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Environmental Applied Science & Management - Masters and PhD Programs

Program Overview   

Ryerson University offers a PhD and a Master's degree in Environmental Applied Science and Management. These multidisciplinary programs are for graduate students seeking advanced study in a professionally-based environmental program that provides research in a broad variety of environmental fields.

The doctoral program (PhD) offers a program focusing on two fields:

  1. Environmental Science and Policy, and
  2. Environmental Management and Decision Making.

The Master's degree offers full- and part-time studies for students seeking management roles in the expanding environmental industry.

Key information about the programs such as the broader scope, student demographics and activities, employment experiences of students and graduates of the programs can be found in the program's Occasional Papers (see below).

The Environmental Applied Science and Management programs are leaders in integrating the environmental science disciplines with studies in environmental management. The curriculum reflects the view that graduate work in the environmental management field requires not only knowledge of the environmental sciences and how they are applied, but an understanding of environmental management theory and practice. In combining applied science and management, the program also follows the Ryerson University tradition of applied education and research.

The programs take a systems management approach to environmental problem solving in the private and public sectors. In order to respond to the complex environmental challenges in air, water and soil quality, energy and resource utilization, waste management and development impacts, industries and governments must develop an improved scientific and technical understanding of environmental issues and a proficiency in environmental analysis and decision-making. An environmental management systems approach, one that attempts to integrate a number of decisions an organization can make and their effects on the environment, is the focus of the graduate programs.

Environmental Applied Science and Management

The curriculum of the Master's program has been structured to combine core and elective courses in environmental applied science and environmental management. Students are required to take a core course in each area of study and to take a common seminar in environmental applied science and management. To earn the degree, students must complete a total of twelve course credits including either a thesis or a professional research project. The program is available to both full-time and part-time students with several courses scheduled to permit part-time study.

The curriculum for the PhD program requires the completion of a minimum of four courses: Research Methods in Environmental Applied Science and Management, Advanced Studies in Environmental Policy and Management, and one course in each of the two fields of study (courses are divided into Group A and Group B electives). In addition, the doctoral program includes three milestones: a doctoral seminar course which requires attendance in each term until degree completion, a candidacy examination directed toward the candidate's area of research specialization, and the Dissertation.

Program History  

The Environmental Applied Science and Management Program began offering its MASc degree in 2000.  It was Ryerson’s first interdisciplinary graduate program. The program was established through the combined efforts of faculty members in schools and departments across Ryerson University. The program has continued to grow over time and began offering a PhD degree in 2009.

The program occasionally releases a paper that provides an overview of its development over time, with an emphasis on incoming student profiles, employment outcomes, and research performance. Links to the program’s occasional papers are provided below: