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The Team

The CSDC is a multi-disciplinary team comprised of counsellors, social workers, psychologists and interns all supported by our clinical coordinator, administrative coordinator and administrative staff. The Centre is a unit of Student Health and Wellness under the direction of Allan MacDonald.

Maura O'Keefe, MSW RSW
Clinical Co-ordinator

Patricia Marchitelli
Administrative Coordinator, Student Health and Wellness

Dr. Immaculate Antony, C. Psych

Dr. Diana Brecher, C. Psych

Colleen Conroy Amato, MSW, RSW

Dr. Maria ChaparroC.Psych

Bronwyn Dickson, MSW, RSW

Ruth Frolic, MEd, RP

Jas Gill, M.A.

Dr. Laura Girz, C. Psych.

Lauren Goodman, MSW, RSW

Joanna Holt, MEd, RP

Matthias Kaay, MSW, RSW, MA 

Dr. Andrea Martin, C. Psych

David McNeill, MSW, RSW

Dr. Jesmen Mendoza, C.Psych.

Gauthamie Poolokasingham, Pre-Doctoral Intern

Miriam Reese, MSW, RSW

Andrew Ross, MSW, RSW

Jean Tsai, MEd, RP

Rosemarie Volpe, MA.Sc, RP

Krystal Warner, MSW, RSW

Jenna Wells, MSW, RSW

Sahri Woods Baum, MEd, RP

Sheila Wong
Counselling Centre Assistant

Aaron Bond
Front-Line Assistant/Receptionist