative ethics, Labrador, Newfoundland, risk communications.
2010 Ashley Petkovski "Walk Like the Heroes": The Performed Identity of Bruce Springstein and the Relationship to Contemporary Popular Music Performance Thesis Media & Culture Jennifer Brayton Bruce Springsteen, economic class, masculinity, national identity, performance, physical body, popular music, racialized identity, social identity.
2010 Laurie Petrou Age, Gender and Existentialism in the Late-Life Bildungsroman Diss Media & Culture Dennis Denisoff Alistar MacLeod, bildungsroman, existentialism, female masculinity, gender and sexuality studies, masculinity, Michael Chabon, Nick Hornby, postmodernism, rural to urban environments.
2010 Justyna Rechberger Constructing the Alcohol Blackout An (Auto)Ethnographic Narrative Collage MRP Media & Culture Elizabeth Podnieks alcohol-induced amnesia, autoethnography, blackouts, blackout literature, blackout narratives, blackout studies, collage, collective memory-making, health, intoxication, personal narratives.
2010 Jenna Rocca The Amateur Project Project Media & Culture Elizabeth Trott amateur theatre, amateur theory, Canada, documentary, film, performance, stage performances, Tarragon Theatre, Toronto, The Arts and Letters Club of Toronto, theatrical production, video.
2010 Richard Rosenbaum Revenge of the Grand Narrative: The Ethics of Authorship as a Metaphysics of Meaning Project Media & Culture Murray Pomerance authorship, cognitive narratology, communications theory, cultural studies, ethics, literary theory, moral philosophy, publishing, publishing rights.
2010 Jennifer Sacco Pandemic 2011: Coming Soon to a Location Near You MRP Media & Culture Donald Gillies Canada, Canadian citizens, Canadian Health, H1N1, health, journalism, news media, sensationalism, sensational media coverage, pandemics, virus, World Health Organization (WHO).
2010 Kerry Swanson Indingenous Art in the Museum Context: An Exhibition and Analysis of the Work of Kent Monkman Project Media & Culture Dennis Denisoff anthropology, art, Canada, Canadian artists, Canadian museums, colonialism, indigenous art, indigenous culture, Kent Monkman, performance, queer indigenous, Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), storytelling, visual arts.
2010 Melissa Tanti Kathy Acker's French Twist: Translating Sex in the Blood and Guts Trilogy Thesis Media & Culture Dennis Denisoff feminism, French feminism, gender and sexuality, Kathy Acker, literary criticism, linguistics, queer theory, translation.
2010 Patricia Williams Simulating Public Interest: The Issue of the Public Voice in the Fee-For-Carriage Debate MRP Politics & Policy Douglas Barrett Canada, Canadian Broadcasters, Canadian broadcasting policy, Canadian Ratio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), consumerism, fee-for-carriage, mass media, public policy, public sphere, value-for-signal.
2009 Farzana Bhatty The Search for Bin Laden: Post 9/11 Terrorism and the Representation of the Other in Mainstream American Television Media MRP Media & Culture Stuart Murray 9/11, American television, Islam, Islamic terrorism, mass media, news media, Orientalism, terrorism, United States, War on Teeror.
2009 So Jin Chun REMAKING KM6: An Authoethnographic and Photographic Journey to Santa Cruz Bolivia Project Media & Culture Don Snyder Canada, cultural identity, documentary photography, hybridity, hybrid identity, Latin America, memory, Santa Cruz, self-representation, subjectivity.
2009 Ian Dahlman "A Big Beautiful Mess": Collectivity, Capitalism, Arts & Crafts and Broken Social Scene Thesis Media & Culture Rob Bowman Broken Social Scene, Canada, Canadian music, independent artists, music industry, music label, political economy, popular culture, Toronto.
2009 Simon Enoch The Potemkin Corporation: Corporate Social Responsibility, Public Relations and Crises of Democracy and Ecology Diss Politics & Policy John Shields corporate power, corporate public relations, corporate social responsibility, environmentalism, environmental crisis, democracy, ecology, Marxism.
2009 James Forbes Being and Technics: Humans, Hybrids and the Ontology of Machines Thesis Media & Culture John Caruana Battlestar Galactica, Bernard Steigler, communications-based ontology, film, Friedrich Kittler, literature, Martin Heidegger, materialist media theory, mechanical life, philosophy of technics, science fiction, television.
2009 Jessica Frey Water Logged Mona Lisa: Who Is Mary Sue, and Why Do We Need Her? Project Media & Culture Jennifer Brayton fan, fan fiction, fandom studies, fanthropology, Mary Sue, media texts.
2009 Rachel Frohlich Threads of Jewish Identity in Salon Culture: Rahel Varnhagen and Florine Stettheimer MRP Media & Culture Irene Gammel Florine Stettheimer, gender and sexuality, Jewish identity, Rahel Varnhagen, racial barriers, salon, salonière, salon culture, social change, women artists.
2009 Elizabeth Godo Authority in Canadian News: An Examination of the Voices, Perspectives and Interests Favoured by Canadian Broadcasters Thesis Media & Culture Abby Goodrum Canada, Canadian nationalism, Canadian news, gender and sexuality, male and female authority, neoliberalism, news authority, news media, political economy of communication.
2009 Lisa Goldberg The Hero's Journey: Tracing the History of the Myth to the Celebrity MRP Media & Culture Patricia Mazepa celebrity, communication technology, community workers, electronic media, hero/heroine, hero narrative, gender and sexuality, myth, oral tradition, popular culture, race.
2009 Robyn S. Harper On Serial Killers: The Collective's Search for Understanding MRP Media & Culture Alan Blum assassination, celebrity, communication and culture, consumerism, film, individualism, mass media, mass murder, news media, novels, serial killers, storytelling, television, terrorism.
2009 Dana Iliescu Post-Communist Romanian Cinema: Context and the Turn to Realism MRP Media & Culture Janine Marchessault cinema, communism, cultural studies, documentary realism, film studies, foreign cinema, Italian cinema, mass communications, morality, nationalism, national identity, Orientalism, Romanian cinema.
2009 Catherine Jo Ishino DOES MODERNIZING MEAN WESTERNIZING? Western Views of New China's Graphic Design 1998-2008 MRP Media & Culture Michael Prokopow China, design, design critique, postcolonial theory, subaltern visual objects, visual analysis.
2009 Jennifer Johnson Consuming Figures: A Comparative Study of Visual Conventions in Fashion, Advertising, and Pornography Project Media & Culture Jennifer Brayton consumerism, Cosmopolitan, desire, fashion, fashion advertising, magazine, photographs, Playboy, pornography, semiotics, visual representations, Vogue.
2009 Monica Beatrice
The Rise of a Media Empire in the Former Communist Space. A Case Study of Central European Media Enterprises MRP Politics & Policy Charles Davis American programming, Central European Media Enterprises (CME), capitalism, consumerism, democracy, economy, Gillian Doyle, media economics, Slavko Splichal, Vincent Mosco, Western marketing.
2009 Ron Levy "Conversations That Fly": The Little Review and Modenrist Salon Culture MRP Media & Culture Irene Gammel art making, art movements, avant-garde artists, creative expression, magazine, Modernism, salon, salon theory, The Little Review, World War I.
2009 Benjamin Lewis Terms of Restriction: An examination of how online media cover the debate about commercial control of the Internet and the possibilities of public spheres online MRP Technology in Practice Catherine Middleton access, commercialization, commercial ownership, Facebook, internet, MySpace, news media, online media, public sphere, social media, social networking sites, weblogs, YouTube.
2009 Rita Simone
Barbosa Liberato
"We Do Not Live for Material Things:" Indigenous Culture and Food Security in Brazil, The Case of the Cinta Vermelha-Jundiba Village Project Media & Culture Amin Alhassan Cinta Vermelha-Jundiba (Brazil), cultural reinvention, cultural studies, ethnic reconstruction, food, food production and consumption, food security, indigenous people.
2009 Nicholas Mills In Limited Release: The Political Economy of the Canadian Motion Picture Distribution System Thesis Media & Culture Charles Davis Canada, Canadian film industry, Canadian film policy, Canadian motion pictures, Hollywood studio firms, motion picture distributors, political economy.
2009 Margaret Mohr Will the Real Auteur Please Stand Up!: Authorship and Product Placement in Film Thesis Media & Culture Jean Bruce advertisements, cinema, consumerism, corporate capital, cultural economy, film audience, Hollywood, product placement, theories of authorship.
2009 Alex Morris James Stewart: The Trouble with Urban Modernity in Vertigo and Liberty Valance MRP Media & Culture Ed Slopek Alfred Hitchcock, audience, celebrity, Hollywood, James Stewart, John Ford, masculinity, popular culture, post-war anxiety, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, sensory experiences, urban modernity, Vertigo, visual architecture, World War II.
2009 Karen Moses The Security-Rights Dilemma and Communications Surveillance in Canada MRP Politics & Policy Patricia Mazepa Canada, Canadian citizens, Canadian policy, communications technology, civil rights, Communications Security Establishment (CSE), counterterrorism, government surveillance, illegal surveillance, privacy rights, surveillance technology, terrorism.
2009 Jessica Napier Leslieville: A Neighbourhood in Transition, A Community Divided Understanding the Changing Politics of Space in a Toronto Neighbourhood MRP Media & Culture Joy Cohnsteadt Canada, community, cultural policy, developmental issues, gentrification, Leslieville, photography, retail development, Toronto, urban development, urban space.
2009 Radek Pacanowski Forgotten Memories: The Notion of Sacrum in Artistic Expression Project Media & Culture Don Snyder,
John Vainstein
art installation, artistic expression, artistic processing, lineage, mixed media, Poland, Polish history, personal and cultural history, sacrum, self-identity.
2009 Greta Palmason Consumer and Academic Culture Convergence: the Implications of the Internet on Student Evaluations of Faculty Members and the Shaping the Rhetoric of Pedagogy MRP Media & Culture Ed Slopek academic culture, academic ethic, commercialization, consumerism, higher education, online community, online forums, pedagogy,, students as consumers, student ratings, university faculty.
2009 Ryan Harris Parker Journalistic Objectivity and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart MRP Politics & Policy Gene Allen cultural studies, democracy, Jon Stewart, journalism, journalistic objectivity, mass media, mass press, news media, political economy, The Daily Show.
2009 Javiera Quintana A Theoretical and Methodological Foundation for In My Mother's Kitchen Project Media & Culture Mustafa Koç anthropology, Canada, Chile, consumer culture, cookbooks, cooking culture, cultural identity, cultural studies, family history food, food culture, gender and sexuality studies, immigrant experience, memory, sociology.
2009 Elisabeth Schieck The evolving quality and scope of new social movements: Toronto food security organizations mobilizing for change MRP Politics & Policy Myles Ruggles activism, Canada, food, food access, food activism, food consumption, food ideology, food organizations, political change, social change, social inequality, social movement theory, Toronto.
2009 Petronela Serb Romanian Documentary in Transition: The Role of Documentary Films in Reshaping Post-Communist Romanian Identity Thesis Media & Culture Irene Gammel amnesia, national identity, post-communist documentary, propaganda, Romania, Romanian documentary films, shame, trauma, trauma narratives.
2009 Trevor Snyder Coming into Focus: An Examination of how Political Actors and Media Outlets in Canada Framed the Chaoulli v. Quebec case MRP Politics & Policy Liora Salter Canada, Canadian Charter of Rights, Canadian history, Canadian Public Health, health care privatization, media coverage, Private Health Insurance, Public Health, Quebec, Quebec Charter of Rights, Quebec Public Health Care, Supreme Count of Canada.
2009 Kendra Stanyon Victims' of the Status Quo: Canada's Ongoing Marginalization of Sex Workers MRP Politics & Policy Paul Moore Canada, Canadian law, commercialization of sex, federal government, language, law, legislative history, prostitution, sex workers, victim’s rights, women, women’s bodies.
2009 Jacqueline Strecker Kapturing Kakuma: The Commodification of Refugees and Participatory Communication Alternatives Thesis Politics & Policy Patricia Mazepa Kenya, Kentan Kakuma Refugee Camp, photography, refugee, refugee commodification, refugee protection, United Nations.
2009 Jessica Thom The New Spectator: A Study of the Cognitive Experience of Spectators with Three Cinematic Platforms Thesis Media & Culture Abby Goodrum audience comprehension, audience studies, cognitive experiences, internet, mobile media, new media, online, theatre.
2008 Karla Amirault Canadian Forces Deployments: A Family Experience MRP Media & Culture Brenda Longfellow Afghanistan, Canada, Canadian forces, documentary, mass media, media representations, military families, military lifestyle.
2008 Carrie-Ann Bissonnette Bodybuilders as Cyborgs: Considering the Actor-Network-Theory Parallels MRP Media & Culture Jean Mason actor-network theory, bodybuilding, bodybuilding literature, cyborg, female body, female bodybuilding.
2008 Mark Adrian Brosens Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf: Examining Attacks on Canada's Federal Centre-Right Political Parties in the Televised Negative Political Advertisements Between 1993 and 2006 Using Propaganda Analysis Thesis Media & Culture Fred Fletcher Canada, Canadian federal elections, communitarianism, individualism, negative political advertisements, propaganda analysis, propaganda methods.
2008 James Cairns From Social Celebration to Politics as Usual: Newspaper Coverage of the Legislative Opening in Ontario, 1900-2007 Diss Media & Culture Gene Allen,
John Shields
civic ritualization, democracy, media anthropology, news media, Ontario, political authority, political legitimacy, political science.
2008 Erin Charter Community Food Assessments: Combining Community Action and Policy for a More Just and Sustainable Food System MRP Politics & Policy Deborah Barndt antipoverty, balanced food systems, Canada, Canadian Community Food Assessments, community action, food access, food consumption, food production, food security, policy, sustainable food systems.
2008 Christopher Clemens Skilled Play: Positioning the Player at the Centre of the Digital Game Thesis Media & Culture Jennifer Brayton femininity, game studies, gender and technology, masculinity, player-skill perspective, social performativity, video games.
2008 Katerine Cornell The State of Canadian Dance and Dancing with the State from 1967-1983 Diss Media & Culture R. Bruce Elder Canadian choreography, Canadian dance, Canadian identity, cultural policy, dance community, dance history, film, music, theatre, visual art.
2008 Patricio Davila Walking the Map & Tracing the Territory Project Technology in Practice Greg Elmer body, consumer electronics, locative technology, mapping, media installation, mobile technology, open-source software, physical space, storytelling, territory, walking, visual representation.
2008 Katie Drummond Representations of Female Obesity in Contemporary Cinema MRP Media & Culture Michael Prokopow advertising, cinema, fat body, feminism, film theory, gender ideology, Hollywood, identity politics, mass media, obesity, popular culture, representations of obesity, representations of women.
2008 Luba Encheva Photographic Ritual: Visual Conditions of Behaviour and Definitions of Self Thesis Media & Culture Don Snyder commemorative objects, digital photography, consumerism, identity formation, interactive rituals, life experiences, photographic theatricality, self-representation, traditional photographic media.
2008 Leila Fenc Non-Profit Brand and Corporate Sponsorship in Performing Arts Organizations MRP Media & Culture Joyce Zemans advertising, branding, brand equity, Canada, corporate fundraising, corporate sponsorship, marketing, nonprofit organizations, nonprofit branding, performing arts organizations, Toronto.
2008 Sarah Glen See Me. Hear Me. Talk to Me. Exploring the Transformative Potential of Participatory Video with Street Involved Youth Project Media & Culture John O'Neil at-risk youth, conscientization, communications, education, health, identity, marginalized populations, Paulo Freire, Participatory Action Research, participatory video project, reflexivity, youth.
2008 Brennan Heath From Having to Appearing: Identity, Abstraction, and Commodification in Online Social Networking Sites Thesis Technology in Practice Steve Bailey digital selves, Guy Debord, modern communication,, social networking sites,online subcultures, spectacular representations of self, subcultural identity, subcultural subjects.
2008 Gordana S. Icevska Shooting the Truth: How Photographs in the Media Betray Us Thesis Media & Culture Don Snyder authenticity, codes of ethics, documentary photography, images, journalism, news media, photojournalism, photojournalistic practice, photo manipulation.
2008 Robert King Art Hacks and Mash-Up Play: Introducing BitFlows Project Media & Culture Michael Murphy BitFlows, collaboration, demo, digital media, hacking, hardware hacks, networks, new media, performance.
2008 Jeremy Littler Xstreamulator: A Rich Media Webcasting Application for Lectures and Events Project Technology in Practice Michael Murphy computer applications, education, live webcasting, online lectures, Microsoft Windows Media Server, participatory design, university.
2008 Fenwick Mckelvey The Code and Politics of Drupal and the Pirate Bay: Alternative Horizons of Web 2.0 Thesis Technology in Practice Greg Elmer articulation theory, capitalism, code politics, Drupal, humans and code, political movements, The Pirate Bay, Web 2.0, Web 2.0 platforms as social structures.
2008 Felix Odartey-Wellington Regulating Free Speech in the Public Interest: The CRTC and Al-Jazeera Diss Politics & Policy Liora Salter Al-Jazeera, broadcasting policy and regulation, Canada, Canadian television distribution, Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), censorship, freedom of expression, imagined communities, multicultural democracy, public interest, public policy, right to communicate, speech regulations.
2008 Chantal Petrie Celebrity Humanitarianism and International Development: An Analysis of Oprah, Bono, and Angelina Jolie in Africa Thesis Media & Culture Amin Alhassan Africa, celebrity, Angelina Jolie, celebrity humanitarians, development, humanitarianism, Hollywood, Oprah Winfrey, Paul (Bono) Hewson, Western consumerist strategies.
2008 Megan Sarah Price Canadian Water in a Thirsty World: Pressures and Challenges Thesis Politics & Policy Arne Kislenko Canada, Canadian water, Canadian water governance, commodification, cultural meanings of water, global freshwater, global water scarcity, privatization, water, water management, water policy.
2008 Kathryn Schweishelm Plastic Makes Perfect: The Stepford Wives and the Changing Politics of the Female Body Thesis Media & Culture Jean Bruce female body, feminism, feminine embodiment, feminist film theory, postfeminism, The Stepford Wives (movie), second wave feminism.
2008 Tyler Tekatch The Aesthetics of Participation Project Media & Culture R. Bruce Elder aestheticism, aesthetic awareness, art, ecology, environment, interaction, nature, participation, self, sensorial experiences, world.
2008 Taunya Tremblay The Film's The Thing: Investigating the Use of Visual Media and the Pedagogical Approach of Ontario's Media Studies Curriculium Thesis Media & Culture Kate Eichhorn Canada, Canadian education, education, English curriculum, media education, Media Studies Curriculum, pedagogy, Ontario education, popular media, visual media.
2008 Alicia VanDeWeghe Making My Bed: Tracey Emin's Hysterical Confessions of the Abject Thesis Media & Culture Paul Moore abject, affect, art history, body, feminism, feminist artists, gender and sexuality, gendered trauma, hysteria, My Bed (1998), performativity, Tracey Emin.
2008 Lindsey Ann Vodarek Filtering the Headlines Project Media & Culture Fred Fletcher advertising, Canada, Canadian journalism, Canadian media, documentary, ethics, journalism, mass communication, mass media, news media, media literacy, objectivity, personal agency, political economy.
2008 Stephanie Yumansky Modernist Salon Culture: The Contributions of the Stettheimer Sisters in 1920s New York MRP Media & Culture Irene Gammel alternative sexualities, art making, fashion, gender and sexual politics, identity politics, Jewish salonières, marginalization of women, salon, Stettheimer sisters, women’s representation.
2007 Tania Alvarez The Revolution Will Be Televisised: Articulation of Open Alternatives Through teleSUR Thesis Politics & Policy Amin Alhassan alternative media, democracy, identity, national soverignty, neoliberalism, plurinationalism, political participation, public broadcasting, private broadcasting, supranationalism, teleSUR, Venezuela.
2007 Andrew Steven Bohart The Use of Animation to Improve Art Education Thesis Technology in Practice Michael Murphy animation, art education, art history, art theory, children’s television programming, education, film, pedagogy, public school curriculum, surrealism.
2007 Bryn Chamberlain Quadreria: High Noon in Hetrotopia: the Cyborg meets the Cybernaut Thesis Media & Culture Steve Bailey communication theory, cyborg, Cybernaut, digital imaging, evolution of language, film, internet language, text-based messages, webcam.
2007 Anna Dorbyk Theme and Structure: Key Elements in the Criteria for Excellence in Journalism MRP Media & Culture Abby Goodrum Canada, Canadian journalism, journalism, journalism excellent, journalistic standards, standards of writing, writing, writing style.
2007 Linda Gagatsis Building and Fostering a Sense of Commuity: A Case Study of the Comcult Weblog Thesis Technology in Practice Catherine Middleton blog, collective communication, collective identity, online community, online journaling, online self, weblog.
2007 Claude S. Gagné Learning through Weblogs: Students' Perspective and Learning Evidences MRP Technology in Practice Deborah Fels blog content, educational blogs, online learning, online survey, participant blogging, Ryerson University, student participation, weblogs.
2007 Abigail Godfrey Facing Canada: Portaits in Toronto Project Media & Culture Jody Berland,
Ken Little
Canada, Canadian colonial history, multiculturalism, nation building, national identity, photography, visual storytelling, Victorian portraiture.
2007 Laura Hepes The Transition to High Definition in English Canadian Broadcasting: Challenges and Opportunities in a Changing Media Environment MRP Media & Culture Michael Murphy broadcast distribution, Canada, Canadian audience, Canadian broadcasting, Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications (CRTC), Canadian television, consumerism, digital television, Federal Communications Commission, high definition, television broadcasting.
2007 Brenda Kimiko Inouye Dialectics of Exclusion/Inclusion and the Naturalization of Bonded Labour: Media Representations of Migrant Workers in Canadian Mainstream Media Thesis Media & Culture John Shields Canada, Canadian media representations, identity, migrant workers, multiculturalism, neoliberalism, neoliberal capitalism, newsprint media, tolerance.
2007 Sarah Kornik What is the Food Network Feeding Us? Questioning the Food Network's Representation of the Food Industry Thesis Media & Culture Kate Eichhorn community, family, food consumption, food industry, Food Network, food production, food studies, nostalgia.
2007 Sarah Lasch Representations of Interracial Couples on Mainstream Television: Confining Identities of Race and Gender in Heroes Thesis Media & Culture Jennifer Brayton gender and sexuality, Heroes (television show), identity, ideology, narrative theory, popular culture, representation of interracial couples, television, television representation.
2007 Susan MacDonald Consumption and Culture in Toronto's Urban Soundscapes MRP Media & Culture Greg Elmer acoustic environment, aural representation, Canada, consumerism, consumptive practices, multiculturalism, Toronto, urban soundscapes, visual representations.
2007 Sabrina Malik Resurrecting the Body: Affect and Agency in Artaud's Theatre of Cruelty, Contemporary Performance and Immersive Virtual Space MRP Media & Culture Ed Slopek affect theory, art, body, body art and artists, bodily experience, Char Davies, Norman O. Brown, performance, sensation and perception, social change, Susan Sontag, The Doors, virtual art, virtual reality.
2007 Danijel Margetic Regulatory Theatre: The Disappearance of the 'Public' from the CRTC Public Process MRP Politics & Policy David Hogarth broadcasting policy, Canada, Canadian broadcasting, Canadian content regulations, Canadian programming, Canada Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), Canadian Television Fund (CTF), public broadcasting.
2007 Joey Medaglia RE:FORM: Becoming Visible Project Media & Culture Monique Tschofen avant-garde, embodied subjectivity, gay and lesbian studies, gender and sexuality, lesbian visibility, performance, queer identity, queer visibility, surveillance, video, violence, visibility.
2007 Truc Nguyen Beyond Commerce: The Fashion Magazine as Art and Theory Thesis Media & Culture Michael Prokopow anti-fashion, branding, consumer culture, fashion as art, fashion magazine, fashion theory, globalization, high/low fashion, logomania, magazine aesthetic, postmodernism, street fashion, youth subcultures.
2007 Heloise Nicholl The Gender Dimension of Communication Technologies in Uganda: Documenting ICTs in the Daily Lives of Women MRP Media & Culture Amin Alhassan access, gender and sexuality, Gender Digital Divide, globalization, information and communication technologies (ICT), Uganda, women.
2007 Helen Papagiannis Augmenting Visual Faculties: An Exploration of Traditional and Experimental Augmented Reality Methods in Artistic Practices Project Technology in Practice Caitlin Fisher ARStudio, artistic practice, artistic expression, augmented reality, interactive cinema, marker recognition, marker tracking, storytelling, video.
2007 Joy Poliquin Heroes on the Home Front: Heroism and Virtue in Post-9/11 American Cinema Thesis Media & Culture Darrell Varga American hero, American history, American war, cinema, heroism, ideological fantasy, male heroes, patriotism, popular culture, war and military action, visual culture.
2007 Amelia Bryne Potter (chinese characters) (spring wind will bring life again) Project Politics & Policy Kenneth Little Beijing, business, politics, China, economic growth, film, globalization, politics, standards of living, United States.
2007 Joanna Redden Locating the "Unthinkable" in Canadian Poverty Coverage: A Discouse and Content Analysis of Two Mainstream Dailies Thesis Media & Culture Greg Elmer Canada, Canadian citizens, citizens, Globe and Mail, mass media, news media, poverty, poverty coverage, Toronto Star.
2007 Rebecca Malka
Adam Rosenberg
The Shifting Conception, Construction and Consumption of Celebrity MRP Media & Culture Kate Eichhorn blogging, celeblogs, celebrity, digital film, digital photography, internet, online culture, popular culture, surveillance, tabloid culture, technology, YouTube.
2007 Kathleen C. Singleton Raymond Williams, Jurgen Habermas, and Communicative Resources Thesis Media & Culture Ed Slopek communicative interaction, education, education systems, humanism, Jürgen Habermas, Raymond Williams, social organization, social subjectivity.
2007 Sabrina Siu Health and Beauty Portrayals in Youth-Targeted Print Magazine Advertising: Where Does the Disabled Body Fit? Thesis Media & Culture Jean Mason audience, body, disability, disability in advertising, physical disability, representations of beauty, representation of disability, social identity, self-identity, visible and invisible body.
2007 Cheryl Thompson Situating Hybridity and Searching for Authenticity in Canadian Hip-Hop: How do we "keep it real"? Thesis Media & Culture Jennifer Brayton authenticity, Canada, Canadian hip-hop, Canadian rappers, consumerism, corporatization, female hip-hop communities, gender and sexuality, identity, national identity, race, regional identity, resistance rhetoric, slang vernacular,
2006 Nichole Aylwin Traditional Medicinal Knowledge, Recognition and Regulation MRP Media & Culture Rosemary Coombe biological diversity, globalization, healthcare, indigenous population, law, neoliberalism, traditional medicinal knolwedge, regulation, World Intellectual Property Organization, World Health Organization.
2006 Ryan Bigge Hiding in Delight: Transgression, Irony and the Edge of Vice Thesis Media & Culture Jennifer Burwell audience commodity, niche market,, magazines, political economy, politics of pleasure, subcultures, subcultural capital, underground magazine, Vice, zine.
2006 Kate Butler Poverty and the Media: Mainstream newspaper coverage of anti-poverty activism MRP Politics & Policy John Shields activism, alternative media, anti-poverty activism, Canada, governmental policy, journalism, mass media, news media, neoliberalism, Ontario, Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, poverty coverage in the media, social movements.
2006 Christopher Cachia "The Cashtro Hop Project": Hip Hop Music and an Exploration of The Construction of Artistic Self-Identity Project Media & Culture Jennifer Brayton arts, hip hop culture, hip hop music, lyrics, rap, recording artists, self-expression, self-identity.
2006 Martin D. Chochinov Theatre of the Mind: Podcasting and Public Health Communication - A Pilot Project Project Media & Culture Jean Mason community, health agency, health communication, HIV/AIDS, podcast, public health, public spaces, self-representation, strategic communication programs, storytelling.
2006 Constance Crompton Seeingthe Whole Man: A Visualist Analysis of Artificial Limbs at the End of the Nineteenth Century Thesis Media & Culture Kevin Dowler amputee, amputated body, artificial limbs, body, public spaces, promotional literature, Stephen Mihm, visual culture, visual representations.
2006 Danielle Deveau Male Parody, Sketch Comedy and Cultural Subversion: The Work of Scott Thompson, Rick Mercer and Steve Smith Thesis Media & Culture Dennis Denisoff Canada, Canadian comedians, cultural subversion, feminist theory, heteronormativity, gender, masculinity, male parody, mainstream media, male performance, queer theory, queer politics, sexuality, sketch comedy.
2006 Anne Dollack The "Sell-Out Girl" in Contemporary Hollywood Cinema: Training Future Generations of Capitalist Consumers Thesis Media & Culture Murray Pomerance adolescent subcultures, capitalism, cinema, class status, conspicuous consumption, consumerism, femininity, film, gender, Hollywood, ideology, Marxism, sexuality.
2006 Kris Erickson Media Education: Rethinking the Role of Photographic Representation in Public Education MRP Technology in Practice Murray Pomerance photography, public education, representation, democracy, activism, popular education, critical pedagogy
2006 Shannon Jaleen Grove But is it art? The Constuction and Valuation of Illustration in Victoria's Island Illustrators Society Thesis Media & Culture Ed Slopek art history, Canada, Canadian art, commercial art, fine art, illustration, Island Illustrators Society, modern art, Victoria (British Columbia).
2006 Casey Gurfinkel Globalization and the Direction of the Canadian Publishing Industry MRP Media & Culture Ruth Panofsky book market, Canada, Canadian authorship, Canadian book industry, Canadian identity, Canadian publishing, publishing houses, Toronto.
2006 Mark John Jones Zones of Political Power: Cell Phones amd Group Formation in Kenya and The Philippines Thesis Politics & Policy Amin Alhassan actor-network theory, articulation theory, cell phone, democracy, government, Kenya, political ideology, social groups, telecommunications policy, texting, The Philippines, wireless social development.
2006 Angela G. Joosse Vibrations of the Body: Sounding Out A Way Thesis Technology in Practice R. Bruce Elder,
Janine Marchessault
acoustic epistemology, art, creative work, embodiment, film, metaphors of sound, phenomenology, sound, video.
2006 David Kerr Vertiginous Pleasures MRP Media & Culture Murray Pomerance Alfred Hitchcock, audience reception, cinema, consumer culture, cultural studies, David Kehr, DVD, film poster, film publicity, Hollywood, movie poster, semiotics, social identity, Vertigo (movie).
2006 Katarina Kuruc Globalization and Media Imperialism: A Case Study of the Slovak Republic's Television Media Structure and Content Thesis Media & Culture Kevin Dowler American television, American entertainment, European television broadcasting, identity formation, media imperialism, Slovakia, Slovak television, symbolic commodities, television programs.
2006 Joseph Laevens Legibility in the Liminal: Challenging the Symbolic Order Project Media & Culture Steve Bailey aesthetic receptivity, art, cultural spaces, logarithmic figurations, picture spaces, postmodernism, pragmatism, studio production, visual modalities.
2006 Jennifer O'Leary Building Bridges: Exploring Gender Through Photographic Practice Project Media & Culture R. Bruce Elder affect, cultural background, documentary photographs, film, gender and sexuality, identity construction, photography, social status, visual art, visual expression.
2006 Olatokunbo Olaleye Digitizing Ibadan: Explorations of the Photoblogosphere as a Site of Resistance Project Technology in Practice Lila Pine Africa, African history, digital image, everyday life, Ibadan (Nigeria), photography, photoblogging, social discourse, website creation.
2006 Charlotte Scott "Well, Listen…": Acoustic Community on Toronto Island Project Technology in Practice Michael Murphy acoustic community, aural spaces, community, cultural studies, environmental studies, noise pollution, power relations, sound ecology, soundscape, soundwalking, Toronto, Toronto Habour, Toronto Island, voice.
2006 Neil Thomson The Extremist Islamist Presence in Canadian Webspace: An Empirical Study Thesis Technology in Practice Greg Elmer Canada, Canadian internet providers, Canadian webspace, communication, cyberspace, cyber-terrorism, information flow, internet, Islam, Islamic organizations, publics, terrorism, transnationalism, websites.
2006 Jason Wasiak Entropy Project Technology in Practice Michael Murphy aesthetics, audio-visual representation, collage, communication technology, epistemology, found sound and image, global systems, information, video.
2005 Susan Ashley Negotiating the Other: Museum Exhibition And The Construction Of Heritage In Marginalized Groups MRP Media & Culture Ed Slopek African-Canadians, Canada, Canadian museums, community identity, cultural legacy, Department of Canadian Heritage, exhibition technology heritage, history, museum, public exhibition, Royal Ontario Museum, viewer consumption.
2005 Amanda Coles Acting in the name of culture? The participation of organized labour in the Canadian broadcasting policy process Thesis Politics & Policy R. Bruce Elder,
Liora Salter
broadcasting policy, Canada, Canadian broadcasting, Canadian content, Canadian unions, English-language films, labour organizations, policy network studies, television, unions.
2005 Andrea Foster The Connected Transient: The Effect of Network Communication Technologies on Global Flows, Home and Belonging MRP Technology in Practice Catherine Middleton computer-mediated communication, cybercommunication, internet, network communication technologies, new communication technologies, virtual culture, youth culture, youth travel.
2005 Victoria Fulford Stars in their Eyes: Magazines and Celebrity Content MRP Media & Culture Ruth Panofsky American culture, audience, celebrity, consumer culture, communication studies, consumer consumption, dramatic arts, journalism, journalistic integrity, magazines, news media, popular culture.
2005 Sheila Koenig Airtime: The Public Sphere, the Public Screen, and AIDS Activisim in Contemporary North America MRP Media & Culture Jennifer Burwell activism, AIDS/HIV, AIDS activism, AIDS crisis, audience, internet, mass media, newspapers, public and private, public bodies, public sphere, screen media, spectacle, television, visual media.
2005 Eli Malinsky Information and Communication Technologies in Networks of Nonprofit Organizations Thesis Technology in Practice Wendy Cukier human interaction, information and communication technologies, institutionalism, nonprofit networks, nonprofit organizations, structural models of technology.
2005 Jeremy Morris Making the Brand: Exploring the Role of Branding in Popular Music Thesis Media & Culture Catherine Middleton advertising, branding, culture industries, Keane Wilco, new music technologies, popular music, Radiohead, U2.
2005 Savi Kash Pannu Mobile Technology: Private Talk, Public Life and the Shrinking Commons MRP Media & Culture R. Bruce Elder advertising, Blackberry, civic life, consumerism, democracy, democratic participation, internet, marketing, mobile technology, neoliberalism, neoliberal subjects, political action, public and private spheres, public spaces, text messaging.
2005 John-Patrick Udo Motivating Children to "Write" Stories through the Use of Visual Art and Technology Thesis Technology in Practice Deborah Fels alternative writing technologies, children, storytelling, technology, visual art, writing processes, writing theory.
2005 Leslie Wilson The Commodification of the Cause: The Industry of Social Cause Branding MRP Media & Culture Colin Mooers activism, consumerism, commodification of social causes, community service, corporate activism, corporate marketing strategies, fundraising, social activism, social cause branding, social responsibility, women as consumers.
2004 Jeongmo Ahn The Diffusion of Text Messaging: A Comparative Perspective MRP Technology in Practice Catherine Middleton Canada, cell phone applications, consumer culture, diffusion theory, Korea, mobile telephone, SMS service, text messaging, wireless technology, youth.
2004 Juana Berinstein Policy Wonk or Revolutionary?: The Potential of Policy Intervention in Efforts to Defend and Foster Public Interest Media MRP Politics & Policy John Shields Canada, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications (CRTC), corporate media, democracy, neoliberal policy, policy process, policy network theory, political economy, public interest media, private broadcasting, public broadcasting.
2004 Yiying Chen Netspeak in China: Features and Impact on Standard Chinese Language MRP Media & Culture Colin Mooers China, Chinese culture, communication technologies, internet, language, mass media, media communications, netspeak, online communication.
2004 Emily C. Chou Fetishizing the Fembot: Sex, Technology and the Perfect Woman Thesis Media & Culture Jennifer Burwell advertising, comedy, cyborg, death, dismemberment, fembot, feminism, fetishism, film, gender, sexuality, women and machines, women and technology.
2004 Devin Dubois Communicating the Public Interest: A Case Study of SaskTel MRP Media & Culture Joy Cohnsteadt Canada, communication distribution policy, digital television, federal government, federal regulation, internet, public policy, surveillance, rural communities, Saskatchewan.
2004 Nathan Holmes Stolen Glances: Heist Cinema and the Visual Production of Deception MRP Media & Culture Murray Pomerance capitalism, cinema, consumer culture, criminal agency, everyday life, film, institutionalized power, performance, theft, visual culture, visual pleasure.
2004 Anna Christine Hurrell Shaping Policy Discourse in the Public Sphere: Evaluting Civil Speech in an Online Consultation Thesis Politics & Policy Catherine Middleton Canada, Canadian Foreign Policy, citizen engagement, communication, government, internet, online policy, online reputation, public sphere.
2004 Käthe Anne Lemon Agent of Social Change: A History of Canadian University Press Thesis Media & Culture Gene Allen Canadian University Press, campus newspaper, journalism, news media, policy, press organization, social change, student press.
2004 Kevin Libin REROUTING NETWORKS: Promise and Impediment in Virtual Social Capital Models MRP Politics & Policy John Shields American democracy, blogging, communication, community, democracy, electronic communication, electronic media, internet, online media, Robert Putnam, social networking, United States, virtual social capital.
2004 Jeffrey Mokler Getting Real: Reality Television and Queer Identity MRP Media & Culture Dennis Denisoff identity formation, MTV, popular culture, primetime television, queer identities, queer representation, queer theory, reality television, The Real World, visual theory.
2004 Karen Poetker Imagining the Farm: Spectacle, Nationalism, and Agri-tourism in Canada MRP Media & Culture Kenneth Little agriculture, agri-tainment, Canada, Canadian nationalism, community, consumerism, farm tourism, multiculturalism, nostalgia, rural farming, spectacle, tourism research, uncanny.
2004 Kimberley Radmacher Carried away: 'revisioning' feminist film theory toward a radical practice MRP Media & Culture Scott Forsyth activism, aestheticism, feminism, feminist film theory, film criticism, mainstream films, One Way Or Another (movie), Sally Potter, Sara Gomez, Thriller (movie), women’s cinema, visual culture theory, women directors.
2004 Ginger Raymond Still Birth: Soundwalking Garrison Creek Project Technology in Practice Ed Slopek acoustic anthropology, acoustic ecology, audio compositions, body, communication event, globalization, nature, nationalism, sound, soundscape, soundwalking, women.
2004 Jaclyn Reid Sex for Sale: Prostitution and Visual Culture 1850-1910 Thesis Media & Culture Dennis Denisoff advertising, actress pin-ups, commercial culture, fallen woman, fashion magazines, female sexuality, pornographic representation, prostitution, Victorian culture.
2004 Sean Springer Billy Burkhalter: The Maltese Man: A Video Game for Wimps Project Technology in Practice Jerome Durlak communication and cultural theory, constructions of masculinity, flash games, masculine identity, masculinity, video games, video game design, web-based video games.
2004 Tessa Sproule Changing Channels: An exploration of disruptive technologies and the challenges they pose to the English-Canadian television production and distribution Project Politics & Policy Michael Murphy audience, broadcasting policy, Canada, Canadian broadcasting, Canadian culture, nationalism, public broadcasting, sovereignty, television, television distribution, United States.
2004 Etoile Catherine Stewart Transgressive Actions and the Production of Public Space: Policy, People and Urban Space in Winnipeg's Downtown Thesis Politics & Policy Liora Salter,
Monique Tschofen
Canada, federal government, municipal government, public/private spaces, urban environment, urban revitalization, urban theory, Winnipeg.
2004 Gregory Taylor The Fraser Institute, The Media, and Policy Discourse in Canada MRP Politics & Policy Donald Gillies broadcasting policy, Canada, Canadian broadcasting, Canadian media, CBC, CTV, Fraser Institute, media exposure, national broadcasting, National Media Archive (NMA), policy, policy development, public policy.
2004 Audrey Wubbenhorst Canada's Employment Equity Acts and the Communications Industry: Effective Social Regulation in a Neo-Liberal Era MRP Politics & Policy John Shields American policy, Canada, Canadian Policy, corporate Canada, employment equity, Employment Equity Act, environmental protection, fairness regulation, health and safety legislation, neoliberalism, social regulation, United States.
2004 Katherine Zieman Positive' Images?: A Critical Examination of Queer Visibility in Contemporary Popular Culture MRP Media & Culture Colin Mooers commodity capitalism, consumer culture, cultural visibility, gay and lesbian studies, heteronormativity, legal equity, popular culture, queer identities, queer theory, queer visibility.
2003 Roger Andrew Barnsley Canadian Content: A Survey and Analysis of Canadian Television Policy MRP Politics & Policy Matthew Fraser broadcasting history, Canada, CBC, Canadian broadcasting, Canadian content, broadcasting policy, globalization, identity, public broadcasting, television, transnational audience.
2003 Anna Bolton The New World Information and Communications Order and Canadian Official Development Assistance MRP Politics & Policy Donald Gillies Canada, Canadian communications policy, capitalism, domestic policy, information technology, New World Information and Communications Order (NWICO), UNESCO, world economy.
2003 Sara Wei-Ming Chan Imaginary Soundscapes: Electronic Music Culture and the Aesthetics of the Virtual Thesis Media & Culture Monique Tschofen club music, dance music culture, electronic dance music, human and machine relationships, music creativity, musical authenticity, performance, postdigital analogue, rave music, virtual authenticity.
2003 Daniel Goldberg Lost in Translation: New Media, Performance, & Identity in Quebec Thesis Media & Culture Elizabeth Trott Canada, Canadian arts, communication technology, cultural identity, new media, performative ritual, Quebec, Quebec’s art culture, Québécois performing arts.
2003 Christine Johns Mapping the Canadian Landscape: The Performing Arts and Experimental Perspectives Thesis Media & Culture Monique Tschofen affect theory, art history, Canadian performing arts, cultural geography, David Monk, landscape aesthetics, Paul Thompson, R. Murray Schafer.
2003 Rebecca Morier Racism, The Press, and Canadian Society: Laying the Groundwork for Contemporary Study MRP Media & Culture Gene Allen Canada, Canadian media, democracy, ideology, journalism, journalistic practices, news media, mass media, racism, racial prejudice, Western values.
2003 Valerie O'Brien Critical Media Literacy in Canadian Classrooms: The Re-Education of Media Savvy Children MRP Media & Culture David Checkland Canada, Canadian classrooms, children’s education, media consumption, media education, media literacy, media representations, media studies, Ontario, Ontario elementary curriculum, pedagogy, technology.
2003 Laurie Petrou The Gift and the Threat: An Artistic Exploration into the Machine's Threat Against the Flesh Body Project Media & Culture R. Bruce Elder art making, body, dance, Fascism, Futurism, gender and sexuality, machine/body relationship, spirituality, video.
2003 Alison Powell The Urban Internet: Reality, Virtuality, and Urban Social Practice in Internet Cafés MRP Technology in Practice Catherine Middleton Canada, communications theory, cultural studies, everyday life, internet, online communities, social change, urban life, urban spaces.
2003 Hua Wang State Control of the Internet in China MRP Politics & Policy Colin Mooers anarchism, censorship, China, Chinese government, China Internet Network Information Center, information flow, internet, internet regulations, libertarianism, national policy.
2002 Emma Jo Aiken In the Slumber of the Interactive: Digital Interactive Technology and the Myth of Empowerment in Consumer Culture MRP Technology in Practice Monique Tschofen advertising, cell phone, consumerism, digital discourse, digital interactivity, interactive television, PDA, political agency, promotional discourse, techno-evolutionsim, technology, technology as agent.
2002 Paul Baines "Teaching the Educator: Studying the De:Commodifying Self" Project Media & Culture Deborah Barndt advertising, consumer culture, education, mass media, political struggle, popular culture, privilege, social change, transformative education, video.
2002 Wasim Ghani The Success Prospect of a Canadian Foreign Language International Radio Service Thesis Media & Culture Donald Gillies,
Joy Cohnstaedt
audience, Canadian broadcasting, foreign language radio service, nationalism, public sphere, Radio Canada International.
2002 Julie Gustavel Internet Privacy in Canada: A Public Interest Perspective MRP Politics & Policy Michael Burke Canada, commodification of privacy, consumer culture, data protection, governmental policy, human rights, information privacy, internet, online privacy, privacy protection.
2002 Kirsteen Henderson "Leni Riefenstahl Simply Will Not Go Away:" An Analysis of the Media Discourses about Hitler's Filmmaker MRP Media & Culture R. Bruce Elder Adolf Hitler, cinema, Fascism, film, Germany, Leni Fiefenstahl, mass media, Nazism, Olympia, popular culture, postmodernism, spectacle, Triumph of the Will, World War II.
2002 MaryAnn Martin The Benefit's Place in Cultural-Political Imaginings Thesis Media & Culture Jennifer Burwell,
Rosemary Coombe
activism, Bangladesh, celebrity, cultural memory, music, myth, narrative, political movements, social protest, South Africa, storytelling, United States.
2002 Lorelle Polano An Analysis of the Existing Literature Pertaining to Issues of the Cultural-Linguistic Definition of Deaf Culture MRP Media & Culture Colin Mooers American sign language, British sign language, deaf and hard of hearing culture, disability, body, political oppression, political voice, sign language, sign systems.
2002 Jennie S. Scheer Bearing the Ring: The Audience and Consumers of Lord of the Rings MRP Media & Culture Jennifer Burwell audience, commodification, consumer culture, contemporary film industry, fan communities, identity politics, Lord of the Rings, myth, popular culture, postmodernism.
2002 Antonie E. Scholtz BEST PRACTICES? Competing Educational Philosophies, ICT Implementation, and the Neoliberal Agenda Promoted by the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC) MRP Politics & Policy John Shields Canada, Councils of Ministers of Education Canada (CMEC), digital information and communication technology (ICT), education, elementary schools, globalization, national pedagogy, neoliberalism, pedagogy, public education.

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