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Faculties of Education (Teachers' College)

General information

The basic requirement to be a teacher in Ontario is a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree (or equivalent, such as a Bachelor of Science degree) plus a Bachelor of Education (BEd) degree, obtained after completing a BA.

A number of universities in Ontario offer BEd degree programs, including Brock, Lakehead, Nipissing, Ottawa, Queen’s, Toronto, Trent, Ontario Institute of Technology, Western, Wilfrid Laurier, Windsor, and York. They each have somewhat different enrolment requirements.

In Ontario, the subject-based qualifications you need vary depending upon the level you are interested in teaching – between Kindergarten and grade 12. High school teachers, for instance, need two “teaching subjects” (commonly called “teachables”) such as History and English.

If you are interested in teaching History in a high school, your Ryerson BA in History or in the History Option of Arts and Contemporary Studies would be appropriate. Within your degree, however, you need to take a certain number of Canadian History courses. These might include our surveys HST 307/407 or HIS 238/338 to ensure that you have studied both pre- and post-Confederation History. As well, you would need to take courses on a variety of other historical topics, such as Modern Europe, the United States, Ancient and Mediaeval history, and World Politics. Check the requirements for the BEd programs that interest you, and plan your course choices very carefully. The Faculty of Arts Career Counselling Services staff can help you with current requirements.

You might also need a second “teachable” subject in addition to History. Make sure you understand how many credits you need for a second “teachable”. A Minor may not be enough, and you might need to supplement the Minor with additional courses in the subject, taken as elective or liberal studies offerings within your 40-course degree (again remembering that diverse universities count credits differently).

For more information on faculties of education at Ontario universities, please visit: (Ontario Ministry of Education).