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Petrovic, Mima


PhD Candidate


BA (Hons) in History, Trinity College, University of Toronto. MA in History, University of Toronto. PhD Candidate in History (ABD), University of Toronto.


POD 375

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Europe: Early Modern France; Western Europe; Central and Eastern Europe; Women and Gender; Legal, Social, Intellectual, and Cultural History


Ms. Mima C. Petrovic has taught in the Department of History at Ryerson University and the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education since 2003. She received her BA in History and French, and her MA in History from the University of Toronto, and is completing her PhD at the same institution. A specialist in the history of marriage and the family in early modern France, she is writing her doctoral dissertation on marriage breakdown and annulment in 17th- and 18th-century Paris, with a focus on the growth of patriarchal authority over women and children. She has presented research in the history of the family, gender, and sexuality, examining the historical constructions of feminine and masculine identities; the contestation of paternal authority; and most recently, the historical value of storytelling in trial documents. She has taught courses in early modern and modern Europe, history and film, and the history of ideas.