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The Ryerson Safe House provides free and confidential emotional support and assistance with respect to security, academic, financial and short-term housing concerns to Ryerson students who:

  • are at immediate risk of physical, sexual or emotional abuse;
  • are fleeing unsafe or intolerable living conditions; or
  • have been made suddenly homeless as a result of compelling or extreme circumstance.


See our brochure for more information.


How A Student Can Access the Ryerson Safe House

The first step is to speak with a counsellor in the Centre for Student Development and Counselling (JOR-07C, 416-979-5195). Once it is determined that the Safe House would be an appropriate resource, your counsellor will provide on-going assistance in dealing with the immediate crisis and in planning for the longer-term.


Contact the Ryerson Centre for Student Development and Counselling at 416-979-5195.