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Joint Masters and Doctoral Program at Ryerson in Communication and Culture
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Ryerson's Graduate Program admissions is an entirely on-line process. 1-2 business days after the initial Application form is submitted, an email will come with instructions of where and how to upload your documents.  All documents will be submitted, assessed, and recorded electronically (see Document checklist below). Applicants will also be able to review the status of their application on-line. 

First Consideration date: Jan 22th, 2018 - make sure you have done the on-line application by that date, then upload all materials by end of January.  Late applications may miss this first round of offers. From March through May, the committee may extend new offers until all seats are taken.

Document checklist for on-line submission:

  • Application Submission Summary - complete on-line, then (press YES) to save pdf form and upload with other items.
  • Statement of Interest
  • Resume/CV
  • Letters of reference - will be done by your referees.
  • Transcripts - all previous post-secondary institutions (later we'll need sealed official ones).
  • English Language Proficiency - If Canadian or educated in English, just upload a short note.
  • Sample of Work - one writing sample, 5-6 pages, max = 10 pages.

Program Specific Documents for ComCult

The Document Checklist (above) lists the general application materials and those specifically needed for Comcult. Additional advice for the comcult documents:

1. Statement of Research Interest

This 500-800 word essay should primarily focus on your research interest, its methodology, and academic importance, with reference to how your background or career supports the research plan.  Following the essay, please add the information about stream, faculty and publications etc. Additional Information (see description below).

About three quarters of it should focus on a clear, concise Research Plan in some detail, and remaining part can describe how your academic or professional background fits the topic and our program.

This essay should demonstrate your understanding of our program and the fit of your topic to our program.

You may include some citations for other research or academic literature, but a full bibliography is not necessary. Ensure that you have contextualized the topic within the broader field of communications and cultural studies.

We recommend that you have 1-2 other academics or grad students read it for feedback on clarity and academic tone. This should be written similar to an academic assignment or scholarship proposal, especially if it is for a PhD application.

Applicants for the part-time Master’s program should include a sentence or two to address the challenges of attendance in daytime classes, i.e. your employer’s flexibility, and maintaining your motivation over 3-5 years to complete the program.

Attach additional information at end of Statement of Research Interest, as page 2 or 3 of document:

  •     Rank your choice of research stream: Media and Culture, Politics and Policy, or Technology in Practice (visit Areas of Study);
  •     List particular professors in the program with whom you might like to work, and indicate how their work relates to your proposed program (visit List of All Faculty);
  •     Doctoral applicants are strongly advised to try to contact 2-3 faculty related to your research topic to confirm that this program is a good fit for your topic and obtain potential supervisory committee support; and
  •     List any relevant publications, exhibitions or conference presentations, even if mentioned on your resume/CV.

2. Resume/CV

(Limit of four pages) Emphasize research or cultural production experience, or experiences that depended upon writing and presentation skills.

3. Contact Information for Two (2) Letters of Reference 

(Revisit Prepare Your Application on the Graduate Studies website) We recommend that you ask potential referees only if they can provide a strong reference for you. A weak reference will significantly affect how we assess your application.

4. Sample of Work = one writing sample

Submit one (1) short sample (5-6 pages, maximum of 10 pages) of your best academic writing on a relevant topic. You might condense or excerpt from a previous course essay that performed a critical analysis of cultural theory, an academic interpretation of policy or a case study, or a strong synthesis of a literature review.

These documents are required. Applications missing any or all these documents cannot be processed nor passed along to the Comcult Admissions committee for review.

Ready to Apply

Once you have your documents ready, go to Apply OnLine to Step 2, and start by doing the Application Summary form and paying the application fee.  1-2 business days later you will receive an email with instructions of where and how to upload your documents. Incomplete applications cannot be processed nor forwarded to the Selection committee, so make sure that you have uploaded each document.

On the Grad Admissions 'Apply on-line' page, read Step 2 - 5 carefully for the rest of the application details.