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Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol and certain drugs can have a substantial effect on health status and learning capabilities. It is important to equip yourself with reliable, accurate information. Please refer to the links below for support and information on alcohol and drug use:


Alcohol Guidelines and Alcohol Misuse

Drug Use


Benefits of drinking less alcohol:

  • Save Money — Alcohol can be very expensive.

  • Your weight — Alcohol is heavy on calories.

  • Sleep soundly — Drinking less means that you get more high quality sleep.

  • Reduce stress — Some people say that they drink to relax, but in fact excess.

  • Avoid hangovers — Feel better and be more productive during your day.

  • Stay healthy for longer — Reduce the risk of chronic diseases.


For more detailed information on addiction, please visit or contact the Centre of Addiction and Mental Health.

For immediate support, please visit Student Development and Counselling or contact Good2Talk.