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Major Research Papers (MRP) Library

The MRP embodies the results of the student's research program and exposes the work to scholarly criticism.  The major research paper is presented to the university in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in the program of Immigration and Settlement Studies.

The MRPs listed below are from the most recent graduates.

Full catalogue of all MRPs from 2005 to 2020.

Many MRPs are available online at the Ryerson Library.

Abdulkarim, Deeqa (2020) Madow & Muslim in Canada: Barriers Impacting the Success of Somali Youth Within the Ontario Public School System

Abdullah, Salsabeel (2020) The Canadian Government Proactive Monitoring Activities of the Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program (PSR): Practices and Impact

Bah, Haby (2020) A Literature Review on the Application of IRB Chairperson Guidelines 4: "Women Refugee Claimants Fearing Gender-Related Persecution" in Decision Making

Boutmira Souhail (2020) Older Syrian Refugees' Experiences of Language Barriers in Post-Migration and (RE)Settlement Context in Canada

Chesu, Cezara (2020) Remain of Communism: An Autoethnographic Study of a Romanian-Canadian Girl

Dadabhoy, Sahar (2020) We Want Them, But We Will Not Support Them: A Comparative Study of Settlement Services Provided To International Students in the USA and Canada

Darcy, Priscillia (2020) Contradictory Tendencies in Italy's Immigration Policies: A Contemporary Analysis

De La Torre Olazbal, Adriana (2020) Securitization and Criminalization: An Analysis of the Temporary Resident Biometrics Program (TRBP)

Deckert, Kathryn Maria (2020) The Acculturation Orientation of International Student Centres Analysed Using Bourhis' Interactive Acculturation Model (IAM)

Eldeib, Isabella (2020) Re-Assessing Caregiver Migration Programs and Policies in Canada

English, Caroline (2020) The Forced Removal of the 'Criminally Inadmissible' As Punishment: A Double Jeopardy

Godoy, Margaret (2020) Solidarity Cities in Santiago De Chile and Civil Society Participation During COVID-19\

Greaves, Andrew (2020) Is Volunteerism Truly a Pathway to Comparable Employment for Recent Immigrants in Canada? Insights Into the Volunteer Experiences of Recent Immigrants - Their Perceptions, Motivations and Outcomes of Volunteering

Hashimi, Abid (2020) The Mental Health Impacts of Immigration and Detention Centers on Asylum Seekers: A Comparative Analysis of Canada and the United States

Hajro, Sindi (2020) The State of Palestine, The Statlessness of Palestinians

Hussain, Nooreen (2020) Exploring the Racial and Gendered Dimensions of Quebecois Secularism

Killin, Edward (Ted) (2020) Considering the Roles of Human Capital and Social Capital in LINC Programming for Newcomers to Canada

Klassen, Claudia (2020) Neither Here Nor There: Negotiating Hybridity in Second Generation Latinx Canadan Identities

Lam, Laura (2020) Surviving, But Not Thriving? Lives of Immigrants in the Platform Economy  

Macias-Rodriguez, Anita Dayanara (2020) Migrant Workers Rights Based on Citizenship: We Need Them and We Should Protect Them. An Analysis of Ontario and California

Martin, Shannon (2020) Conceptualizing the Best Interests of the Unaccompanied Child in Canadian Immigration Law

McLeod, Rachel (2020) A Comparative Analysis of the Canadian News Media Portrayals of Refugees from Syria and Venezuela

Moore, Lauren Hannah (2020) Statelessness in Canada: Socio-Political Exclusion and the Negation of 'Stateless Persons' Human Rights

Munro, Emma (2020) Framing the (Im)migrant Family: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Immigrant Families and Family-Related Immigration Policies in Newsprint Media

Parsons-Walsh, Hannah (2020) Refugee Women & Housing Insecurity in Canada

Perzyna, Magdalena (2020) Threats from Within and Threats from Without: Wet'suwet'en Protesters, Irregular Asylum Seekers and the On-Going Reproduction of Settler Colonialism in Canada

Postelnyak, Mariya (2020) Legacy Refugee Claimants in Canada: Integration and Substantive Citizenship Within a Liminal Space

Qadri, Saadat Hussain (2020) Canadian Immigration Experience: Case Study of Pakistani Skilled Immigrants and Their Job Experience

Rutherglen, Lauren (2020) The Underrepresentation of Racialized Canadians: Local Level Government in Medium Sized Canadian Cities

Saldanha, Leanne (2020) Chilean Identity Performativity in Carmen Aguirre's Chile Con Carne and The Refugee Hotel: Narrative Evidence of the Shortcomings of Canadian Multiculturalism Discourse

Topal, Mustafa (2020) Sports and Belonging: The Impact of Sports on Newcomer Youth Integration at the Community Level

Xu, Wenyan Vicky (2020) Stay or LeaveL Chinese International Students' Decision-Making Process About Their Migration Intentions Post-Graduation in Canada