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Career and Educational Concerns

Am I in the right program of studies? How come I feel so out of place? Why am I unmotivated about my courses? This isn't what I expected, I'm stressed out and my grades are suffering, now what? Graduation is coming up, OMG - where do I go from here? Who am I and in what direction do I want to head? What do I want out of my life?

It’s not unusual for university students to ask questions such as these. Professional counsellors in the Centre for Student Development and Counselling (CSDC) with expertise in career development are available to meet with you on a one-to-one basis to help you move through typical milestones that may arise during your academic career. We also offer a number of group programs and workshops specifically designed to assist you in defining your personal, educational and career goals, and acquire the decision-making confidence, resources and transferable skills necessary for professional success and individual growth.

Career Counselling

Professional career counselling is about understanding yourself in relation to the choices you make about your academics, occupation and lifestyle. Benefits include maximizing your investment of time and money in your education, ensuring a good fit with your program, developing increased self confidence in your direction, enhancing motivation for your studies, and learning to develop an identity on campus and in the community. Professional counselling can also allow you to work through the confusion, anxiety and disappointment that can sometimes accompany educational and career decision-making.

The Career and Co-op Centre offers appointments, workshops and events, and resources related to career development. Learn more by visiting and find the Career and Co-op Centre in POD-60.

Please note that the CSDC does not provide career counselling to Continuing Education Students.  Those wishing to access this service should do so through the Career Centre.

Educational Counselling

Counsellors assist both undergraduate and graduate students with educational decision-making and planning including changing programs and future studies (post-diploma, graduate and professional). Group programs are available to those with an academic standing of Required to Withdraw or Permanent Program Withdrawal who are thinking about taking their studies in another direction.

For guidance on course selection, course drops, academic standing and other concerns specific to your program of studies, your first step should be to consult with the academic advisor in your school/department.  Unlike centralized guidance offices in the secondary school system, each Ryerson program has administrative personnel designated to advise students on these matters.

Please note that the Centre for Student Development and Counselling does not provide educational counselling to prospective students. For easy access to information about undergraduate and graduate programs as well as our Continuing Education offerings, please visit Ryerson’s webpage for Future Students

Help - I'm Reconsidering My Educational Direction and I Don't Know Where To Start

(Call 416-979-5195 or drop by the Centre to register.)

Are you having misgivings about your program of study? Have your grades and / or academic standing been compromised? Do you want to identify an educational path that might better suit you? Would you like to know more about alternative programs, schools, or occupations?

Having a clear understanding of who you are and what you want, and knowing how to research the worlds of work and education are critical components of effective career decision-making. Join this session and learn about the tools and information you need to re-evaluate your direction and formulate a new plan.


What am I Doing Here and Where am I Going?

(Call 416-979-5195 or drop by the Centre to book a pre-group interview.)

Are you increasingly losing interest in your program of studies? Do you feel like you've lost your direction and that you're becoming confused about where you're heading? Are your ideas of success based on family pressures? Is your lack of motivation leading you to feel anxious, worried, disengaged? Are your grades suffering? In this 6 sessions group, you will have the opportunity to discuss these issues at length with other students in a similar position. By exploring who you really are and what you really want, you can discover your "inner compass", learn how to navigate your route, and thereby create a more meaningful student experience.


Final Year but Stuck in First Gear

(Call 416-979-5195 or drop by the Centre to book a pre-group interview.)

Are you in your last year of study? Do you feel burnt out, like you're losing momentum? Do your student batteries need charging? Completing your degree is an exciting and important milestone. At the same time, relinquishing your student role and stepping into "the real world" can feel confusing and overwhelming. If you need to get back into gear and develop a roadmap to plan for the future, this 4 session group can help.


The A, B, C's of Getting Into Graduate and Professional Schools

(Call 416-979-5195 for room location. There is no registration and space is limited, so plan to arrive early.)

Part A: Previewing the Process

Planning for your future studies begins with understanding your motivation for wanting to pursue further education. Knowing what to expect and what makes for a strong candidate increases your chances of a positive outcome. In this initial session you will be introduced to all of the components necessary for preparing a comprehensive and competitive application. Critical time lines of which to be aware will also be discussed.

Part B: Assessing Your Assets

Whether your application involves a resume, personal statement, or interview (or some combination thereof) assessing your assets and experiences is the first step in being able to present them in a dynamic and convincing way. This session will give you the tools you need to evaluate what you have to offer, clarify your education and occupational goals, and impress admission committees with your qualifications.

Part C: Preparing Your Personal Statement

In this session you will learn how to construct a personal statement which highlights both your assets and your academic and life experiences in the most positive way. As well, you will be guided in how to decide whether graduate school is the next best career step and provided with strategies for researching schools and programs in order to inform your written submission. It is strongly recommended that you first attend Part A and Part B.

Required to Withdraw/Reinstatement/Fresh Start

Getting Better Grades

Appeal Information

Online Application Resources

Graduate & Professional School Admissions Tests 

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