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MN Course Stream

Program Requirements

Prepare for a Career in Nursing Education, Advanced Practice, Management and Leadership

Our Master of Nursing Course Stream program is offered on a full- or part-time basis, helping our students fit education and career advancement into their already busy lives. 

As a student, you’ll choose a Field of Study based on your particular practice and research interests:

Leadership in Health Care Policy and Education: Prepares students for nursing leadership roles. Covers advanced nursing knowledge in health services, systems, and policy. 

Health and Illness of Individuals and Communities: Prepares students for health promotion, patient care, and community and public health roles. Covers advanced knowledge in nursing, theories of health and illness, and enhancing and promoting health. 

The Master of Nursing Course Stream curriculum covers theory, research and practice, providing a solid, balanced advanced nursing education. The program is made up of 5 required Core courses, 2 required Field of Study courses, and 3 Electives.  Find full course information.

Full-time students are expected to complete the program in 18 months (5 terms); part-time student have up to 36 months (9 terms).

Ryerson’s programs are demanding. Students who will be working full-time while they complete their studies are strongly advised to enroll part-time.