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Bachelor of Arts in History

To complete a BA in History, you must take 40 one-semester courses, including foundational courses in the “Historian’s Craft” (H-Craft) and capstone seminars that develop your research, analytical, and communication skills. You can also explore options such as heritage management courses, work placements, and a thesis course, and you can choose to include a Minor in another subject within your 40-course matrix.

New for Fall 2020: Double Major in History and Criminology; Double Major in History and Politics and Governance; Double Major in History and Sociology


Historians enrich our awareness through scholarly research and thoughtful analysis. Using documents, oral traditions, material culture, audio-visual productions, and other sources, they ask questions that elicit more than simple explanations. Historians seek to explain cultures and peoples, political and economic systems, ideas and issues, and continuity and change in order to better comprehend the human experience.

Minor in History

The History Minor presents an excellent opportunity to explore the past and its meaning for today's world, either across a range of areas and themes from ancient civilizations to contemporary issues in historical perspective, or through focusing on a particular region, period, or approach.