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Graduate Program in Spatial Analysis - Major Research Paper

Graduate Program in Spatial Analysis

Major Research Paper

The MSA program culminates in the submission and oral defense of a major research paper. Through the research paper, students demonstrate a critical understanding of the methodological and practical issues facing users of GIS and spatial analysis methods. The topic can result from coursework, research with the student's supervisor, the practicum placement, or other motivations. Details on the research paper can be found in the  Yeates School of Graduate Studies policies entitled, "Thesis, MRP, and Dissertation Thesis Guidelines."

The following table contains examples of the subjects of past research papers in the MSA program:

*students who completed the thesis option

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Albarracin, Aura 2006 An Analysis of the Spatial Distribution of the Tree Species on the St. George Campus of the University of Toronto Michalak
Alyea, Matthew 2011 Are Food Banks Located where the most Vulnerable Populations Need them to be? A Case Study of Toronto's CMA using Mulitvariate Regression and Hot Spot Analysis Ceh
Al-Zarouni, Naeema 2005 Dubai Retail Market Structure and the Spatial Evolution of Shopping Centres Wang. S
Anderson, Emily 2007 Perceiving the Core: The Spatial Dimensions of Consumer Behaviour and Attitudes Toward Toronto's Downtown Yonge District Hernandez
Andrews, Laura 2006 Predicting Direct Mail Response of Financial Services Products in Toronto Wang. S
Andrulis, Stephen 2007 Benefits and Limitations of Argument Mapping: The Example of the Ryerson Master Plan Rinner
Archambault, Marie-Claude 2008 Analysing Sediment Property Trends For Three Coastal Bays In Nova Scotia Using Kriging Forsythe
Au-Yeung, Christopher 2001 Evaluation of the Application of Geovisualization in the Retail Sector: A Case Study of the GTA Duerden
Aversa, Joseph 2010 An Examination of the Location Preferences of Wal-Mart and Wal-Mart Supercentres in the Greater Toronto Area Hernandez
Banaszewska, Anna 2009 A Spatial Investigation of Photosynthetically Active Radiation and its Role in Natural Regeneration of Quercus Rubra: A Case Study of Kew Gardens Park, Toronto Millward
Barrios Jr, Sergio 2008 Urban Sprawl and Neighbourhood Vitality in Toronto: A GIS and Remote Sensing Analysis Forsythe
Baskaran, Ezhil Arasi 2010 Understanding Spatial Patterns of South Asian Commercial Activity in The Toronto Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) Forsythe
Bekele, Tsegaye 2008 Integrating Spatial And Non-Spatial Measures To Examine Accessibility To Family Physicians In Toronto Wang. L
Bermingham, Philip 2006 Incorporating Spatial Proximity into Cluster Analysis Hernandez
Biasiotto, Marco 2004 Change in Retail Structure in Canada: Creative Destruction? Wang. S
Bird, Michelle 2006 Evaluating Community Engagement through Argumentation Maps: A Case Study of the "Queen West Triangle" Rinner
Blakemore, David 2002 Small Town Canada: An Analysis of Factors Affecting Out-Shopping and Retail Structure Jones
Bourque, Sean 2007 Recent Changes in the Department Store System in Canada and Their Impacts on Shopping Centres, 1993-2005 Wang. S
Bowie, Gregory 2011 Mapping the Benefits of Urban Trees Using Google Fusion Tables and API Technologies Millward
Boyko, Daniel
2010 Food Deserts: Hype, Myth, or Reality.  A Case Study of the City of Toronto Ceh
Bozheva, Alexandra 2007 Retail Development in Post-Socialist Megapolis: Saint-Petersburg Wang. S
Briggs, Suzanne
A Day of Extreme Heat and Humidity: Spatio-Temporal Implications for Public Health Millward
Calder, Lauren 2002 Impact of Youth on E-Commerce Trends in Canada Michalak
Carberry, Grainne 2011 Crime and Alcohol Accessibility in Various Neighbourhoods of Toronto Carlson
Cardenas, Sylvia 2008 Physical Activity and Sport Oriented Geodemography: A Case Study of the Greater Toronto Area Hernandez
Charles, Andy 2001 Externalities in Shopping Centres: The Case of a Chain Store Yeates
Chen, Hong 2011 A Spatial Analysis of Discount Supermarkets and Their Implications for 'Food Deserts' Wang. S
Cheng, Willy 2002 Site Selection Methodology for Automated Banking Machine Network: A Case Study of the Royal Bank of Canada Yeates
Chung, Insoo Steven 2009 The Potential of Online Map-Based Discussion to Engage Residents in Local Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Rinner
Closson, Michael 2006 Global and Local Spatial Patterns in Bloc Quebecois Voting Support Between 1993 and 2006 Michalak
Coleby, Jessica 2011 Regent Park Gentrification: An Approach to Understanding Levels of Violent Crime Thompson
Craciun, Dan Andrei 2009 Neighbourhood Geography: An Analysis of Built Area and Land Use Distribution for the City of Toronto Banting
Dangwal, Manoj 2004 Structural and Spatial Changes in Ethnic Indian Commercial Activity in Toronto and Fringe Area, 1994-2004 Wang. S
Daniel, Christopher 2005 A Comparison of Missing Values Estimation Methods for Average Household Income in Canadian Census Data Hernandez
De Girolamo, Giovanna 2008 Determining the Factors that Influence Grade School Enrolment and Projecting Enrolment in Established, Mature Communities in York Region Wang. S
De Souza, Bernard Emanuel 2011 Spatial Patterns of Early Childhood Development in Toronto: Exploring Global and Local Evidence of Neighbourhood Effects Rinner
Del Bianco, Daniel Paul 2011 The Impact of School and Community Characteristics on Standardized Test Scores: York Catholic District School Board 2000/01 -2008/09 Laskin
Dietz, Stephen 2001 Canadian Shopping Centre Analyzer: Development of an Exploratory Tool for the Examination and Visualization of the Dynamics of Canadian Shopping Centres During the 1990s Jones
Ding, Yu
2010 Interpreting the Corporate Restructuring and Geographic Outcomes of Metro Inc. in the Toronto CMA Wang. S
Di Rocco, Andrea 2006 Exploring the Spatial Distribution of Death Due to Injury for the Toronto Census Metropolitan Area: the Role of Socio-Economic Status and Demographics Rinner
Doren, Michael 2011 Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Forest Response to Hurricane Damage in Point Pleasant Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia Millward
Dragovic, Igor 2011 Evaluating the Relevance of Business Improvement Areas for Suburban Toronto Swales
Drayton, Dexter 2005 A Spatial Examination of Traumatic Injuries Admitted to St. Michael's Hospital Trauma Centre 1994-2003 Jones
Du, Baorong 2005 Urban Change Detection and Analysis int he Greater Toronto Area from 1972 to 2004 Using Remote Sensing and GIS Forsythe
Duncan, Glenn 2007 A Redistricting Strategy for the Metropolitan Police Department of Washington, DC Wang. S
Dunker, Beau 2004 Spatial Variation in Bank Branch Performance Jones
Erne, Uschi 2011 A Critical Analysis of Understanding Spatial Innovation using Canadian and US Patent Data Sources for Inventors in Canada, 1991-2006 Ceh
Escobar, Marco 2006 Socioeconomic Characteristics and Homicides: A Case Study in Medellin, Colombia Carlson
Esdon, Aaron 2004 Assessing the Contributing Factors in Serious Traffic Collisions for Durham Region Using Log-Linear Models and Spatial Analysis Carlson
Evans, Elspeth 2007 Quantifying the Influence of Regeneration and Redevelopment in Toronto's Kings Districts: 1996-2006 Hernandez
Farber, Steven 2004 A Comparison of Localized Regression Models in an Hedonic House Price Context Yeates
Farrugia, Margaret 2001 An Assessment of Data Aggregation Effects on the Spatial Patterns of Banking Behaviours: A Case Study in the Toronto CMA Wang. S
Finney, Kevin 2004 Utilizing Pansharpened LANDSAT 7 Imagery to Detect Urban Change in the Vancouver Census Metropolitan Area: 1999-2002 Forsythe
Florio, Michael 2004 Local Impact of Global Retailers in Toronto Michalak
Folliott, Jadah 2005 Evaluation of Approaches to Depicitng First Nations, Inupiat and Inuialuit Environmental Information in GIS Format Duerden
Fontaine, Katherine 2005 A Spatial Analysis of Supply and Demand of Educational Facilities in the Waterloo Region Wang. S
Fu, Sze Hang 2011 Neighbourhood Environment, Individual Characteristics, and Mental Well-Being Among Canadian-born and Foreign-born Populations in the Toronto CMA Wang. L
Gawedzki, Adrian 2011 Assessing Anthracene and Arsenic Contamination in Buffalo River Sediments Forsythe
Gerroir, Scott 2001 Risky Grounds: An Examination into the Spatial Nature of the Insurance Customer Hernandez
Gill, Amrita 2004 Enhancing Immigrant Settlement Service Delivery through GIS Wang. S
Glover, Joseph Ryan 2009 Statistical Ensemble Weather Forecasts Using The Geostatistical Output Perturbation (GOP) Method Escobar
Goff, Katherine 2008 Market Penetration Analysis Using Spatial Modeling: A Lawn Care Company Yeates
Gomez, Gustavo 2008 Assessment of a Forest Disturbance Algorithm Using Optical Remote Sensing for the Western United States between 1990 and 2000 Chen (UofT)
Greco, Dan
2010 A Comparative Analysis of Selected Wal-Marts in the GTA: Neighbourhood Impacts Ceh
Greene, Christopher 2009 Urban Reforestation Client Characterization: Mulitnomial Regression Analysis of Participation in a Toronto-Based Backyard Tree Planting Program Millward
Guarino, Sarah 2005 Bicycle Lanes and their Influence on Cyclist-Motor Vehicle Collisions in the City of Toronto Coppack
Hameed, Atiya 2009 Mangrove Forest Change Detection Through Remote Sensing: A Case Study of Karachi and its Environs (1975-2001) Banting
Harlow, Michael 2003 Urban Development Detection within the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority for the Period 1991 - 1999 using Landsat TM and ETM+ data Forsythe
Harrington, Christopher 2006 GIS Application for Aquatic Barrier Mitigation in the Upper Thames River Watershed Forsythe
Harris, Brent 2009 Mulitvariate Spatial Analysis of Smoking Habits in India Ceh
Heppleston, Aaron 2005 Spatial Relations and Geographically Weighted Averaging in Multicriteria Decision-making: A Residential Real Estate Case Study Rinner
Hibbert, Hugh 2009 The Jamaican Diaspora in Toronto: An Application of Geodemographics in Social Science Sorenson (UofT)
Holmes, Mark 2008 Geographic Information System Implementation as a Decision Support Tool for the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury Hernandez
Hopgood, Cameron 2005 The Application of Performance Metrics to Business Improvement Areas: An Examination of the Downtown Yonge and Bloor-Yorkville BIA Hernandez
Hopkins, Kevin 2011 Do-It-Yourself: The Impacts of American Home Improvement Retailers in Canada Wang. S
Houston, Connor 2005 High Cost Neighbourhoods: A Perspective on the Health Care Cost of Unintentional Injuries Forsythe
Hussain, Mushtaq 2010 Toronto's Urban Heat Island: Exploring the Relationship Between Land Use and Surface Temperature Rinner
Ingraldi, Andrew
2010 The Impact of Neighbourhood and Social Mix on Housing Affordability in the City of Toronto Ceh
Istanboulian, Alex G. 2008 A Spatial Analysis of Ethnic Marketing: A Case Study of Establishing Bell Presence within Toronto's Chinese Community Wang. L
Istanboulian, Jiro 2011 A Spatial Analysis of Public Transportation: A Demand Driven Approach to Determining Need for Subway Development across the Toronto CMA Ceh
Jackson, Christine 2005 Modeling Market Penetration of Credit Line Customers: An Aid for Targeting Potential Customers Yeates
Jakubek, Daniel 2002 Predicting the Contamination between Sites of Sediment Core Measurement in Lake Ontario Forsythe
JN-Francois, Sari 2003 Discount Food Retailing in the Toronto Area: A Comparison of the Location Strategies of Price Choppers, No Frills and Food Basics Between 1996 to 2001 Hernandez
Katz, Yonatan 2008 Factors Affecting Churn Rate of Broadband Services: A Geo-Spatial Model Yeates
Kelsey, Brian 2007 Usability Analysis of Map-Centred Decision Support: An Application in Community Health Planning Rinner
Kendal, Don 2002 The Geodemographics of Population Health: A Case Study of Simcoe County, Ontario Carlson
Kingston, Jillian 2004 The Impact of Spatial Autocorrelation on Confidence Intervals In Group (Cluster) Sampling for Accuracy Assessment Csillag (UofT)
Kitz, Joshua 2011 Specialty Independent Retail: Hobby Shop Classification and Location Hernandez
Kluke, Amy L. 2011 Dieldrin Concentrations in Great Lakes Sediment: Spatial and Temporal Trends Forsythe
Kogan, Anna 2010 Food Deserts and Income in the Greater Toronto Area: A Spatial Correlation Analysis Hernandez
Komaromy, Andrew 2011 Spatial Analysis Methods for Describing and Comparing the Geographic Distribution of Local News Rinner
Kosior, David William 2009 Spatial Analysis of Canadian Inventions: A Socio-Economic and Typological Examination, 1991-2006 Ceh
Kosticin, Kasia 2011 Ethnospendology: A Look into Ethnic Spend Profiles Across the Toronto CMA Hernandez
Koutsovasilis, Peter 2008 An Analysis of The Spatial Relationship Between Domestic Violence Calls for Service and Socioeconomic Characteristics Wang. S
Kulon, Sandra 2004 An Investigation of the Spatial Dependence of Mosquito Habitat and West Nile Virus Activity in the City of Toronto Banting
Kumari, Jyothi 2008 Usability Analysis of a Participatory GIS for Environmental Planning: A Case Study for the Kawarthas Rinner
Kutna, Oksana 2005 A Hybrid Spectral Change Identification/Post-Classification Land Cover Change Analysis of the Hamilton Area Michalak
Lebovits, Mark 2006 Applying Geographically Segmented Markets to Retail Sales Forecasts Hernandez
Lee, Andrew Chung-Da 2011 Visualizing Spatiotemporal Data with Self-Organizing Maps: Changes in Socio-Economic Status of Toronto Neighbourhoods, 1996-2006 Rinner
Lee, Michael 2008 Targeting Potential Grocery Customers In The Gta Using A Market Penetration Model Yeates
Li, Suofei 2011 Influence of Organic Mulch on Soil Temperature Modernation in an Afforesting Urban Park Millward
Liu, Kevin 2009 Ethnicity and Accessibility to Linguistically-Matched Family Physicians in Major Canadian Immigrant Receiving Cities Wang. L
Liu, Weihua 2003 Exploration of Spatial Patterns of Resale Housing Activities in the GTA Wang. S
Maaranen, Richard 2001 Spatial Competition and Retail Death: Dry Cleaners in Toronto Miron (UofT)
MacDonald, Michael 2004 Development of a Custom GIS Application for the Exploration and Analysis of Diatom Data Duerden
Macgregor, Michael 2011 Proposed Transit Plans in the City of Toronto: A Comparative Analysis Carlson
MacLeod, Daniela 2006 A GIS-Kriging Approach and Analysis of Historical Sediment Contamination in Lake Superior Forsythe
Makar, Mary 2011 Modeling Sales Performance for a Casual Dining Restaurant Chain in Canada Hernandez
Makarenko, Iryna 2006 Restaurant Sales Cannibalization Estimation: An Application of Spatial Interaction Modelling Hernandez
Makarenko, Valeriia 2010 Changes in Nearshore Benthic Communities on the Canadian Side of Lake Ontario: An Exploratory Analysis Bardecki
Mangiardi, Angelo 2007 Quantifying the Spatial Association Between Gold Deposits and Continental Scale Lineaments Using a Weights of Evidence Analysis Escobar
Marhasin, George 2011 Spatial Accessibility to Family Physicians and Geriatricians among the Senior Population in the Toronto CMA Wang. L
Marmureanu, Cosmin 2011 Does the TDSB need a New Method for Selecting Schools in Need of Increased Canopy Cover? Ghosh
Marques, Joana 2009 Assessing Community Vulnerability to Climate Change in Dawson City, Yukon Territory Duerden
Marshall, Sean 2005 A Study of the Spatial Distribution of Fringe Banks in the Greater Toronto Area Hernandez
Masun, Katharine 2010 Lithological Discrimination Using Hyperion and Landsat Thematic Mapper Data: A Case Study at Devon Island, Nunavut, Canada Atkinson
Maze, Amanda 2004 Analyzing Geographic Barriers to Mental Health Care Within the City of Toronto Hernandez
McCartney, Grant 2011 Investigating Forest Disturbance Using Landsat Data in the Nagagamisis Central Plateau, Ontario, Canada Forsythe
Meng, Yuhong 2005 New Development and Spatial Changes of Chinese Commercial Activity in Toronto CMA Wang. S
Menninga, Ingrid 2007 Scotiabank's Female Head Office Commuting Distances in Toronto 1952 and 1960 Carlson
Mhatre, Sangita V. 2011 Remote Sensing of Invasive Species, Phragmites Australis on Georgian Bay Islands National Park Shorelines Forsythe
Miller, Learie 2004 An Evaluation of the Applicability of Landscape Patch Analysis Using GIS to Evaluate the Centreville Creek Sub-watershed in Ontario Bardecki
Miron, Peter 2006 On Suburban Retail Real Estate Valuation Wang. S
Mitchell, Joshua 2006 Consumer Travel Patterns in the Greater Toronto Area Hernandez
Moini, Mazdak 2007 Geographically Weighted Regression as a Tool in Estimating Auto Insurance Loss Cost Yeates
Molina Aguilar, Juan Carlos 2009 Coffee Quality Zonation in the Montecillos Mountain Range, Honduras Forsythe
Molina Segura, Carolina C. 2009 Mapping Hurricane Damage in an Urban Forest using Remote Sensing Techniques: A Case Study of Point Pleasant Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Millward
Montain, Jacqueline 2001 Integrating Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Analysis into Public Health Applications Forsythe
Morrison, Harold 2008 Land Cover Distribution and change in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from 1985-2005 Millward
Murphy, Stephanie Nicole Mary 2011 Identifying and Quantifying the Change of Perennial Snowpacks at Melville Island, Nunavut, Canada Atkinson
Nasr, Shiraz 2009 Social Vulnerability to Extreme Heat in the City of Toronto: An Assessment using GIS-Based Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis Rinner
Nnabuihe, Rita 2010 Evaluating Bank Branch Location: A Case Study of Puerto Rico Hernandez
Neher, Laura 2006 Cable Television Services in Canada: A look at Market Penetration and Regional Differences in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver Yeates
Niwand, Yama 2009 Socio-Economic Implications of a Wal-Mart on an Inner City Location: Dufferin Mall Neighbourhood, Toronto Ceh
Norwood, Todd 2005 Can Socio-economics and Spatial Dependence Predict Crime? Csillag (UofT)
Onafrychuk, Craig 2007 Tracking Saturated Areas in the Landscape: A Topographic Approach Banting
Ozuna, Fernando 2005 An Examination of the Geodemographic Element of the Location Strategy of Wal-Mart In the Federal District, Mexico Hernandez
Panitch, Maxim 2007 Hard Spaces: A Geography of Homelessness in Ontario Hernandez
Papas, Gary 2008 Comparing the Spatial (Mis)Match and Modelling Accessibility to Linguistically-Matched Family Physicians Among Immigrants in Toronto Wang. L
Park, Bumjo (Kevin) 2009 Utilization of and Spatial Accessibility to Korean-Speaking Family Physicians among Korean Immigrants in Toronto and Hamilton Wang. L
Park, Joseph M. 2009 Exploring the Geography of Television News Consumption in Canada Ceh
Paudel, Kamal 2008 Urban Park Soil Restoration: Geostatistical Analysis Of A Naturalization Strategy For Kew Gardens Park, Toronto Millward
Penczak, Claire
2010 Evaluation of Weights-of-Evidence Modelling: A Red Lake, Ontario Case Study Banting
Pinel, Etienne 2005 Comparative Analysis of Trade Areas Techniques for Shopping Centres Assessment Hernandez
Pitre, Mike 2011 Bridging the Adaptation Deficit; Evaluating the Effectiveness of Geo-Technological Applications for Building Arctic Community Climate Change Adaptive Capacity Duerden
Plawinski, Sylwia 2009 Today's Thrifty Consumer: A Study of Online Shopping Preferences Hernandez
Podkoscielny, Joann 2005 Food for Thought: The Spatial Profiles of Restaurant Delivery Customers Hernandez
Pong, Kenneth 2008 Sub-Ethnic Succession: Understanding the Spatial Evolution of Chinese Settlement in Toronto Between 1996 and 2006 Doucet
Pothier, Aaron 2010 Institutional Valuation of Tree Cover in a City Centre: An Urban Forest Management Opportunity Millward
Radkhoshnoud, Nasim 2002 Spatial Patterns of HIV/Aids and Tuberculosis Disease within the African Continent Carlson
Rallis, Timothy J. 2008 Green Roof Performance Analysis Using High Resolution Spatial Data: Applications for Stormwater Modelling Banting
Raos, Robert 2006 Explaining Variations in School Readiness: The Influence of Child Demographics, Socioeconomic Characteristics, and Neighbourhoods In A Spatial Regression Model Carlson
Ren, Wei 2008 Exploring The Spatial Expansion Strategies Of Canadian Wal-Mart Supercentres Hernandez
Ritchie, Isabel 2011 Ethnic Economies and Residential Contexts: The Case of the Gerrard India Bazaar Bauder
Rodriguez, Peter S. 2009 Assessing The Geographic Distribution of Mercury and Lead in Buffalo River Sediments Forsythe
Roisman, Deborah 2007 Modelling Spatial Accessibility to Primary Health Care Among Mainland Chinese Immigrants in the Toronto Census Metropolitan Area Wang. L
Ross, Kelly 2004 Spatial Lifestyle Correlates of Type II Diabetes in Toronto Jones
Sanders, Cara 2007 A Comparison of the Socioeconomic Status and Housing Characteristics of Aboriginal, Immigrant and Other Canadians Haider
Sani, Aaron P. 2011 A Scalable Geospatial Web Platform for Argumentation Mapping Rinner
Schreiber, Gregory 2008 Connecting Supply And Demand: Travel Behaviour And Market Segmentation In Profiling Power Retail Consumers Hernandez
Schuster, Andrew 2006 Sales Forecasts Surface Modelling: A Paradigm Shift from Euclidean To Raster Space Hernandez
Sheriff, Craig 2003 Spatial Analysis and Decision Support for Retail Porperty Management Jones
Shock, Peter Bradford 2011 Spatial Relationships Between Socio-Economic Status and Sources of Hazardous Air Pollution in the City of Toronto, Canada Rinner
Smalec, Alina Ann 2011 Landscape Change in The Prudhoe Bay Oil Field, Alaska and Potential Implications for Resource Development in Parsons Lake, Northwest Territories Atkinson
Spagnolo, Anthony 2004 The Application of Store Segmentation and Sales Performance Modeling to Network Planning Hernandez
Squirrell, Colin 2007 Landscape Extent Response of Adirondack Forest to the 1998 Ice Storm Millward
Stobart, Alex 2008 Spatial Strategy and Growth of Western Retailers in China Wang. S
Sutherland, Stewart 2009 New-Urbanist vs. Conventional Suburban Development: A Spatial and Demographic Analysis of Residents' Previous Neighbourhoods Haider
Sutton, Darren 2003 A GIS-Based Glood Forecasting Model for the Duffins Creek Watershed, Ontario Forsythe
Szuba, Daniel C.
2010 Comparison of Interpolation Methods for the Spatial Mapping of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers in Lake Ontario Forsythe
Szyngiel, Robert 2007 The Study of the Obesogenicity of Canadian Communities Using GIS Carslon
Toleti, Brahma 2008 Urban Forest Soil Characteristics: A Geostatistical Analysis of Allan Gardens Park, Toronto, Canada Millward
Tormala, Travis 2010 Accessibility to Family Physicians within the Sudbury CMA: An Integrated Approach using both Spatial and Aspatial Factors Wang. L
Tsuchiya, Rina 2004 A Spatial Analysis on the Effectiveness of ESL Services and Recent Chinese Immigrants in the Toronto CMA Hernandez
Valencia Saravia, Juan 2011 Interpreting the Dual-Brand Strategy of Best Buy in its Canadian Operation Wang. S
Vandahl, Erin 2008 A Place for Urbanity in Retail Sales Forecasting Hernandez
Veno, Bonnie 2007 A Comparative Study of Selected Crime Analysis Software: Crime Analysis Spatial Extension (CASE), Crimestat III and Rigel Analyst Carlson
Vuong, Quyen 2001 Exploration of Trade Area Models Case Study: ScotiaBank Coppack
Weatherburn, Thomas 2009 The Urban Heat Island in Toronto: Interpreting Mesoclimates through Detrended Kriging and Multiple Linear Regression Banting
Williams, Ian M. 2009 Identifying The Role of Places of Worship in the Residential Location Patterns of Jewish and Muslim Populations in the Toronto CMA Haider
Wilson, Jonathan 2001 The Impact of New Format Retailers on Shopping Centres: Toronto Area Case Study Truelove
Yee, Derek 2008 Neighbourhood Characterization for Pandemic Planning in Peel Region, Ontario Rinner
Yermakhanova, Olga 2008 The Effect of Spatial Association of Multiple Criteria on Clustering and Sensitivity of Decision Alternatives Rinner
Young, Jacqueline 2009 Neighbourhood-Level Planning for Newcomer Health Services: The Role of Maps and Indicator Standardization Rinner
Young, Stephen 2010 Building a Comparable Store Model for Sales Estimation through Trade Area Delineation and Market Classification for a Major Quick Service (QSR) Chain in Canada Wang. S
Zhong, Jason 2009 Delineating Ethnoburbs: A Framework for Examining The Impacts of Ethnic Settlements on the Commercial and Political Landscape in the Toronto Census Metropolitan Area Wang. S
Jackson, Alison 2012 A Spatial Analysis of Food Deserts and Income in the Hamilton CMA
Carter, Brad
2012 Locally Weighted Linear Combination in a Vector Geographic Information System
Scarpone, Christopher
2012 A Three-Dimensional Model for Quantifying the Temperature Moderating Potential of Tree Shadow on an Asphalt Parking Surface
Hazell, Emily 2012 Exploring Individual and Contextual Influences on Self-Perceived Mental Health of Foreign-Born Populations within the Toronto CMA, 2007-2010
Wang. L
Ferrato, Lisa-Jen
2012 Comparing Hyperspectral and Multispectral Imagery for Land Classification of The Lower Don River, Toronto
Floroff, John 2012 Creating a Wildfire Model from Remote Sensing of Boreal Forests in Northern Ontario
Zhang_Haoran 2012 Examining the Changing Spatial Relationship Between Ethnic Grocery Business Development and Immigrant Settlement Patterns in The Toronto CMA
Wang. L
Hermann, Brett Karl 2012 Cineplex SCENE Member Crossover and Trade Area Analysis: A Comparison of the Toronto and Vancouver CMA
Bannis, Joel
2012 Spatial Analysis of Sources Contributing to Concentration Levels of PAHs in Stream Sediments
Critchley, Jonathan
2012 Geographic Information from Social Media: Assessing Tweets about Hot Weather in Toronto
Krnic, Christian John
2012 Spatial Distribution of Contaminant Concentrations in the St. Marys River
Ossher, Neil
2012 Adjusting Population Projection Models using Ancillary Data on Residential Development
Wang. S
Prendergast, Phil 2012 Associating with a Transient National Identity:
An Analysis of British Origin and Visible Minorities in the
Toronto Census Metropolitan Area
Morrison, Scott 2012 Banking on Success: Using Geomarketing to Evaluate the Distribution and Response to Financial Marketing
Wu, Tony
2012 Monitoring Land Cover Change in Ontario's Greenbelt Region from 1985-2005
Hu, Wei
2012 Neighbourhood Environment, Individual Characteristics and Immigrant Health in Canada's Metropolitan Areas: A Multi-Level Modeling Approach
Wang. L
Alsayyed, Ziya 2012 Quality Assessment for Road Network Data Banting
Anissa, Abel 2013 Spatial Analysis of Urban Environmental Quality around Condominiums in Toronto
Bowman, Lisa 2013 An Application for Regional Coastal Erosion Processes in Urban Areas: A Case Study of the Golden Horseshoe
Buckingham, Tegan 2013 Using Cluster Statistics to Determine the Relationships between Disadvantaged Populations and Air Polluting Facilities in Toronto, Canada
Carr, Marina
2013 Obesity in Canada: A Preliminary Analysis of Potential Predictors of BMI
Wang. L
Carter, Christopher Robert 2013 Assessing the Digital Approach to the Study of Business Geography: An Evaluation of ESRI's Business Analyst 10.1
Wang. S
Cattana, Christina 2013 A GIS-Assisted Evaluation of Toronto Public Libraries: Assessing Impacts of Proposed Closures
Wang. S
Chambers, Michael 2013 Predictive Power of Film Attributes with Respect to Audience Demographics
Desai, Kruti
2013 Augmenting Regional Planning through the Participatory Geospatial Web – A Scenario for the Neptis Geoweb Tool Rinner
Emmons, Matthew
2013 Modifying the Two Step Floating Catchment Area Model to Consider Population Heterogeneity in Regards to Primary Care Physician Access in the Toronto CMA
Wang. L
Grunstra, Mary
2013 Spatial Distribution of Haloacetic Acid Concentrations in Treated and Distribution Water Samples in Drinking Water in Ontario
Hare, Cameron
2013 Assessing Ozone and Fine Particulate Matter Concentrations and Trends in Ontario, Canada, 2003-2012
Heinrich, Krista 2013 Normalization and Spatio-Temporal Standardization in Multi-Criteria Analysis: A Case Study of Wellbeing Toronto
Henry, Ruthanne 2013 Spatial Analysis Methods for Trails Planning Within Environmentally Significant Areas: A Case Study in Toronto, Canada
Lacalamita, Julie 2013 An Analysis of Online and Offline Shopping Patterns in Urban and Suburban Regions of The Greater Toronto Area
Lau, Shirley 2013 Examining Spatial and Temporal Trends in the Evolution of Regional and Super-Regional Shopping Centres Across Canada, from 1996-2013
Lo, Denise
2013 The Geography of Aging: Exploring the Lives of Chinese Seniors in the Toronto CMA
Mackay, Kevin   2013 The Effect of Occupation on the Spatial Distribution of HIV and AIDS in Thailand Using Amoeba Cluster Analysis
Maher, Yurie
2013 An Impact Assessment of Particulate Matter on Human Health - An Exploratory Analysis in India as A Case Study
McKay, Adam
2013 The Geography of Health in Thailand: An Exploration in the Relationship between Non-Government Organizations and HIV/AIDS
Nicolucci, Adrian 2013 Soil Characteristics and their Relationship to Tree Root Density and Morphology
Albanese, Sandra
An Analysis of Spatial Relationships between Electrical Fires in the Greater Toronto Area And Socioeconomic Characteristics
Davis, William
2014 An Interactive and Dynamic Mobile Web Application for Digital Tourism ( A Geospatial Complement to the City of Toronto’s Discovery Walks Program Millward
Lalla, Rajiv
2014 A Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Adult Offenders in Community-Based Corrections in Ontario from 2004 to 2013 using Location Quotient and Shift-Share Analyses Kedron
Tehranchi, Sina
2014 Spatial Assessment of Road Traffic Injuries in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA): Spatial Analysis Framework Vaz
Kolpak, Patrycja
2014 Exploring the Social and Spatial Factors for Chronic Diseases in Toronto and Chicago Neighbourhoods Wang. L
Little, Alexander
2014 Testing the Spatial Accuracy of Selected Trade Area Delineation Techniques in Relation to Cinema Patronage: A Comparison of Toronto and Vancouver Ceh
Amundsen, Briac
2014 Modelling Biophysical and Carbon Dioxide Exchange Properties in the Canadian Arctic using Soil-Adjusted Vegetation Indices
Moore, Jarrett 2014 Offender Journey to Crime and Hotspot Environmental Characteristics in Durham Region 2009-2013 Wang. S
Kniss, Patrick 2014 Recreation, Place & Urban Revitalization: A Case Study of the Regent Park Aquatics Centre & Scadding Court Community Recreation Centre Ghosh
Migdal, Tomasz 2014 Modeling Urban Growth with Existing Urban Built-up Area within the Toronto Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) using Ordinary Least Squares and Geographically Weighted Regression Kedron
Whitcomb, Diana 2014 Designing the Geo-Infographic Hernandez
Buckland, Amy
2014 Spatial Analysis of Leed Projects in the Toronto and Vancouver Census Metropolitan Areas from 2001 to 2013
Khan, Naseef 2014 Determining Retail Quality: A Case Study of Regional and Super-Regional Shopping Centres in The Greater Toronto Area Hernandez
Pavlakidis, Peter 2014 Reconstructing Targets Location Strategy for Canada
Wang. S
Mitchell, Danielle 2014 Identifying Salinization through Mulitispectral Band Analysis: Lake Urmia, Iran
Daniel, Kressell 2014 Socio-Economic Implications of a Wal-Mart Supercenter within the Urban Dufferin Mall Area, Toronto, Ontario
Kwan, Philip
2014 Plotting Potential Level-3 Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles in the Greater Toronto Area Wang. S
Macpherson, Bradley
2014 The Application of Centrality Measures to Smart Growth Planning in the Greater Golden Horseshoe Area Hernandez
Galati, Daniel
2014 Applying Spatial Analysis Tools to Predict Valley Fever in California, USA
Friesen, Adrien
2015 Smart Track Station Evaluation in Toronto: Ridership Forecasting and Feasibility Analysis of Station Catchment Areas
Wang. S
French, Kiyomi
2015 Analysis of Distribution Centre Locations for a Major Retailer in Canada
Melendez, Bernardo 2015 Analyzing Change in Bank Branch Networks in the Toronto CMA
Wang. S
Chin, Kaylin
2015 Evaluating Sustainable Development Across the Continuous United States: Application of the United Nations' Indicators of Sustainable Development
Stiss, Maxwell
2015 Ground Level Retail and Mid-Rise Development Trends along the 'Avenues' of the City of Toronto from 2010-2014
Hinves, Alexa
2015 Developing a Methodology for Measuring Access to Services: A Case Study of Access to Food Retail Services in the City of Toronto
Strelioff, Shannon
2015 Examining Street Level Robbery Predictors in Durham, Ontario using Statistical and Risk Terrain Modeling
Wang. L
Valancius, Christine
2015 Comparing the Cooling Ability of Green Spaces in Suburban and Urban Areas using LST and NDVI
Zhao, Yishi
2015 Cluster Analysis of Injury using Self-Organzing Maps - A Case Study of Extended Golden Horseshoe
Munn, Tyler
2015 Spatial Analysis of 911 STEMI Calls for Toronto Paramedic Services
Wang. L
Miki, Jessica
2015 PySAL an Open Source Development Framework for Spatial Analysis for Health Data
Liadsky, Daniel 2015 Exploring Toronto's Foodscapes: Measuring The Food Environment and Healthy Eating Behaviours
Lara Palacios, Elmer
2015 The Social and Spatial Patterning of Stress in Canada
Wang. L
Sanchez, Ricardo 2015 Transformation of Book Retailing in Canada Wang. S
Levy, Jacob
2015 A Spatial Analysis of Distribution of Practicing International Medical Graduates in Canada, Ontario, and Toronto
Wang. L
Moran, Nicia
2015 Site Selection using Geographic Information Systems and Multi-Criteria Decision Model
Suitor, Kirk
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Spatial Analysis:
Program Details
Program-Related News

30 November 2019 - Congratulations to MSA student Nebojsa Stulic, whose map poster "East Asians in USA: Demographic Trends of Diverse Population" won the Canadian Cartographic Association's 2019 President's Prize for excellence in student map design at the university level. Nebojsa also earned an honourable mention in the 46th annual map design competition of the US-based Cartography and Geographic Information Society (student categories - Arthur Robinson Award for Best Printed Map) for his final project completed for the MSA core course SA8905 Cartography and Geovisualization in Fall 2018.

27 August 2019 - Orientation event for a new class of 22 MSA in Spatial Analysis candidates: Welcome to Toronto, Ryerson, and the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies!

10 July 2019 - MSA thesis student Arsh Grewal presents his research with MSA faculty members Drs. Stephanie Melles and Claire Oswald on “Source, Transport and Fate of Cohesive Sediment in Aquatic Systems: Implications for Water Quality and Ecosystem Health” at the 27th IUGG General Assembly in Montreal.

30 May 2019 - Congratulations to MSA faculty member Dr. Claire Oswald, winner of Water’s Next academic leader award for her work on road salt and the impact on surface waters!

4 April 2019 - MSA student Selasi Dorkenoo presented in the Geospatial Health Research Poster Session at the 2019 Annual Meeting of the AAG. Her topic “Accessing informal and formal social supports among older immigrants in Canada: A mixed-methods approach” is part of a collaboration of MSA faculty member Dr. Lu Wang with researchers at Ryerson and three other Ontario universities.

1 February 2019 - Are you interested in impervious land-use feature classification? Check out the new paper by MSA graduate Ela Lichtblau and MSA faculty member Dr. Claire Oswald, “Classification of impervious land-use features using object-based image analysis and data fusion”,

29 January 2019 - MSA faculty member Dr. Lu Wang, Gabby Lee, MSA ‘17, and Ian Williams, MSA ’09, and Head of Analytics & Innovation at the Toronto Police Service, co-authored a paper on “The Spatial and Social Patterning of Property and Violent Crime in Toronto Neighbourhoods: A Spatial-Quantitative Approach”, which is available at

14 November 2018 - GIS Day2018 event in collaboration with Ryerson University Library and Archives and Esri Canada includes a presentation on big data in retail analytics by MSA faculty member Dr. Tony Hernandez and Joe Aversa, MSA ’10 and PhD cand. at Wilfred Laurier University. The Department of Geography and Environmental Studies will also participate in the City of Toronto’s GIS Day event on November 20th with a presentation of select MSA student work.

13 November 2018 - Thank you, Environics Analytics, for allowing 25 MSA students to present their cool cartography and geovisualization course projects at the 2018 EA User Conference!

11 October 2018 - Congratulations, MSA class of 2018 on today’s convocation ceremony!

11 June 2018 - MSA student Krystal Siebert presented her research on “Use of Wetland-to-Lake Hydrologic Connectivity Metrics to Better Understand Broad-Scale Patterns in Lake Dissolved Organic Carbon Concentrations” at 2018 meeting of the Canadian Geophysical Union.

1 June 2018 - At the 2018 meeting of the Canadian Cartographic Association (CCA), MSA student Melanie MacDonald reported on her course project on mapping informal settlements in Nairobi, Kenya, using OpenStreetMap with an associated story map and some artwork too. Congrats, Melanie, on being selected for the CCA’s best student paper/presentation award at the conference!

17 May 2018 - Andy Charles, MSA '01, who served as Analyst and Retail Consultant at Scotiabank, and Sears Canada, and now is Senior Manager of Strategy, Analytics, and Insights at Loblaw Co, was profiled for Ryerson University’s 70/25-year anniversary. Andy was among the first eight Ryerson students to ever receive a graduate degree - see him cross the stage at Fall 2001 convocation at

3 May 2018 - At the MSA Poster Day, 19 students presented their major research paper or thesis research plans. The photo at shows faculty, staff, prospective MSA students, and industry representatives listening attentively to the student’s presentation across an extraordinary range of topics.

28 March 2018 - Sean Marshall, MSA ’05, spoke to an undergraduate Geographic Analysis class today about potential campus locations in Brampton. In addition to his day job as Geospatial Health Analyst, Sean blogs about urban transportation issues and is a contributing writer for Spacing Magazine and TVO.

14 March 2018 - Taking a daily dive into Data Lake… For International Women’s Day, Scotiabank’s Digital Factory profiled the work of Margaret Woo, MSA ’01, and Senior Manager, Applied Analytics at the bank.

2 March 2018 - Ryerson’s “Alumni of Grad Studies” series features a portrait of Amanda Maze, MSA '04, and Director of Spatial Strategy and Real Estate Insights at Walmart Canada. The Master of Spatial Analysis is one of Ryerson’s longest-running graduate degrees with extraordinary career opportunities in geography, GIS, retail, marketing, banking, and real estate.

10 February 2018 - New article by a group of MSA faculty and students: K. Wayne Forsythe et al., “Assessing fine particulate matter concentrations and trends in southern Ontario, Canada, 2003-2012.” Get your open access copy at

2 February 2018 - Ryerson Today  article on “Why your geography degree will get you a job”, highlighting the transferable skills acquired in the MSA program: “From retail to crime analytics to public health, geography is in high demand”, citing the experience of MSA alumni Heather Hart and Joe Aversa.

23 November 2017 - Celebrating the Centre for the Study of Commercial Activity's (CSCA) 25th anniversary with an evening event around Canadian retail, real estate, and consumer behaviour trends. The CSCA is a founding partner of the MSA program and has hosted numerous MSA student research projects.

13 November 2017 - GIS Day event in the MSA lab. Students presented their completed Geovisualization projects, ranging from interactive and animated maps to 3D prints and other physical models.

19 October 2017 - The annual MSA practicum host reception showcases experiential learning at its best. Quotes from placement hosts overheard at the reception: MSA students make “maps that really change the conversation” about city planning and are “fully involved in our work group”, not just given a project to go off with. In other organizations, MSA students use GIS to help estimate mortgage risk, and employ location intelligence in environmental conservation. In retail network planning, MSA students consult on store cannibalization. As information designers at a major consultancy, MSA students will contribute to turning analytics into actionable decisions. MSA placement students will also participate in addressing police accountability and cost using geospatial data analysis. There even was a bit of competition between hosts about which is the coolest placement in conservation!

12 October 2017 - Congratulations, Master of Spatial Analysis (MSA) class of 2017 @RyersonU! Eggy, the mascot, likes #Geography #GIS and #WomenInAnalytics, see our tweet at

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