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Booking an Appointment with Us  

All appointments, including with counsellors located in faculty satellite offices, are booked through CSDC reception (416-979-5195, Room JOR 07C) at the earliest available time. At peak times, however, students in non-emergency situations may have to wait several days or even a few weeks before their initial session. 

Unless your concerns are resolved during an initial triage appointment, depending on your needs and concerns, you will normally either be placed on our wait-list for referral to one of the other counsellors in the Centre In some cases you will be referred to the most suitable internal or community resource.

Please click here for information about our late cancellation/no show policy. 



If you feel that your safety or that of others is at risk, please make the urgency of your situation know to our receptionist.  Faculty and staff wishing to refer their students during a time of crisis or in emergency situations are encouraged to contact our receptionist for further instructions – 416-979-5195.


What to expect in your first appointment?

Your first step at our Centre will be to attend an initial appointment.  The purpose of this appointment is to:

  • Make sure you are safe.
  • Listen and learn about what is most troubling right now.
  • Provide you with one tip or skill to begin to help with your difficulty.
  • Introduce you to interactive online tools.
  • Provide our recommendations for next steps, including internal or external referrals.
  • You will be talking to a friendly counsellor for about 50 minutes.


What to bring?

If you or your family have third party insurance (often through your or your parent’s employer), and if you are comfortable speaking to your family about your challenges, find out how much coverage you have, and what type of practitioner you are eligible to see.  If you have good coverage, we can typically provide referrals to community therapists who are available within 1-2 weeks all year round.

All new clients will be asked to fill out our [intake form] upon arrival.  Paper copies will be available at your first appointment.

How long will I wait after my initial appointment?

[Take Care] groups provide immediate opportunities to build community, boost your confidence, and develop new coping strategies.  Groups run daily.

Our [closed psychotherapy groups] typically begin in October and February.

Wait times for individual therapy will vary from 1 week (for students in crisis) to 4-6 months depending on the nature and urgency of your concern, access to private insurance, and time of year.