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About the Workshop

On June 18 and 19, 2018, Ryerson Urban Water hosted the "Implementing Green Infrastructure: Building a Community of Practice" workshop at Ryerson University. Practitioners from Ontario and indeed across Canada gathered to advance and resolve obstacles to green infrastructure implementation. Participants included engineers, architects, planners, landscape architects, manufacturers and developers.


At the beginning of the workshop, speakers unveiled the changing regulatory landscape in Ontario. 

Speakers presented from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, the City of Toronto, the City of Kitchener, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, SCS Consulting Group, Credit Valley Conservation Authority, Mattamy Homes and Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority. 

See the speakers' presentations here.


Practitioners were then assigned to teams with other disciplines to design green infrastructure in both Greenfield and Retrofit sites. PDF fileSee scenarios here.

Each site posed various challenges. Participants toiled for one full day then delivered site plan solutions to the audience. The authors and support committees responsible for site development then offered feedback to the teams about their innovative solutions.


Participants overwhelmingly reported light-bulb moments using their interdisciplinary integrated approach, and reported that the designs were enhanced by having the experts all together at the table, rather than passing the designs along in the typical segmented workflow.

Teams were able to discuss and integrate feedback throughout design development, rather than receive feedback once their task was done, and redress. Teams felt this engagement made the design development more efficient and productive. Designs were ultimately found to be of better quality, given the limited time.


"The Ryerson Green Infrastructure Workshop introduces stormwater management parameters to stakeholders in development and intensification. As a licensed architect, success of residential projects can depend on early knowledge of general features and critical details. Group work on real sites clarified issues. I brought an open mind and experienced valuable, enjoyable learning."

Stephen Pollock, OAA

Green Bee Atelier Inc.

"The guest speakers at the workshop gave a great overview of the importance of green infrastructure, and changing stormwater standards. Working with a team of design and engineering professionals to develop innovative solutions for real projects was also an enriching experience. It would be amazing if we could make this a requirement for education programs to better prepare the next generation of land-based professionals!"

Sheila Boudreau, OALA, CSLA, RPP/OPPI, MCIP

Senior Landscape Architect, Special Projects and Design Services

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority


Many thanks to James Li, Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at Ryerson University who motivated Ryerson Urban Water to host this important and timely workshop.

We'd like to also thank the Planning Committee for their significant contributions. The Committee began work in August 2017 and were the driving force behind this incredibly successful event.

Credit for Images

Regarding images and products produced at the Workshop - practitioners participated in a learning exercise and were told their photos and products would be recorded. All collaborative products were acheived through group work and not the sole property of any individual. To reproduce any of the images, please cite the following "Co-created by participants during Ryerson Urban Water's Implementing Green Infrastructure: Building a Community of Practice Workshop."

To view the list of participants, click here.