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Joint Masters and Doctoral Program at Ryerson in Communication and Culture
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Recent PhDs


Mapping Home: Literary and Filmic Representations of Multi-scalar Dwelling

Aleksandra Bida (supervised by Monique Tschofen)

Keywords: contemporary cinematic texts, contemporary literature, dwelling, hospitality, identity, Jacques Derrida, liquid modernity, Martin Heidegger, Zygmunt Bauman

Media and Culture

"Feeling" in Modern Dance Print Media: Loïe Fuller, Isadora Duncan, and Maud Allan

Emma Doran (supervised by Irene Gammel)

Keywords: dance criticism; cultural history; modernism; choreography and dance culture; journalism and print culture; phenomenology 

Media and Culture


Governmentality and the New Spirit of Exploitation: The Politics of Legitimacy and Resistance to Canadian Mining in Guatemala and Honduras

Steven Schnoor (supervised by Stuart Murray)

Keywords: anti-democracy, biopower, Canadian mining regimes, documentary, film, exploitation, legitimacy, Michel Foucault.

Politics and Policy

The Coat Check Interactive Augmented Reality Insallation in Perspective

Aysegul Koç (supervised by Caitlin Fisher and Michael Zryd)

Keywords: augmented reality, augmented space, belonging, data storage, data transfer, history, global networks, identity, installation, memory, mobility, motion tracking technologies, technological displacement, temporality.

Technology in Practice

Apathy and the Modern Self: The Afflictions of Modernity and Orientation Toward the Good

Aaron Pingree (supervised by R. Bruce Elder)

Keywords: antiquity, ásk─ôsis. modern apathy, modern epistemology, modern subjectivity, sense and reason, The Good.

Media and Culture

Recent MAs


"Strictly for Men": Representing Masculinity and Consumer Culture in Esquire Magazine

Manisha Aggarwal-Schifellite (supervised by Markus Reisenleitner)

MRP, Media and Culture

Losers Winning: Identity, Status and Difference in Glee

Emilie Charlebois (supervised by Susan Driver)

MRP, Media and Culture

Reflections on Immediatism and Aesthetics

Victor Cirone (supervised by R. Bruce Elder)

MRP, Technology in Practice

Coding for the Commons: The Emergence of Free and Open-Source Software for Disaster Relief

Lisa Hoffman (supervised by Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof)

MRP, Technology in Practice

Inheriting Memory: Family Archiving and Collective Memory

Caela Moffat (supervised by Elizabeth Podneiks)

MRP, Media and Culture

Gender Play: The Subversive Sexual Politics of the Stettheimer Salon, 1915-1935

Chelsea Olsen (supervised by Irene Gammel)

MRP, Media and Culture

Voice and Authenticity in Organizational Storytelling: Examining the Ownership and Alignment of Organizational Stories and How They Contribute to Organizational Culture and Engagement

Jacqueline Taggart (supervised by Charles Davis)

MRP, Media and Culture

Beyond Post-Colonialism: Aboriginal Identity Production and Digital Technologies

Hannah Tough (supervised by Markus Reisenleitner)

MRP, Media and Culture

From Here to There: Mythmaking and Cartographies of Quilting

Julia Gingrich (supervised by Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof)

Project, Technology in Practice

An Early Canadian Homosexual Public?: How Jim Egan's Print-Based Activism Attempted to Cultivate Changes in Canadian Social Consciousness

Amanda Piche (supervised by Gene Allen)

MRP, Politics and Policy

A Study of Print and Computer Based Reading to Measure and Compare Rates of Comprehension and Retension

Jackie Young (supervised by Gene Allen)

Thesis, Media and Culture

Reality' Television: The Influx of Manufactured Reality in Contemporary Fictional Television

Samantha White (supervised by Jean Bruce)

MRP, Media and Culture