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Department of History Internal Awards

The Department of History Internal Awards recognize excellence among students studying History. Please note that:

  • students may be eligible for other awards in addition to those sponsored by the department;
  • the department may decide not to make a particular award in a given year.

History Student Entrance Award

This award will support first-year undergraduate students in the History BA program  based on a combination of criteria including academic achievement, financial need and community service. Each award is worth $1000.

Year Awards in History

The department recognizes the student in either the History program, History and Philosophy double major program, English and History double major program or the History Option of Arts and Contemporary studies who attains the highest average grade in each of the second, third, and fourth year of study over a minimum of two HIS and/or HST courses. The minimum qualification is an “A” average over at least two courses and at least a “B” average over all the courses taken in the year of the award. Each award is worth $250.

Essay Awards in History

The department recognizes the best History essay in each academic year in an “upper” and “lower” level HIS and/or HST course (i.e., those numbered from 100-499 and those numbered from 500-999). Only students in their first or second year of studies are eligible for the “Junior” award but all students are eligible for the “Senior” award. The winners must have a grade average in all of their courses (History and non-History) of at least a “B” for the year in which they receive the award. The award winners are selected by a committee of the Department of History. Each award is worth $250.

Medals in History

The department recognizes students in their graduating year who have achieved the highest and second-highest grades in the History Program or the History Option in ACS, or the English and History double major, or the History and Philosophy double major respectively, averaged over all the HIS and HST courses taken at Ryerson. The Gold Medal is worth $500 and the Silver Medal $350.

Special Department of History Award

The Department of History annually recognizes the student deemed by a committee of the department to have contributed most to the program, activities, and endeavours of the department. All History Program and History Option students in ACS are eligible, but the winning student also must have at least an overall average of “B” in his or her History and non-History courses in the year for which the award is made. It is worth $250.

History by Design Award

This new prize rewards excellence in design-based projects submitted for course assignments. The award recognizes the changing formats of scholarly research/production and seeks to encourage our students in their pursuit of non-traditional forms of research and creation. This award also supports student success through principles of diversity and inclusion, recognizing multimodal ways of learning and scholarly expression.

Eligible submissions may take forms such as games, online projects, photographic essays, or 3-D objects. If you are not sure if your project qualifies, please contact the History Department.

Requirements: Qualifying items must have received a grade of A or A+; unmarked/clean copies of submissions must be accompanied by:

1. a cover sheet giving the project's title, student's name and RU student number, the course name and number and the term/year in which it was submitted, and the grade received;

2. a brief overview of the research issue addressed by the project, its relevance to the course, and the tools/technology/methodology used to produce the project (300 words, double-spaced, maximum);

3. Any necessary instructions for viewing, using, accessing the projects. Online projects must provide a URL at which the project can be accessed by the award committee.